Enterprise Email Marketing Tools

Enterprise Email Marketing Tools

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Enterprise-Level Software for Email Marketing

Enterprise software, which is provided by a SaaS provider, makes it possible for large organisations with a wide variety of user roles to support multiple goals. Large organisations are typically thought of as those that have more than 250 people working for them. Today's businesses have a large number of employees, each of whom fills a unique user role such as analyst, manager, executive, and many others.

SMB vs. Enterprise Tools

Email marketing is extremely cost effective, as it brings in $42.5 billion for the industry for every dollar spent on it. It is anticipated that the value of the category of email marketing will rise to reach $17.9 billion by the year 2027. Enterprise email platforms provide users with access to a wider variety of features than those created for small and medium-sized businesses.

One of the most typical distinctions is the maximum number of leads that an organisation is able to keep in its database. Because of the greater number of leads, segmentation is necessary to ensure that the appropriate messages are delivered to the appropriate people at the appropriate time.

Examine the Market's Most Prominent Leaders in Marketing Automation Software

Essential Components of an Effective Enterprise Email Marketing Tool

Enterprises require a software application that can connect their sales and marketing departments in a seamless manner. It should be able to handle a large number of customers and leads while also being scalable to accommodate an increasing number of leads as your company grows.

Platforms for Enterprise Email Marketing that Are Best in Class


The marketing hub enterprise edition offered by HubSpot is an excellent choice for large-scale businesses. It provides in-depth analytics and revenue reporting on a variety of topics, including but not limited to forms, landing pages, email marketing, SEO, and more. In addition, HubSpot includes a CRM module that gives users access to all of the essential features they require in order to cultivate deeper relationships.

The email marketing software HubSpot is one of the options on this list that is among the most straightforward to use. With the A/B testing features, businesses are able to test out various campaign versions to determine which methods work the best. Users are able to quickly launch landing pages or attach forms to email templates with just the click of a button.


It is possible to store and store additional information about a person based solely on their email address. This information may include the persons personal information. Following the submission of the form by a visitor, their information will be imported into your email lists in order for them to be included in your marketing campaigns.

Workflows that are color-coded help you stay organised. ActiveCampaign performs continuous analysis of campaigns to assist in avoiding the possibility of your emails being classified as spam. They evaluate good senders in comparison to poor senders and then communicate this information to you so that you can adjust your campaigns appropriately.


Lead management, ROI reporting, and data analytics are some of the features that are included in Salesforce Pardot, which is an all-in-one marketing automation solution. Using its email builder tool, you are able to create custom email templates that have a design that is responsive and user-friendly. This email builder makes use of a visual editor, which makes it simple to learn and utilise even if you do not have prior experience in the design field.

The enterprise email marketing platform provided by Pardot allows for the customization of your messaging in order to produce more personalised interactions. It is able to modify the content of campaign messages that are displayed to leads in response to their previous engagement. The use of Pardot, which includes spam filters to optimise the deliverability of your emails, is completely free.


Oracle's Eloqua is a powerful marketing automation tool that can assist you in optimising campaigns across multiple channels. It enables sales enablement by supporting features such as real-time descriptive data of leads, lead scoring, and campaign design. It has powerful and scalable capabilities in terms of targeting and segmentation, as well as lead management.


Marketo is one of those software products that provides options that are within a reasonable price range for small and medium-sized businesses. When it comes to powerful capabilities for enterprise email marketing, it's certainly not a slouch. Marketo gives you the ability to segment both your customers and your leads, as well as manage how leads interact with your campaigns.

Marketo is an email marketing platform that gives you the ability to create email campaigns that are then automatically sent to your customers based on the behaviours and interests of those customers. Additionally, the system features real-time reporting and A/B testing capabilities, allowing you to make adjustments to your campaigns at any time you see fit. It is a fantastic method for obtaining a comprehensive view of every single one of your customers.

What Exactly Is Software for Email Marketing?

