Best Marketing Platfroms

Best Marketing Platfroms

To support and supplement marketers' attempts to promote their products, content marketing has grown into a separate industry. The marketing environment has transformed as a result of platforms that let marketers send targeted messages, purchase media programmatically, and automate distribution. 'It focuses on owning media, not renting it,' says the Content Marketing Institute.

Spreadsheets and emails are still commonly used by marketers to handle their campaigns. An IT solution known as a Content Marketing Platform (CMP) helps marketing businesses to centralise and automate their upstream marketing procedures. Through planning, briefing, cooperation, and approvals, CMPs help marketers create and plan content.

CMPs assist marketers in making sure their content is relevant, interesting, consistent with their brands, and compliant. Additionally, it allows you to create and promote content more quickly.

The effectiveness of your business and the satisfaction of your staff will be significantly impacted by your choice of CMP.


The entire content marketing workflow, from inspiration through creation, optimization, and measurement, is covered by the SEMrush Content Marketing Platform. Using the platform, you may create a content strategy with excellent SEO potential by identifying hot themes, catchy headlines, and intriguing questions. With your coworkers, you can manage an editorial schedule and marketing initiatives.

Additionally, the platform offers briefings with practical optimization advice depending on how you compare to your rivals in search results. Your material will be mobile-friendly and SEO-friendly with the help of a convenient Google Docs add-on. By combining information from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and SEMrush, you can automate content audits based on your own criteria. The platform enables you to rapidly assess any content you write as a guest blogger or for publication on other websites. Finally, based on mention research, it enables you to discover prospects for content marketing and backlinks.


An editorial CMP called StoryChief enables you to simultaneously develop and publish interactive pieces across a number of platforms. This means that a post can be published concurrently on Medium, WordPress, Shopify, and other sites, in addition to social networking platforms and Mailchimp.

Its user-friendly design and ability to bundle tales into campaigns make it simple to monitor the success of the content and compare it to other stories.


With a marketing hub and a sales hub, Hubspot is an inbound marketing solution. While the sales hub enables you to target customers, the marketing hub assists marketers in producing high-quality content. You can either develop a full website on HubSpot or incorporate the programme into your already-existing one.

The sales platform contacts potential clients and produces leads. It provides a number of useful features, including the ability to make calls, send emails, schedule meetings and appointments, as well as to-do lists. With the use of their marketing programmes and solutions, it assists marketers in creating, managing, and distributing emails.


You may plan, produce, collaborate, publish, and analyse your content with the versatile content marketing platform ContentCal. It contains built-in approval flows that can help to speed up the procedure and prevent bottlenecks. It has a user-friendly UI that doesn't require any user training.

Users of the platform may quickly see where they stand with their content thanks to the site's use of colour coding. The ability to create Snippets repetitive language that goes into each piece of content is one way to save time.

With the aid of Advanced Analytics from ContentCal, you can assess your progress, spot chances for content marketing expansion, and examine all of your social media data. The platform only supports a small number of built-in connectors, including Dropbox, Google Drive, and Additionally, Zapier is integrated, allowing you to create a connection with tens of thousands of apps.


A comprehensive SaaS platform geared toward marketers, ScribbleLive blends predictive analytics with technologies for content production, distribution, and planning. You may produce high-quality visual, video, and interactive material using the software. You can use an editorial calendar to design your content management approach.

Numerous thousands of organisations all over the world, including well-known companies like Red Bull, Ferrari, and Google, employ the company's goods.


Content management, brand management, and social media management are all offered by Percolate, an end-to-end CMP. You may take a more comprehensive look at your social media material with its calendar planning tool. The mobile app enables social listening and publishing while on the go quick and simple.

Google, General Electric, and Cisco all employ Percolate, which Gartner Research ranked one of the top CMPs in the world in 2018. is a visual tool that aids with project management for your team. Any team member may start working right away thanks to the user-friendly visual interface. You can drag and drop more than 30 different column types or start with one of more than 200 templates.

You might think about the $10/seat/month Standard package if you want to use to manage your content marketing. Timeline and calendar views, as well as the option to programme automated board actions, are all included with the Standard plan. You can also interface with other applications, such as Outlook and Gmail.


You can easily develop and change processes using Upland. The software offers a document content store that is similar to Google Docs/Drive. In Upland, you may directly modify content and specify metadata properties like the client it is for (useful for agencies).

You can easily handle the content production process and calendar, recruit and manage writers, distribute content, advertise it, and track outcomes. Although it can handle video, Twitter, and eBooks, the application works best for written content.


CoSchedule is a project management and social media marketing application for the marketing industry. You can add discussions, make tasks, and assign tasks to team members. With the help of its useful ReQueued feature, you may find and repost popular content from the past two years that is still pertinent.

