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Ali Dropshipping

Ali Drop shipping

What's Ali Drop shipping?

Ali drop shippping allows you to build a drop shipping company by selling their products. With Ali drop shipping, you can purchase a readymade drop shipping company, host your website with them, or simply use their plugin to your WordPress website.

Some benefits of using Ali drop shipping are that it allows you to sell over 100M goods from 100K+ providers. Delivery can also be free, alongside order tracking. They also offer a Buyer Protection System which is great as it comes with a money-back guarantee.

How Does AliDropship Work?

You might find that Shopify appears to get the most choices for drop shipping programs with AliExpress. That is one of the principal benefits of AliDropship since it collaborates with WordPress and WooCommerce rather than Shopify. You can even attain hosting and build a complete site through AliDropship, without creating the website yourself.

In simpler terms, AliDropship combines with your WordPress store and allows you to search and select products from AliExpress. Following that, the goods are automatically delivered to a store with the product information contained like the description, name, and photographs.

You get two alternatives to pick from when choosing to pay for AliDropship. The first is your custom shop, which permits you to create your own dropshipping site on the AliDropship platform. As previously mentioned, the hosting company is supplied, and you also get 100% ownership of your store. Additionally, AliDropship includes a library of templates which makes creating your online store a fairly straightforward process.

You also get the option to work with a WordPress plugin. The plugin works and looks like the custom shop, but it is incorporated with an old designed WordPress website. Thus, if you are already using WooCommerce and WordPress, or if you are familiar with that port, you can use the AliDropship plugin.

Around AliExpress Providers

AliExpress allegedly ensures that only 'trusted' providers are able to list on the site. However, there are certain case which may slide through the cracks. The most reliable method to look for trustworthiness is to read customer reviews and to identify how they communicate. It is also good practice to purchase a product on your own first to determine how quickly it arrives in your home – particularly prior to a majority order.

AliDropship and Payments

If this is your first e-commerce, you might be unfamiliar with dealing with payment gateways. Basically, payment gateways act as an intermediary between you (the retailer), your clients, and the banks. Payment gateways procedure card payments and requires fees to get it done. With AliDropship, the apparent options would likely be Pay Pal or Stripe. You should expect that they will charge between 2 to 4 percent on every trade.

On the other hand, AliDropship Woo includes a couple more recognizable payment gateways. Square,, and Amazon payments are supported on the site.

What To Do After Completing Your First Sale?

When someone has bought a product from you site, you will be notified on your dashboard. The next thing to do is to process it with AliExpress.

To make this process as straightforward as possible, you can utilise a Chrome extension plugin which will help you process multiple orders at once with the majority function. It can even help you automatically update customers information to save you loads of time.

After these processes are done, it is time to pay for your purchase. Once this is completed, you may observe the position on your dashboard. The client will also get an order verification with the tracking information.

Customer Support

While email is the principal method to contact the customer support, but you can also utilise the live chat channel.

Perhaps the best part of AliDropship is its community discussion and knowledge base. For example, there are 490+ talks around the topics and 200+ talking about the add-ons. It is an amazing platform where you can ask questions and browse official responses by the AliDropship team.

Is AliDropship Worth It?

In conclusion, there are a lot of benefits of utilizing AliDropship if you fulfil the following requirements:

  • You are already using WordPress
  • You would like to market with AliExpress
  • You use Google Chrome
  • You use WooCommerce (optional)

Ali Drop shipping Verdict

Overall, Ali Drop shipping is an amazing option if you are familiar with the intricacies of setting up a drop shipping platform and if you fulfil the requirements as stated above.

However, Oberlo and Shopify are great alternatives if you prefer a more beginner-friendly and less sophisticated platform. Ultimately, which site you decide to go with depends on how comfortable you are with navigating on the platform.

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Overview of Ali Dropshipping

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