You'll have an easier time designing and sending engaging emails if you use software designed for email marketing. Text-based template solutions are just one type of available option; more complex HTML or JavaScript templates are also available. The good news is that getting started does not require a significant financial investment and is not an onerous task. This roundup features a number of different solutions, many of which offer free trials and inexpensive starting plans.

How much does software for email marketing typically cost?

Many plans for email marketing provide for an unlimited number of emails to be sent each month and charge you based on the number of recipients. Return on investment (ROI) calculations for email marketing campaigns are notoriously difficult to pin down. Sending 500 emails using Zoho Campaigns costs approximately $3 per month, while using Salesforce Pardot can cost as much as $1,250 per month. Prices vary depending on the number of emails sent.

The Basics of Beginning Your Career in Email Marketing

You will immediately know whether or not you like a product's user interface (UI), and the majority of the competitors that we looked at offer free trials. Be sure to look into how a vendor provides technical support as well, as some vendors do not make support as readily available as we had hoped they would.

Email Marketing and Mobile Device Access as the New Norm

Email marketing is shifting its emphasis away from personal computers and toward mobile devices. Customers are able to go from marketing to purchase in a single session when using mobile email as it acts as a one-stop shop for them. The designers you hire should be able to give you a sneak peek of what your email will look like when it is formatted in a responsive manner for mobile devices.

When compared to traditional email marketing, the open rate for SMS marketing on mobile devices is significantly higher at 90%. Some of the more sophisticated email marketing services have started to resemble customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Incorporating user-generated content is one strategy that marketers are employing to increase the recipients' level of trust in the emails they send.

One company has developed a live chat feature that can be integrated directly into emails so that users can have one-on-one conversations with customers and provide support to individuals in need.

Email Marketing Made More Intelligent With AI

AI is capable of selecting content, altering customer experiences on the fly, and even interacting directly with customers via chatbots if it has access to the appropriate data. Long-term communications conducted via email or drip marketing campaigns are ideal applications for automation technology.

Automated Processes Utilizing Email Responders

The best services for email marketing will provide you with a customised autoresponder. These make it easier for you to maintain contact with your contacts by sending emails to them on appropriate occasions. You can also pause or terminate a campaign at any time, as well as set up a sequence of emails (for example, tutorials) that can be sent to specific user groups.

What Is the Most Efficient Approach to Marketing Through Email?

Data on open and click rates, color-coded charts and statistics, and even full integration with Google Analytics are all possible forms of tracking. Multivariate testing, in which multiple variants of an entire campaign are tested, is now offered by a large number of services.

The Top Software and Tools for Email Marketing


In our survey of different options for email marketing software, the tool that was mentioned the most frequently was ActiveCampaign, which has more than 130,000 customers. It offers a wide range of solutions for business-to-consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), and online retail (e-commerce) companies all over the world. Its automation builder can be utilised with as little effort as a flowchart or mindmap would require.

Email marketing platform ActiveCampaign is the most advanced email marketing platform on our list. Its machine learning and predictive tools enable marketers to improve their efficiency and deliver a higher return on investment (ROI). ActiveCampaign is frequently cited as the company that pioneered visual marketing automation, and its user interface is both straightforward and simple to operate.

ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one marketing tool that comes with a built-in CRM system that allows you to manage your sales, as well as live chat and, of course, email marketing campaigns. ActiveCampaign is compatible with more than 870 different applications, including Slack, Salesforce, Shopify, and Google Sheets.

ActiveCampaign offers a price point that is both reasonable and more affordable than a good number of the other tools on this list, beginning at just $9 per month. The robust automation engine of ActiveCampaign is integrated with a built-in customer relationship management system for sales. Recently, the company announced the publication of their Customer Success Commitment, which outlines 22 guarantees provided by their support team.


HubSpot is a well-known and highly regarded piece of software that offers a specialised customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing software, landing page creation, online chat, and management of forms. As a component of their all-in-one marketing platform and sales management system, HubSpot includes A/B testing options for email marketing campaigns.

