Brand Funnel

Brand Funnel

Brand Funnel

A brand funnel is a tool that allows companies to know how the target group of their consumers perceives their brand. It almost removes one of the biggest problems of marketing, which is guessing. The reason is that if you use a brand funnel backed by the relevant software, it will ask your audience directly what their attitude towards your brand is at the various stages of the customer journey.

Stages Of A Brand Funnel

A brand funnel makes the relationship between a consumer and brand visible at the each stage of the consumer funnel. The stages of the consumer funnel are:

  • Awareness: in this stage the consumer has several brands in mind, including yours.
  • Consideration: in this stage customers may consider to use your product.
  • Preference: customers may prefer your product over others available in the market.
  • Usage: people are using your product.
  • Advocacy: people recommend your product to others.

Shapes Of A Brand Funnel

If you implement a brand funnel, you can examine the health of your brand. The shape of the funnel can tell you that.

The Funnel Is Skinny

If your brand funnel is skinny, it is bad for your brand. You have to revise your marketing plan or develop a good one if you do not have it. In this situation, you should start from the first stage of the brand funnel and increase your brand awareness using new campaigns and obtain higher levels of Google rankings. SEO tools may be used to reach this.

The Funnel Has An Upside-Down Triangle Shape

It means you are losing your consumers during the consumer journey. The reasons may be the following: your competitors offer your customers better terms of purchase or better products and services, the value of your offering is not visible for your audience, or the latter was not satisfied with your product or service. You need to evaluate the situation and understand the reasons. Those reasons may be due to your marketing department.

The Brand Funnel Is Fat

If the brand funnel is fat, it is good news for your brand. But do not relax, because, at any point, things can change (for example, competitors may upgrade their products and services, after which you may lose your customers). So, always keep monitoring your brand funnel as not to miss any possible changes.

How Customers Move Along The Funnel

From The Awareness Stage To Consideration

To be able to move your consumers from the awareness stage to the consideration stage, you should have defined your target audience. Targeting an audience will allow you to reach those people who may become loyal to your brand. Otherwise, your efforts will be ignored, which will mean you lose resources and income.

Another important aspect is to develop the right messaging. You should use personalised messages and try to establish warm and long-term relations with customers.

From The Consideration Stage To Preference

Warm relations will also allow changing the opinion of the customers to choose your product over the competition and thus move to the preference stage.

Here, you should be able to present the value of your product or service to your audience. Try to give them a personal reason why they have to choose your brand. Show them the benefits, which may be exclusive and life-changing for them.

From The Preference Stage to Usage

You have to pursue your potential customers to make the purchase. One way to achieve this is to concentrate your efforts on product marketing and present customer testimonials. Customer testimonials may help you gain credibility and build trust among your target audience. Most customers feel more confident when they see what their peers say about the brand or a particular product.

From The Usage Stage To Advocacy

A crucial factor here is to have an efficient customer support service. If you want to transfer your one-time buyers into loyal consumers, you have to pay attention to this issue.

Statistics show that US companies have an annual loss of $62bn due to poor customer support service.

Four Kinds Of Activities To Gain Success

There are four activities, which you can implement in order to gain success when nurturing your potential customers along the brand funnel:

  • Prioritise your goals and expenses.
  • Implement tailored and personalised messaging.
  • Make investments in consumer-driven marketing solutions.
  • Gain a victory in in-store battles.

Brand Funnel Verdict

The final thing you should remember is the significance of collaboration and teamwork between all the departments. For example, marketing and sales departments should consider other departments insights and opinions when developing marketing plans and strategies.

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Overview of Brand Funnel

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