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Email Templates That Convert

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According to research conducted by Statista, 99% of customers regularly check their email accounts. According to a new report published by an online marketing agency called HubSpot, eighty percent of business professionals believe that email marketing helps to increase customer retention.

Email is one of the few channels that gives you a direct line to leads and customers individually, making it one of the most important marketing tools. It is also the only channel, other than your website, that you own completely, which means that you are not at the mercy of third-party technology giants like Facebook or Google.

Despite the impressive statistics and benefits associated with this marketing channel, you won't be able to experience its full potential until you master the art of creating effective email designs. In light of this, let's take a look at eleven of the best practises for designing emails that get responses.

Why pre-made email templates for sales are so successful

A successful sales email will strike the appropriate tone, effectively communicate the necessary information, and take into account the stage of the buyer's journey that the prospect is currently at. The most important thing is that it needs to be read, and a good copywriter understands how to put together an efficient strategy for copyediting.

Past emails I sent tried to cover every angle, explain everything, and even attempted to be written in great detail. I eventually picked up the skill of being succinct while still getting my point across. Despite this, I found myself staring at a blank page for an excessive amount of time.

The recipients of your emails take between 0 and 3 seconds to decide whether or not they are attention-worthy.

What characteristics make for an excellent email layout?

What are the elements of an excellent email? Throughout the process of design, you need to keep your attention focused on a number of important aspects. These are the aspects that determine whether a user will read the emails you send them and take an interest in what you have to say.

Useful Email Template Message Content

The message is the single most important aspect of anything that you put out into the world. Every campaign will get off to a false start if it has weak messaging, so this is going to be a key area of focus. The architecture of the information, the layout, the size of the text, the font styles, and the utilisation of images are also very important.

Look at your email template subject lines

A well-written email will have a clear message, and segmenting your campaigns will allow you to zero in on the specific interests and requirements of individual users.

According to one piece of research, the most successful subject lines for emails have between 61 and 70 characters. You are not required to think of the ideal subject line right this moment; however, it is essential that you send a message that is clear and concise.

Next, you should begin working on the text for your preheader; this is the portion of the message that is displayed in previews within inboxes and notifications.

Clean, responsive email layouts

From this point forward, it is time to consider how you will present your content in a variety of different ways, ranging from a straightforward grid layout to full-fledged pop-ups.

Strong Email Template layouts

A well-designed email layout makes it easier for recipients to navigate, read, comprehend, and remember the content of your messages. You can also create layouts to draw the user's attention to important aspects of the page they are viewing. Make sure that the parts of your message that are the most important stand out against the text and images in the background.

Email Template CTAs with a high rate of conversion

Convincing potential customers to take action is the primary objective of lead generation marketing. This is one of the most frequently discussed topics in each and every post relating to lead generation marketing. I'll summarise the most important aspects by listing them in bullet points, and then I'll offer some unique perspectives that you won't find elsewhere.

Email Template Deliverability

It makes no difference how beautiful the designs of your emails are if no one ever gets the chance to view them. Fake email addresses, spam filters, unrs, and other similar obstacles are just some of the potential roadblocks that could be placed in your path. We will discuss how to maximise deliverability because low deliverability rates lead to disappointing results from email marketing campaigns.

You should also give some consideration to web forms, as these are the means by which individuals are added to your email lists and ultimately become leads.

That should give you a good idea of what we'll be covering in this article, and by the time you've finished reading, you'll have everything you need to design high-performing email campaigns. That should give you a good idea of what we'll be covering in this article. Now that we've established that, let's delve into our 11 trade secrets for creating email designs that convert.

Find the best email builder and templates for your needs

If you want to begin sending emails to other people, you will need a reliable email builder as well as a good email template.

Instead of trying to cram as much text as possible into your layouts, you should be using them to make your messages more engaging for your audience.

When you have a reliable email builder set up, you will have the ability to create layouts and emails from scratch, develop your own templates, and fully personalise every aspect of your designs.

In this day and age, the ability to create emails does not require any knowledge or skills in coding. There is a plethora of drag-and-drop email builders that enable you to put together virtually any design in a merry quickfire interview with your superior or a colleague.

