Banggood Dropshipping

Banggood Dropshipping

Banggood Dropshipping

Banggood is a Chinese supplier and they sold cheap products at a Chinese supplier's costs.

What About China's Long Delivery Terms

In the United States, Banggood has a storeroom, and not just in China only also in the UK, (Banggoong CN and Banggood of the United States). In other words, you can purchase their products at very cheap prices, and will be delivered from the US quickly. Their buyers will benefit from low rates and short shipping times, which gives them a competitive edge in terms of eBay's delivery times and gives them tremendous leverage in a convenient and cost-efficient operation.

They also make sure you choose which warehouse you want to track your goods from in AutoDS dropshipping tool. If you plan to only sell in the USA, you can prefer the US warehouse, while the Chinese warehouse can be used for global shipping.

Here Are The Advantages Of Ebay Dropshipping From Banggood:

A dropshipping contract is supplied by Banggood for their dropshipper. So if you are asked by accident if you have a dropshipping certificate from this provider, your answer should be yes. You will contact their support to access this contract easily since this contract is given to all AutoDS customers.

Banggood Has A Special Section Called Dropship Center Which Contains All The Dropshippers Requirements:

  • More than 200000 products
  • For over 14 products category
  • More than 800 brands
  • Free membership fee
  • Product reviews personalized
  • A method of collection of credit points
  • Download options of pictures without watermarks
  • 20% discount is given to dropshipper VIP levels

Most significantly, submitting to the Dropship Center of Banggood is really simple, so make sure that you do so immediately.

You will start earning this service quickly from the day you get started.

First, the more purchases you conduct through Banggood, the more you hit the discount of up to 20percent on the items in your shop and also get a 5% discount on every transaction.

And that is why the faster you start, the more income you gain and gain a better competitive advantage relative to your opponents.

You are given an additional 9% from cashback pages

It is advisable to use Befrugal. It gives Banggood the highest cashback percentage, which is 9% relative to the 7% of other cashback.

Join the cashback platform and get $10 on registration.

There Is A Special Section Called 'Top Selling Report' At The Dropship Center.

These Are What You Find There:

  • Selling of best products in Banggoond
  • Faster shipping times products
  • High discount products

You may also filter through storehouses and determine which of our warehouses to upload your goods. This can also be done through the AutoDS platform. You can download and choose from which warehouse to monitor your products, US or CN (China).

Customer Support For Banggood

In relation to every other Chinese provider, Banggood is good customer service. It is not yet close to the customer support of US providers, however. They support chatting and email support for many hours during the day.

If There Are Products Damaged

The return method in this case is not easy. You would then have to do the following in order to comply with these cases:

Before you get familiar with the Banggoond return system, if you are a starter, you should only work with cheap products for a maximum of $30.

If a customer files a lawsuit against us on eBay, we immediately ask for photographs and evidence of the breakage of the product. They would able to return it to Banggood and get a refund on their order easily.

Easy Payments

With PayPal, Banggood is able to pay for every dropshipper, which makes it possible to pay for orders directly via PayPal. And you don't have to get a gift card or any other payment options.

What About The Holidays In China

You must pay careful attention to the holidays, as with any other provider. In the Chinese New Year season, which lasts approximately 2 weeks in particular with China, you must be alert. Suppliers and factories are shut down in China and shipments are delayed during this time. Since Banggood is also a Chinese provider, you also have to remember that.

Banggood Dropshipping Verdict

If you want to know more about this provider, it's highly advantageous to see their webinars and get all the details any drop shipper needs immediately to start working with Banggood. The webinar can be found in both Hebrew and Russian language.

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Overview of Banggood Dropshipping

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