Best Way To Send Mass Email

Best Way To Send Mass Email

Best Way To Send Mass Email

This post is all about sending mass emails. So, if you have been looking for the best way to send mass email and grow your business with email marketing, make sure you read this post to the end as we will be sharing things you need to know when sending mass emails and the best way to send this emails and get the needed result.

Best Way To Send Mass Email

Get A Reliable Bulk Email Tool

The first thing to do when you want to choose the best way to send mass email is to first choose the right bulk email tools for the task and when choosing these top bulk email services, here are the factors you have to consider:

  • Email Deliverability: email deliverability should be a priority when choosing a mass email tool for your service. However, the right email tools should help you to maintain top sender reputation and that helps your emails to get to the recipient’s inboxes. Also, a nice mass email tool should meet up with the CAN-SPAM requirement which is the basic requirement for email delivery. So, if you are looking for the best way to send mass email, first you have to consider this factor before choosing the right platform for your business.
  • Mailing List Management: the right mass email tool should help you to get more subscribers, verify each email address on your email list and segment your subscribers with features like gender, location, age, etc. So, make sure you choose a mass email platform that has this feature for your business.
  • Free Trial: Look out for a tool that offers a free trial to get a feel of what their platform looks like and the quality of service they provide before subscribing to their premium service.
  • Template: Go for a platform that has easy-to-use templates for their service as this allows you to create your emails without any technical skills.
  • Email Automation: The right mass email platform should provide the right resources for automating your email marketing campaign so you can easily create and send welcome emails to your subscribers for the first time, send emails to your customers when they have abandoned cart, and other automated emails. So, if you are looking for the best way to send mass email, consider this feature as it will help you to grow your business.
  • Great Customer Care Service: This is very important for your business, so make sure you choose a mass email platform with great customer care service. A platform with the right customer support will help you out once you encounter any problem with their service and this helps you to save time and money.
  • These are the basic things you have to check out before choosing any mass email tools for your service.

    So, let’s see the best way to send mass email and in this guide, we will be using the Gmail platform.

    Best Way To Send Mass Email

    First Step: Connect Your Gmail

    First, you have to connect your Gmail account with the platform you want to use in this case we will be using SendPulse. The process of setting up an account on SendPulse is very easy.

    Second Step: Create Your Email List

    The second step will be to create the email list; this email list contains the email address of the people you want to send those bulk emails to. It is important to have you’re the name and email address of your subscribers in order to personalize your email and relate with your subscribers on what feels like communication on a personal level.

    Third Step: Create A Campaign

    This is where the magic happens! Now, you have to write an email and personalize it to suit each subscriber.

    The best way to do this is by creating an email you want to send to a friend with their name, company name, and other features you have on your list that helps for customization. Then remove their name, company name, and other features you have on your list.

    In the campaign section, you can set up your email list and template according to your standard, and then rename the campaign accordingly with name, company name, and other customization features.

    Fourth Step: Upload The Email List

    Now, you can compose and send your mass emails. So, these are the simple steps you have to take when sending mass emails with the SendPulse platform.

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