Develop your email template designs with targeted audiences in mind

Because personalization is the key to success in email marketing, wasting time and resources by sending generic emails to everyone on your contact list is a complete waste of both.

The most successful email marketing campaigns cater to the specific requirements and expectations of each individual recipient.

You are able to send recipients highly relevant messages by using segmented campaigns, which are based on the recipients' routines and behaviours.

Personalise email content to your audience

Personalization of email can boost click-through rates, engagement levels, and conversion rates, but it can also boost transaction rates by as much as 600%. When it comes to email personalization, there are two common mistakes that marketers make that can lead to poor conversion rates and increased costs for sending emails to customers.

You can show your appreciation for their continued support by buying them unique presents for their birthdays or providing them with unique experiences on special occasions.

You should concentrate the rest of your personalization efforts on the actions taken by users, such as their previous purchases and usage data.

It is far more important to personalise content based on the data collected from customers than it is to remind them that you are aware of where they live or the device they are using.

Understanding who your prospects are and what they require is the most important aspect of email marketing.

All other marketing channels combined can't compare to the reach that email marketing provides. Around the world, there are more than 3.8 billion people who use email. Designing landing pages and social media posts requires a significant investment of time, money, and effort on the part of e-commerce businesses. A lot of people don't put much thought into the layout of their emails.

It is essential to have good content in your emails; if the emails you send out are of poor quality, your email marketing efforts will not be very successful. And taking into consideration that the average attention span of people is getting shorter and shorter with each passing day, the designs you come up with need to be nothing less than outstanding.

When it comes to email, e-commerce businesses send out a lot of messages, and having to design each one individually would take hours. This blog post will provide you with five helpful design tips that will assist you in developing email marketing templates that will save you time and have a greater impact on conversions.

Enhance the User Experience on Mobile and Desktop Devices

The vast majority of email users delete messages that are not formatted appropriately for mobile devices. It is absolutely necessary to ensure that your email marketing is optimised for desktop computers in addition to mobile devices. If an email is not optimised for a person's smartphone or tablet, eight out of ten recipients will delete it.

This indicates that the elements in your email that can be clicked on are of the appropriate size. If they aren't, fewer people will be able to click on them, which will ultimately result in less traffic for you. Less traffic means less sales.

The email marketing templates designed for mobile users are vastly distinct from those designed for desktop users. When it comes to email marketing, you want to make sure that everything is straightforward and easy to read. It is preferable to employ few graphics and to place important links near the top of the page so that users do not have to scroll. It also helps to cut down the amount of time it takes for mobile users to load pages.

Buttons, as opposed to hyperlinks, are easier to spot, particularly when they are designed to have contrasting colours and to interact with the user. And because of that, they are also clicked on more compared to hyperlinks, particularly by users who are accustomed to looking at text rather than clicking on a link in an email. This is especially true for users who are accessing the website via a mobile device.

Make sure that the primary call-to-action button is the one that stands out the most, both in terms of size and brightness. This makes a space available for the user's fingers to click on. When you are designing the templates for your email messages, you can call more attention to these buttons by leaving white space around them.

In addition to that, check that the order of your buttons makes sense. You don't want to force your reaction sequence to go in the wrong direction.

All images in emails should be linked

Be sure to hyperlink any images that you include in your email marketing campaigns if you plan on doing so. This is due to the fact that pictures spark people's interest and encourage them to take some sort of action. Therefore, if you have an image that is advertising a limited offer, your audience should be able to link directly to the page where they can claim the offer if they want to take advantage of it.

However, resist the urge to send emails that are loaded with images because spam filters will delete them without opening them. To err on the side of caution, you should maintain a ratio of text to images that is 80:20.

Knowing what to test using A/B Email Testing

What a complete and utter waste of time. The idea that you should test everything in your emails, landing pages, and so on is a tired marketing clichi that you will frequently hear promoted by marketers. In order to be successful, conversion optimization must generate a profit, which won't occur if you continue to conduct tests on each and every element of your emails and web pages.

