Bangladesh Payment Gateway

Bangladesh Payment Gateway

Bangladesh Payment Gateway

Bangladesh Payment Gateway: The Best Option For Your Business

Before choosing any payment gateway, you have to ask yourself a simple question, who are my customers? And where are they located? If Bangladeshis are your audience, then the Bangladesh payment gateway will be the best option for you to choose for your business.

However, this article is about the best Bangladesh payment gateway for your businesses.

7 Best Bangladesh Payment Gateways


Fast spring is an international payment gateway that enables businesses to receive payment from their online shop. This payment platform mostly works for Software Companies. There is no signup fee when you are using Fast Spring payment gateway and the best part about this payment gateway is that it offers users pay as you go plan that allows them to pay for each transaction made rather than the monthly or annual fee.

The platform is highly secured and it provides a great service to users. As per an international payment platform business owners will benefit a lot from using this payment gateway for their businesses as they’ll be reaching out to people at the international level with this payment service provider.


This payment service provider is among the most used Bangladesh payment gateways. You cannot go wrong with the option as it works just like Fast Spring. There is no signup and monthly fee. Instead, it offers a pay-as-you-go service to customers.

To open an account with this company, you have to provide your trade license and Sales Tax Codes.


This Bangladesh Payment Gateway is one of the best payment gateways in the country. The setup fee is BDT15,000, they charge 2.5% for Master cards and Visa cards and 2-4% for online banking and other cards. In case of any refund, there is no extra fee.

In case of any refund, your customers get their refund within 5-7 working days. The company pays attention to security.

port wallet

PortWallet is an exceptional online payment platform that businesses use for receiving payment in the country. It is one of the best payment gateways for locals in Bangladesh. It is a payment gateway that is packed with lots of great features that meets the needs of the locals in the country. With this payment gateway, businesses get notification instantly for any transaction and PortWallet is highly secured which makes it the right choice for businesses that needs a great Bangladesh payment gateway.

Always stick to the company’s rules, if not, you will be punished for breaking the rule. This payment gateway meets the needs of the Bangladeshis which makes it the right option for people that wants to target locals in the country.


Aamarpay is another Bangladesh payment gateway that is designed to suit the locals. Everything about the payment gateway is tailored to suit the needs of Bangladeshis. The security level is tight, so your sensitive information will not be shared with people. The speed also makes it one of the best Bangladesh payment gateway; the platform processes payment very fast.

The setup fee varies; it depends on the plan you choose. Card commission ranges from 2.55%-3.25%. To open an Aamarpay account, you have to provide your Tax Identification Number and National ID card.

shurjo Pay

ShurjaPay is a renowned Bangladesh payment gateway for businesses in the country. The signup process is very simple. The company charges a signup fee of BDT 10,000 and an integration fee of BDT 10,000 for corporates. And for Education, they charge a signup fee of BDT 10,000 and an integration fee of BDT 5,000.

Master and Visa cards attract a percentage fee of 2.5 for corporates and 1.5% for Education. To open a ShurjaPay account, you have to present your Tax Identification Number and National ID card.

The platform is highly secured and that prevents your sensitive information from getting to the wrong hands.


Easy pay way is known for its great features as a payment service provider in the country. It makes payment easy and fast for business owners and their customers. The setup fee varies, it depends on the plan you choose, for the basic plan it is BDT 5,000; for a starter plan, it is BDT 10,000, for a professional plan, the price is 18,000 and for the corporate plan, the price is BDT 20,000.

To use this platform, you have to provide your Tax Identification number and trade license.

Scroll down to read our indepth Bangladesh Payment Gateway guide. What you should know, Bangladesh Payment Gateway features, price plans and support. Pros and Cons of Bangladesh Payment Gateway as a payment gateway, everything is explained below.

Overview of Bangladesh Payment Gateway

Spreedly is a software company that specialises in payment-gateway software for small to enterprise level businesses.

Spreedly is listed as the best payment-gateway software related to Bangladesh Payment Gateway. Spreedly was founded in 2008 in Durham, NC and currently has over 79 employees registered on Linkedin.

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