Bounce Rate Reduction

Bounce Rate Reduction

Bounce Rate Reduction

Definition Of Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the share of users who visited your website and left it without going to a second page. If the bounce rate of your website is high, that means you could not convince the users to stay and act on the website, for example, subscribe to the site or buy your products or services. Bounce rate varies depending on the industry and the type of content of the website.

The general rule of bonus rate is the following:

  • More than 80% is very bad
  • 70 80% is poor
  • 50 70% is average
  • 30 50% is excellent
  • 20% or below is likely to be a reason of a tracking error.

Tips To Reduce Your Bounce Rate

You can reduce your website's bounce rate if you identify and fix the problems of the landing pages. Here are the most common reasons for high bounce rates and ways to improve them.

User Experience

User experience includes all the aspects of the interactions between the end-user and the company. It is the overall feeling of users when they visit your website. If a user finds your website easy to use and pleasing, then your website has a good user experience.

Good Call To Action Placement

This is also connected with user experience. We advise you to make your call to action clear and honest and remember the importance of a good user experience.

Pay Attention Your Website's Speed

Users decide to leave your site or continue using it within the first few seconds. Therefore, it is vital to provide high speed for the website.

There are tools such as Pingdom and Google Page Speed, which can help you optimise all the landing pages of your website.

To speed up your website, you should optimise the images, use a CDN (content delivery network), switch to a faster hosting provider, etc.

Using A/B Tests

A/B split tests allow seeing the performance of each page on the website. Try creating different landing pages and targeting diverse audiences, regions, etc. If your website is created for different people from multiple geographic locations, detect a user's location and show them content in their language, prices in their currency, etc. This action will also improve your user experience.

Using Videos And High-Quality images To Engage Your Audience

Videos are more attracting than text and images. You can use animations, music, audio and many other forms to persuade users to stay and act on your site. On the other hand, high-quality photographs have proven to be very effective for the user experience. You can purchase professional photographs and use them as full-screen backgrounds, inline images next to CTA, etc.

Improving The Site's Navigation

Pay attention to the navigation of your website. It should be clear, simple and quickly understood. Examine your website's navigation and think about how you can simplify it. Imagine that your customers are lazy and do not want to make efforts to understand on what page of the website they are at the current moment and how they have to go to the next page, etc.

Make Sure Your Website Is Readable

This point refers to the visualisation issues of the website. You should ensure that the text on the site is easily readable on different devices. Pay attention to the size of texts and examine whether they are convenient for the specific device's screen.

We speak about the size and colour and how the text appears to the reader as a whole. It assumes that the line spacing, margins and other similar issues look clean and nice.

Show That You Are Credible

Usually, consumers find it necessary to understand how reliable your website is before buying your product. If you are a new business, users might be a little sceptic about your website. So, it is essential to show them what kind of reputation you have earned among the other customers.

Using A Useful Internal Linking Structure

Try to use a logical and relevant internal linking strategy. There are many guides, which can help you choose internal links. Stop using internal links for all of your articles on the website and focus on linking to useful ones, which are highly relevant and useful for the visitors.

The most important thing you should think about is to understand that when users make searches on the internet, they are looking forward to finding what they want, not what you think they want to. If you use this approach, it will be easier for you to optimise your website.

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Overview of Bounce Rate Reduction

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