Is it worthwhile to pay for HubSpot?

In our survey of more than 1,700 email marketers, the most common response to the question 'Which email marketing software are you leaving?' was Mailchimp, followed by HubSpot as the second most likely response. The reason for this is almost always and consistently the high price. A plan that cost one business owner $50 per month resulted in $24,000 being taken out of their bank account.

If you are looking for software to help with email marketing, using HubSpot is probably going to be overkill for you. It is a viable choice, however, if you have a more comprehensive strategy to boost performance throughout the entirety of your marketing funnel. Just keep in mind that it won't come cheap, especially when dealing with B2B service providers.


Sendinblue is currently one of the options for email platforms that offers the highest level of performance. Sendinblue enables you to create and manage an email marketing strategy in a short amount of time, in addition to allowing you to manage SMS and site chat messages. They also integrate management of advertisements on Facebook and provide a customer relationship management system that makes it simple to keep track of everything.

Sendinblue makes it simple for you to construct email marketing automations for all of your campaigns, and it does this for you automatically. In addition to this, you will have access to an unlimited number of contacts and will only be required to pay for the emails that you send out; you will not be required to pay additional fees as your contact list expands.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is a great option to consider if you need a customised email marketing strategy to maintain brand consistency. Beautiful pre-designed templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder will give you complete creative freedom over the appearance of each and every message you send. There is also the option to download free stock photos that come with an integrated connection to Unsplash.

Campaign Monitor is a great option to consider if you need a customised email marketing strategy to maintain brand consistency. Beautiful pre-designed templates and an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder will give you complete creative freedom over the appearance of each and every message you send. There is also the option to download free stock photos that come with an integrated connection to Unsplash.

Campaign Monitor, a company that specialises in email marketing, has a customer satisfaction rating of 99%. You will receive superior contact segmentation, hyper-personalized emails, and targeted marketing that is laser-focused. Because the link review tool is a part of the package, you won't ever have to worry about whether or not the links in your messages are out of date or broken.


Omisend was developed to assist e-commerce brands in making their marketing more personalised. They provide a comprehensive marketing automation toolset that includes email, SMS, push notifications, and integration with Google Ads, Facebook Lead Ads, and over 70 different apps. Using the e-commerce marketing automation feature of Omnisend, you can quickly create email marketing campaigns that are highly targeted.

The technology provided by the company enables you to monitor the effect that your emails and different customer segments have on sales and to activate campaigns based on how visitors behave.


It is common knowledge that Autopilot provides one of the most well-designed canvases for the construction of email automation sequences. In the current climate of the digital landscape, it is essential for email marketing to be as intelligent as possible. Sending the appropriate messages to the appropriate leads at the appropriate times is the key to success.

You are able to annotate the automation sequences you have created with Autopilot by adding emojis, stickers, and explanations. Because of this, it is much simpler for teams to work together on individualised campaigns. The fact that Autopilot does not come equipped with its own CRM is a potential deal-breaker for some users.


It is not necessary for you to be an email designer or to hire one in order to send emails that are polished and professional. The user experience has been carefully considered in every aspect, from the creation of their unique templates to the architecture of the platform itself.

Benchmark is an inexpensive option for any small business, with monthly plans starting at just $10.50, making it an attractive possibility. It seems like it would be an option that would be particularly useful for smaller consultancies and ad agencies. Design is important not only for the training of staff but also for providing the best possible experience for customers.

Constant Contact

If you are new to email marketing, Constant Contact is an excellent platform from which to launch your efforts. You can quickly and easily add text and images using the drag-and-drop functionality of the incredibly user-friendly email builder. More than one hundred email templates that are optimised for mobile devices make it much simpler and faster to create professional emails.

You will have access to individualised demographic data, surveys, and coupon codes tailored specifically to your needs. You will also have access to a user-friendly contact import function that will allow you to import contacts into your CRM account or email account.