If you're currently using another word processing application, like Google Docs, CoSchedule offers a built-in text editor that enables you to compose material in the tasks page. If not, the platform has the capacity to let you upload your doc and process it from there.


Ceros is a platform for digital marketing and design that creates content based on user experiences. Users of Ceros' design studio can create gorgeous digital content using a cloud-based canvas. You may publish and share your material on Facebook and other landing pages using the platform as well.

Additionally, Ceros provides an analytics tool that lets you monitor who is viewing specific material and how much time they are spending doing so.


It enables you to do a limited-budget search for bloggers, journalists, and other influential people. Additionally, you can look at and request article pitch ideas and freelancer pitch ideas.

Although it is also utilised in sales and marketing, ClearVoice is an ideal fit for online media companies. Freelancers on ClearVoice are required to submit their qualifications and degree of experience. It offers a convenient tool for collaborative editing that enables team members to make real-time edits to one other's work.

Hiseditary Editor

A straightforward word processing and proofreading tool, the Hemingway software can be utilised online or by downloading the desktop version. The software draws attention to erroneous and lengthy sentences. Bullet points, bold and italic font styles, and headline formatting are all examples of formatting tools.

Copy from Microsoft Word and other word processing programmes can be imported into the Hemingway Editor. Because of this, you can work without having to copy and paste data across programmes. You can export the text you've completed editing in the app as a Word or PDF file after you're done.


Acrolinx is a CMP that employs AI to understand the tone and objectives of your content. It aids in your writing becoming more lucid, consistent, and in keeping with your brand. You can add the programme to your web browser as an add-on.


A multi-channel marketing platform is SendPulse. It combines the key elements relied upon by brands to interact with consumers. Along with the ability to create and use online push notifications, you also receive email marketing and automation. Additionally, the platform has over 40 integrations with apps that you probably use or want to utilise.


According to Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms, Contently has been recognised as a leader. It gives brands everything they require in order to organise and produce content, interact with their consumers, and maximise their results. The platform also provides access to contributors and strong analytics to support the creation of exceptional content.

Creative Studio

Brands may use Contentstudio to identify, plan, publish, and track their content marketing initiatives. Additionally, it features drag-and-drop content creation and is AI-powered. With an intuitive calendar, Planner gives teamwork and collaboration structure, and Publisher aids in scheduling content delivery.


A search engine like BuzzSumo offers more data insights, all of which work to better position your business for market dominance. You may track comments and trends surrounding your content to take advantage of any chances to expand your brand as well as identify influencers to assist you promote your content more successfully.

Marketing Hub by Zoho

The goal of Zoho Marketing Hub is to assist you in developing the sales funnel that has the highest conversion rates. It seamlessly connects with Zoho CRM to assist brands in effectively converting leads that are ready for sales. Additionally, you have the option to designate budgets for each team in specific marketing strategies for teams.


Platform for content curation, Curata. Brands can use it to locate popular content to share with audiences. To find material that complements the voice, tone, and target audience of your company, Curata uses AI that learns over time. Sharing is made simple via integrations with CMS, social media, and email marketing platforms.


Ubersuggest offers metrics linked to SEO, displays backlinks and keywords, and aids in the discovery of top-performing competing content. It gives premium users the opportunity to assess the effectiveness of their website. You can examine what SEO mistakes your site has, how it's tracking for traffic, keyword ranking, and more with in-depth SEO reports.


Brands may include qualifying questions in blog posts, landing sites, e-books, reports, and white papers with SnapApp. You can determine exactly what your clients need to move forward by qualifying them along the way. SnapApp allows you to distinguish between your hot leads and those who need nurturing.


OneSpot is a platform for personalised individualization. By paying attention to each client experience, it is designed to assist brands in understanding their customers more fully. OneSpot can develop tailored buyer engagements across online, mobile, and email thanks to its advanced analytics and AI.


Not all content is created equally, nor does every piece help you attract more customers. You can evaluate your campaigns to see what is and isn't working with the aid of Path Factory's AI. The idea of content activation is utilised (creating content tracks with relevant and related content).


The software now allows you to publish social media posts, advertising, and landing pages. Additionally, there are tools for personalisation that can help you develop content that will appeal to your customers and audience dashboard tools that can provide information on your campaigns.


The platform Mention controls, listens to, and monitors your audience. It gathers information on what is being said about your brand, rivals, and influential people in your sector. It enables businesses to comprehend how their audience perceives them on numerous social media platforms and websites.

In order to help you meet your content requirements on time, Mention offers collaboration functionalities. Additionally, it offers alerts to keep you informed, filters to narrow down references, and sentiment analysis to gauge how your audience feels about your brand or product.


