7 Ps Of Marketing

7 Ps Of Marketing

7 Ps Of Marketing

The 7 Ps Of Marketing And How To Use It Effectively

The 7 Ps of marketing is a marketing strategy that helps all business owners and marketers to improve sales. Although it was developed in the 60s it is pretty much useful today.

So, in this post, we'll be looking at the 7 Ps of marketing and how you can use them to achieve your marketing goals.


The first P in the 7 Ps of marketing stands for product, and this is all about the product or service a brand is offering. When you look at a product in this category it encompasses the offer, packaging, etc. Make sure your product meets the needs of your customers needs.

The way you present your product to your customers is very important; you have to showcase your product in an appealing way to your customers.

Anytime you have a problem with sales, you need to stop and ask yourself some important questions like who your product is for, how to use the product, and what differentiates your product from your competitors' products.

You can showcase your product on most digital marketing platforms and the first and probably the best platform is your website, social media platforms, etc.


The second P in the 7 Ps of marketing is price; this includes the pricing method of your products and/or services and how your customers react to them. Here you always have to make sure you examine the price of your product and services to make sure that the price is in line with the market structure.

Depending on the market structure, sometimes you'll have to increase the price of your product, and other times you have to reduce the price.

When it comes to the price of your product, sometimes you need to change the terms and conditions of your sales by making provisions for making payment on installment. This process allows you to increase the amount of the product for the duration of the payment.

Still on price, you can make a special offer or promotion by reducing the price of your product and/or services. You can as well add a free product to your goods to make them more attractive to your customers.

In business, anytime you notice any setback in sales, go back and revise those areas where there is a setback, find out what the problem is and fix the problem.


Promotion is the third element of marketing Ps. This element of the 7 Ps of marketing is essential for your business growth and it encompasses the way you market your product to your audience and how you finally sell those products to them.

There are numerous ways you can improve the promotion strategies of your business. By improving this part of the 7 Ps of marketing, you can take your business to a new level which is the goal of any business. And the best part about this part is that there are numerous methods you can use to achieve your marketing effort with technology.


The fourth element of marketing is location. This is where your product is displayed and sold, at this point you have to make sure your customers can easily find your product. Always find the best place to market your product and service. You can try different online marketing methods to find the best fit for your product.

Apart from selling your product online, there are numerous offline marketing methods you can use to sell your products.


The packaging of your product is very important. So, you have to pay attention to that aspect and package your product so as to grab the attention of your potential customers and propel them to get your product instead of your competitor's products.

Packaging involves the way your products look and how you present them to customers, the way your company operates, and the way your employers look and attend to customers.

Also, to improve on this part of the 7 Ps of marketing, you have to take the design and logo to a whole new level. While you are at it always provide valuable information about your product so as to delight your customers.


Great customer care means a lot for your business, it not only converts to sales but it also helps you to get referrals from your customers. So, it is important to educate all your employers about your products and how they can help to solve your customers' problems.

Physical Evidence

Physical evidence in the 7 Ps of marketing includes a solid fact that proves the existence of your business and also evidence that a customer bought a product.

Examples include your business card, physical shop or office, website, etc. And for proof of purchase, you have the receipt which can be a physical or digital receipt for the product you purchased.

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Overview of 7 Ps Of Marketing

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