MailerLite is a robust and cost-effective alternative for managing the essentials of email marketing. A tool such as ActiveCampaign might be more suitable for your needs if you run a more modest-sized company. But if you are just starting out, working on personal projects, or need to send out some straightforward email campaigns, this is the best option available.

They provide a variety of paid and free plans, some of which allow for the selling of digital products, the use of an unlimited number of templates, and the creation of auto-resend campaigns.


An alternative that is more intuitive to use than Amazon's Simple Email Service is EmailOctopus (SES).

EmailOctopus is built on the back of Amazon SES, and it offers you the benefits of Amazon Web Services' infrastructure for use in email marketing campaigns. EmailOctopus enables you to construct your email marketing campaigns with a user-friendly interface from within a web browser that is simple to operate.

The fact that EmailOctopus is so easy to use is the service's primary drawback. If all you're doing is sending email campaigns to a list, that's perfectly fine; just don't expect to have access to a visual automation builder or multi-touch attribution. It would be an excellent fit for a modestly sized tech startup, particularly one in which at least one member of the team is proficient in AWS and requires the adaptability and power of SES.

What should you look for in software designed for email marketing?

You can expand your company by converting leads into customers with the help of software designed for email marketing. Discussion is currently taking place about the benefits and drawbacks of the top ten email marketing tools. According to responses given by more than 1,700 marketers to a survey, the factors that differentiate good tools from great tools come down to nine in total.

We were able to get a much clearer and more accurate picture of the situation by analysing data and paying attention to the reasons why marketers leave various email platforms. Of course, every email marketing tool will assert that it is superior in all of these areas.

The Most Cost-Effective Option

ActiveCampaign is one of the email marketing tools that offers the best value for the money on the market today. A comprehensive marketing and sales platform that provides all of the tools necessary for a company's success is one of the products offered by the company.

It is a dangerous game to compare different email marketing software packages based solely on price. If you want to buy the right tool for the job, it is essential to take into consideration all nine of the factors that are discussed in this article. There is very little in this world that a man cannot make a little bit worse and sell for a little bit less than it originally cost.

The One That Is the Easiest to Use

When I use certain platforms for email marketing, it can take me up to three hours to make a template for an email that is acceptable. Although some are simpler to operate than others, the combination of ease of use and power offered by these three tools strikes the perfect balance.


The drag-and-drop email builder offered by ActiveCampaign is among the best that are currently available.


Benchmark makes it possible for you to create effective marketing emails in a quick and simple manner.


You can whip up effective email marketing campaigns in the blink of an eye with the help of a brand-new tool called MailerLite, which is available for free.

Best for Deliverability

It is pointless to use an email marketing tool if your messages are going to end up in the spam folder. All email marketing services need to have the following features in order to have the highest possible deliverability rates: The top ten email marketing tools take care of all of these aspects for you. You can anticipate delivery rates in the range of 98 to 99.9% regardless of which one you decide to go with.

They provide a spam check tool that can estimate the likelihood that an email will be delivered to the recipient's inbox. You will also be given recommendations for improvements to make if a score is deemed to be insufficient.

The infrastructure that supports EmailOctopus is derived from Amazon's Simple Email Service (SES), which is known for having exceptionally high deliverability rates. If you want to take control of the deliverability of your emails, you should probably invest in a dedicated IP address so that you can send them. Both ActiveCampaign and EmailOctopus provide this functionality to their customers.

Most Feature-Rich for Email Marketing Applications

Email marketing tools are developed to save you time while also improving the quality of the results they produce. The top three options for email marketing tools offer features that are superior to the industry standard. These tools include audience segmentation, autoresponders, and pre-designed email templates.


You can split-test email subject lines, send times, and content using the tools available for email marketing. This enables you to test more radical changes, such as sending ten emails to new leads rather than just four, using A/B testing. It gives you the ability to determine which sequence has the highest rate of conversion.