A great resource for finding an audience is SparkToro. It does a thorough internet search over more than 80 million websites and user profiles. Then, SparkToro makes recommendations regarding which marketing campaign to scrap in order to target a particular clientele. Price: Free with a few features; the monthly plan starts at $38.

This will increase your success with content marketing while allowing you to compete for the same clientele. To keep you one step ahead of the competition, SparkToro also does competitor analysis.


A tool for maintaining and updating existing videos is called Wistia. You can advertise these films using it without having to alter their URLs. Additionally, Wistia provides outstanding customer assistance and safeguards past customer insight data. Price: Free with premium features available for $99 a month.


A versatile tool for content marketing, ClickFunnel. It helps companies automate their sales process by acting as both a website builder and a sales funnel designer.

With a shopping cart and one-click upsell email, a sales funnel may be created using ClickFunnels. Businesses can also utilise it to create campaigns for their target clients.


Marketo provides a full-featured marketing automation SaaS product that addresses every engagement and every channel along the whole client acquisition funnel. Marketo enables you to interact with customers across all available channels, including as email, display, mobile, social, search, and offline.

Marketo is a solid choice for larger marketing organisations who want to make the most of the platform's functionality to build effective campaigns that cover many channels. Price is determined by database size.


SharpSpring is a full-service marketing platform that enables you to find and grow your lead pool. It offers connectivity with hundreds of applications and behavior-based email marketing. The platform is for small and mid-sized businesses seeking automatic methods of interacting with clients and prospects.

Depending on how many contacts you have, prices range from $550 to $1,250 per month.


One of the top platforms for marketing automation and CRM is Keap. It provides a centralised location that is organised for administration, marketing, sales, and payments. Keap can automate tedious processes for you and keep track of a lot of things for you. Depending on the contacts and services, prices range from $79 to $199 each month.


Businesses are given tools from SendinBlue that may easily increase user engagement. The business makes it incredibly simple to set up a campaign, send pre-scheduled email sequences, and evaluate the campaign's effectiveness. Any company searching for a cost-effective email marketing solution will find the functionality and efficacy of SendinBlue to be excellent.

The free plan has a daily limit of 300 emails, and the premium plan costs $65 a month and has a daily limit of 1,000,000 emails. A estimate for an enterprise plan with a specific amount of emails is also available.


Another marketing automation programme that supports analytics and account-based marketing programmes is Pardot. Pardot connects with Salesforce, the most widely used CRM in the market, to improve the efficiency of sales and marketing teams. It is a powerful tool to take into consideration for inclusion in your tech stack because it allows you to target people across a variety of channels, including email, mobile app notifications, and even SMS messaging.

Depending on the level of automation and analytics, ranges from $1,250 to $15,000.


Through the use of one workflow, OmniSend enables automatic customer messaging and ecommerce intergration.

Basic email marketing costs $16 per month, while a PRO package with customised pricing depending on contacts and contact information costs $99 per month.

What are platforms for content marketing?

A software system called a content marketing platform allows marketing firms to centralise and automate their upstream marketing procedures. The entire content marketing workflow, from inspiration through creation, optimization, and measurement, is covered by some platforms. Others concentrate more on social media marketing and an editorial calendar.

What software do marketers employ?

The platforms for content marketing that we will discuss in this post are only a few of the many tools that marketers use. Online advertising platforms, social media marketing tools, and influencer marketing tools are some of them. Some of the most well-known brands in the industry are Hootsuite, Marketo, Altitude by Impact, Asana, Hubspot, and Asana.

Which techniques for content marketing work the best?

Your company's size and the amount of money you are willing to spend on content marketing will determine how you approach it. Larger companies can plan and coordinate their content marketing using one of the systems discussed in this piece. Smaller businesses might have to adopt a more manual strategy.

How can you create material that is appealing?

It's crucial to keep in mind that material must pique the interest of its target audience. There are many distinct kinds of marketing platforms, each with unique features and functions. The insights and suggestions you need to increase online sales, reservations, or mailing list signups are all available from all-in-one marketing tools.

Scroll down to read our indepth Best Marketing Platfroms guide. What you should know, Best Marketing Platfroms features, price plans and support. Pros and Cons of Best Marketing Platfroms as a marketing automation, everything is explained below.

Overview of Best Marketing Platfroms

Sendinblue Premium is a software company that specialises in marketing-automation software for small to enterprise level businesses.

Sendinblue Premium is listed as the best marketing-automation software related to Best Marketing Platfroms. Sendinblue Premium was founded in 2012 in Paris, France and currently has over 248 employees registered on Linkedin.


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