The process of optimising emails is analogous to that of building a pyramid: you want to begin with the largest and most significant components. It is important not to get caught up in changing images or CTA buttons before you have determined whether or not the copy in your emails is compelling people to take action. The copy that is contained within has the most influence over whether or not they take action.

When it comes time to optimise your calls to action (CTAs), you should feel confident that nothing besides the CTAs themselves is standing in the way of conversions.

Create a relationship with your customer in your email template

You do not need to be as formal as you believe you need to be. Always use first names, unless doing so would be in poor taste. Also, kindly refrain from using 'Dear Sir or Madam.' It is so formal that it borders on being archaic, and it also increases the possibility of the recipient being mistaken about their gender.

You can use a more casual greeting, such as Hey Susan! if you are emailing people who you have already had the pleasure of meeting. When it comes to people you don't know very well, you should take a slightly more professional approach: Something along the lines of 'Hello, Stephen' ought to be perfectly acceptable everywhere you go. (And make sure you check the spelling of the lead's name three times before sending them an email. You wouldn't believe the number of sales emails we receive with our names misspelt. It does not give off a particularly favourable first impression.)

Carry Out Some Research

The use of social media is extremely beneficial in this regard because it enables you to remain up-to-date on the individuals' identities as well as their contact information.

You should look at their Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest profiles in addition to their LinkedIn profile. Pay attention to the things that they like and dislike based on the posts that they make on the social media sites.

If you are a fan of the show Schitt's Creek and/or David Hasselhoff, feel free to include your favourite David animated GIF in the email.

Induce Feelings In Email Templates

Emotion carries a lot of weight. Some people believe that it is impossible to persuade someone to act in the absence of it. When people are feeling emotional, they are more likely to make decisions. Emotion is a potent force that can move people to take action, whether that action is motivated by happiness, guilt, sympathy, or anger.

Consider the fear of missing out (fear of missing out).

Increase the level of the incentive

When it comes to high-converting emails or any other type of marketing, the incentive is the single most important factor. Determine what it is that your target audience is looking for, and then communicate with them in a way that demonstrates that you can give it to them. There are a variety of strategies that you can employ in order to further improve the quality of your messages.

It takes more than one email to get the job done

The last step is to implement these design strategies across an entire email marketing strategy, rather than just sending individual emails to various people or groups.

Email marketing is an essential component of the sales funnel for businesses that want to acquire new customers and keep the ones they already have. You need to be able to determine which messages users will respond to and have a system in place to ensure that their message is effectively delivered across all channels. You also need to be able to determine which messages users are going to respond to.

Drip campaigns allow you to send email messages to users within defined time frames with recommended products and reviews for your audience's viewing habits; however, they can be very targeted. Drip campaigns also allow you to recommend products to your audience based on their viewing habits.

At this point, email automation assumes a critical role because it enables you to predetermine your strategy and provides the assurance that the appropriate emails will be distributed.

Elevate the effectiveness of your email marketing to the next level

You can be certain that the emails you send will generate higher open rates and inspire more users to take action if you follow the advice in this article. This is not something that you should only apply to specific emails; rather, you should apply it to your entire email marketing strategy as well as your entire company's presence online in general.

Email copy templates with a high rate of conversion that you can start using right away

If you are emailing a potential customer as part of a cold outreach, you should begin by introducing yourself and then briefly discussing what it is that you do in the sales email template that you use. After that, you can demonstrate that you did extensive research on the potential customer before reaching out to them by mentioning specific details about them.

If this is the case, please get in touch with Prospect via e-mail with the subject line At [company], [prospect's first name], do you handle [relevant responsibility]?

Through our value proposition, we are able to assist businesses in achieving [goal A], [goal B], and [goal C]. I am looking for someone at [the company of the prospect] who is responsible for [the relevant responsibility]. Is it possible for us to talk about how we can assist you over the phone at [time] on [date]?

Please contact the BBC Newsdesk via e-mail at the following address: [email protected] if you believe that you are the appropriate person to speak with regarding this matter; if so, we will make an effort to speak with you directly.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Email Template for Inbound Leads from the Web

After receiving your lead magnet, it is simple for people to forget about you and your business. Send them an email that improves the quality of their lives and asks them if they have any questions in the same message. You can remain on their radar without appearing to be intriguingly inclined if you do this.