When creating an email campaign, it is more time efficient to use global variables rather than typing in the actual price. ActiveCampaign is one of the few email marketing tools that provides users with a selection of different automation recipes to choose from.


You are able to hide or show certain sections of content in Smart Content based on the stage that a contact has reached in your sales funnel. It is possible to see an increase in open rates of up to 45% when using emojis in subject lines.

You are now able to personalise your emails with the help of HubSpot's new subject line emoji tool. Through the use of progressive profiling, you are able to present a different offer to a lead each time they visit your website. You can also learn more about someone by quizzing them with a series of questions over the course of some time.

Make use of HubSpot in order to create individualised signup forms dependant on the actions of your prospective clients. You can send more personalised marketing email campaigns thanks to a technique known as progressive profiling, which enables you to do so as you gather more information about your leads.


Campaign booster is a feature offered by Omnisend that automatically resends emails to recipients who haven't opened a message in a given campaign. The drag-and-drop functionality of Product Picker enables users to insert products directly into email messages. In addition, Omnisend provides a number of tools that are intended to increase the click-through rate, such as gift boxes and scratch cards.

Best for Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation

The software that you use for email marketing needs to have CRM and marketing automation capabilities built right in. Despite the fact that it does not provide a CRM or marketing automation, we have decided to include Autopilot in our top ten list.

Autopilot provides outstanding native integrations with the industry's most well-known CRM platforms in addition to some of the most advanced marketing automation features we have come across to this point.


In this sphere, there is no competition for HubSpot's leadership position. They provide a comprehensive customer relationship management system in addition to their all-in-one sales and marketing platform. Built-in tools for blogging, management of social media, creation of landing pages, and pretty much anything else you can think of, they probably offer it.

Platform for automating email marketing campaigns. You can easily build automated email marketing workflows with the assistance of HubSpot. You are able to construct email drip campaigns with the help of HubSpot because it stores a significant amount of data on each of your leads. To be fair, it does not offer the same degree of adaptability as the automation builders that can be found in ActiveCampaign or Autopilot.


The Customer Relationship Management feature of ActiveCampaign monitors the activity of leads on your website (or app). It has the ability to automatically move leads into different stages of your pipeline based on the actions of individual site visitors. You also have the ability to conduct an in-depth investigation into any customer profile to view a comprehensive history of each and every interaction that particular customer has had with your business.

Because this topic has been discussed in some of the article's earlier sections, I won't go into a lot of additional detail about it here. Utilizing the robust CRM provided by ActiveCampaign, you can construct email marketing automation for each of your campaigns.


You can quickly import contacts into Autopilot's CRM from a spreadsheet or from a wide variety of third-party applications. Additionally, the platform features native integration with Zoho, Pipedrive, and Salesforce.com. Integration with Zapier is also available, in addition to native integration with Segment, which is provided by Autopilot.

The Most Useful When It Comes to Reporting and Analytics

The vast majority of tools for email marketing don't have much to offer, to the point where it's difficult to even understand which emails are giving you the highest return on investment (ROI). What happens if you want to track where the money you spend on email marketing is going? We are here to assist you by providing a list of our top three recommendations for the most effective tools for email analytics and reporting.


Because HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing platform, it provides users with access to an extensive range of reports, enabling them to find solutions to any and all marketing concerns. Utilizing HubSpot's straightforward sales and marketing reports, you can conduct an in-depth analysis of your company's data. The company does an excellent job of delving deeply into the data and delivering insights that can be put into action.

The reports provided by HubSpot are not only simple to understand but also surprisingly insightful. You will have access to information regarding the click-through rates, the reply rates, and the reading times of your campaign emails. We've already established that HubSpot isn't exactly inexpensive, so it should come as no surprise that this kind of reporting does not come free of charge.


Autopilot provides the standard marketing email reports, including campaign performance and click-through rates, among other metrics. The customer journey automation feature of Autopilot is what attracts users to the platform. You are able to begin by establishing a target, designing a route to get there, and finally reviewing performance reports for each individual marketing journey.

For instance, I can tell Autopilot that I want my website to have a 20% conversion rate, and it will provide me with a comprehensive breakdown of who bought what and when it happened.

ActiveCampaign, number three

Because it places a greater emphasis on goal tracking, ActiveCampaign is incomparably superior to Autopilot in this regard. The manner in which each tool is presented is the primary distinction between the two. ActiveCampaign's robust reporting and user-friendly visualisation allow you to obtain in-depth information on all of your campaign's goals quickly and easily.

The reporting feature of ActiveCampaign can provide an answer to virtually any question you pose to it; however, you will need to be very clear about the nature of that question. ActiveCampaign's method is more analogous to spitting out data across 20 pages, in contrast to the approach taken by HubSpot and Autopilot, which provides high-quality answers on a platter.

The vast majority of email marketing services integrate with Zapier, which enables you to send data to more than one thousand different applications and tools. There are a few notable exceptions, one of which is Autopilot, which offers an exceptionally wide range of native integrations. These are the email marketing tools that, in our opinion, offer the best integration with tools developed by other companies.

Every integration that can be created with Zapier, also known as a zap, consists of two components: a trigger and an action. In a general sense, the automation of tasks is made significantly simpler by email marketing services that offer a greater number of triggers and actions.


ActiveCampaign is the only tool for email marketing that provides a Customer Success Commitment to its users. You can anticipate a certain level of education, support, and trust from ActiveCampaign as a result of your partnership with the company, as outlined in the Commitment. Through the use of our University guides and videos, you can take your skills in email marketing to the next level.

In the past four years, as a customer of ActiveCampaign, I've only had to get in touch with their support team a handful of times, and each time, I've received a prompt response within hours of my initial inquiry.


Education about inbound marketing has been the foundation on which HubSpot has built their entire company. Customers of HubSpot have access to a wide variety of educational resources, including ebooks, courses, and certifications, as well as the company's annual INBOUND Conference. These resources are designed to help customers improve their proficiency in online marketing. When you sign up for HubSpot, you will receive training that is both comprehensive and productive.

One important thing to keep in mind is that HubSpot does, in fact, charge extra money for its onboarding services. Although this isn't an outrageously unreasonable price (given that you are essentially paying for several hours of an expert's time), the fact that ActiveCampaign provides the exact same service for free demonstrates how generous the company truly is. When it comes to providing outstanding support for customers, HubSpot also has a stellar reputation. You can contact the support team via phone, e-mail, or the live chat feature. You can rest assured that any problems that may arise with your account will be solved as quickly and easily as possible, even if they do occur.

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor boasts a customer success rate of 99% and provides a wealth of training to bring you up to speed on the latest developments in email marketing strategies. You will find that having complete transparency regarding information about a platform's system status, compliance policies, and data privacy efforts brings an additional level of peace of mind, which you will appreciate.

Through Campaign Monitor's Email Academy, you will have access to the most recent techniques and strategies for email marketing. Email layout, data management, personalization, and automation strategies are the topics of specialised classes taught by industry professionals. The Marketing Resources Hub provides users with a variety of resources, including webinars, videos, infographics, and a list of the top tools.

Scroll down to read our indepth Enterprise Email Marketing Tools guide. What you should know, Enterprise Email Marketing Tools features, price plans and support. Pros and Cons of Enterprise Email Marketing Tools as a marketing automation, everything is explained below.

Overview of Enterprise Email Marketing Tools

Sendinblue Premium is a software company that specialises in marketing-automation software for small to enterprise level businesses.

Sendinblue Premium is listed as the best marketing-automation software related to Enterprise Email Marketing Tools. Sendinblue Premium was founded in 2012 in Paris, France and currently has over 248 employees registered on Linkedin.


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