If this is the case, I would appreciate it if you could send an email to [prospect's first name] with the subject line Was Lead Magnets Helpful or How Can I Use These Magnets To Help My Business?

You went to [your website] not too long ago and downloaded a [lead magnet].

If that's the case, I've got a few blog posts that you might find interesting. Do you have any inquiries that you'd like us to respond to? Please don't hesitate to schedule a quick call with me using the following link:

I hope you enjoy your day, [Your email signature]

Email Template for Newsletter Registration and Subscription

In the email, extend a warm welcome to the new prospects who have joined your community and provide them with an overview of the topics that will be discussed in your newsletter.

You will start receiving weekly emails once you sign up teaching you all the ins and outs of [newsletter topic]. Hello, [person's first name], this is the subject line. .

Make sure to add [your email address] to your safe senders list or add it to your address book so that our messages do not get flagged as spam by your computer.

I am overjoyed to be a part of the community.

Email Template for Hosting a Webinar Invitation

Webinars are a fantastic way to network with prospective employers as well as prospective employers.

Make an effort to convey to your reader why the webinar is especially pertinent to them, as well as the specific benefits they will derive from participating in the event. You can provide details such as the topics that will be covered and who will be leading the session in the email invitation that you send out for your webinar.

Join us on [date] at [time] for a webinar on [topic of interest], [prospect's first name]. We would be delighted if you could participate in a webinar that we are co-hosting on the topic of interest with [a prominent figure in the industry].

This webinar will be beneficial to companies operating in the [prospect's industry/niche] space because we will demonstrate how to easily overcome [pain point A] and [pain point B].

Interested? Make your reservation by clicking here: [webinar URL] There are a total of [Y] seats available. We'll see you there! [Your email signature]

Email Template for the Product Launch

Sending out an email to announce the launch of your product is an excellent way to raise awareness about it. This email copy template can be used to highlight the distinctive advantages of your product as well as the ways in which it stands apart from similar offerings from the market's other vendors. In addition, the recipients of this email template have the ability to place a pre-order for your product before they actually receive it.

According to [prospect's first name], you can now place a pre-order for [your product].

How would you like to be the first one to know when a sale is being held on one of your products?

Today, you are able to place a pre-order for [your product] on [platform]. Your product will be distinct from [the product that the competitor offers, whether it be A, B, C, or D], meaning that you won't have to worry about [problem A] or [problem B] anymore.

Please share your thoughts with me regarding [your product]. Best, [Your email signature]

Sample Email to Welcome Customers as a Template

Customers can be provided with an overview of what your product or service can do for them, and you can help manage their expectations by using welcome emails. Emails of welcome can also help set the tone for the rest of your interactions with the customer, such as how you communicate with them on a personal level and other aspects of your relationship with them.

[initial of the customer's first name]

I am [your name], the founder of [your company], and I would like to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to the community that is associated with [your product or service].

When you have your good or service by your side, it is much simpler to carry out activities (a) and (b). Our team has put in countless hours to ensure that [pain point] will not be an issue for anyone.

Your familiarity with current events from all over the world will be put to the test in our weekly Newsquiz, which features questions on the following blog post: [subject].

Once again, I'd like to thank you for selecting [your company's product/service] [Your email signature].

Email Template for a Cart That Has Been Abandoned

Emails about abandoned shopping carts serve to remind potential customers of items they have not yet purchased, which can help increase the sales conversion rate of an online store.

You can use the emails that were abandoned in a customer's shopping cart to re-engage potential customers with your products and convince them to make a purchase by providing an incentive such as free shipping or a special discount.

Hello, [first name of the prospect], the subject line reads.

In that case, you can complete the checkout process right here: [landing page URL].

If you use this code when checking out, you will not be charged for shipping on your purchase. Send us an email or give us a call at [phone number] if you experience any problems with your purchase or if you have any questions about it. Our sales rep will have everything taken care of in no time at all. Best, [Your email signature]

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Overview of Email Templates That Convert

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