Branded Dropshipping

Branded Dropshipping

Branded Drop shipping

What Is A Brand?

A brand is an image a shop aims to project to its customer base. Online stores establish these images through a mix of store plans, colour palettes, copywriting, and symbolism.

Suppose your store was an individual you met in the city. What might your store resemble? How might they walk? How might they talk? What might they say? Answers to these questions are what a brand image should aim to convey.

Brand image is so important because humans are inherently visual creatures. Therefore, by creating a brand that feels recognizable to your customers, you will be able secure a loyal customer base.

Why is Branding Needed?

Branding your company is very important, especially if you are drop shipping with Shopify and Oberlo. This is because there is usually more than one drop shipper selling a given item. Great branding separates those merchants from each other to help gain more consumers.

Furthermore, drop shipping is probably the most straightforward way to begin an online business if you are a beginner. Rather than purchasing huge stock loads for your store, you can simply request items only when you get the order. Your provider will then deliver your orders for you all over the world!

Branding your Business on Instagram

One way of branding is to place your brand on Instagram. To do so, you will first have to figure out who your customers are. Find out what they are interested in and what type of image they tend to gravitate towards.

For that, you have to discover individuals who are using something similar to your target product. To do so, you can search for hashtags on Instagram related to your niche and to that specific item, such as men’s denim coats. After which, you can simply scroll through the top posts to gain some inspiration.

Develop A Business Name

Many marketers waste a lot of their valuable time worrying about their business name. However, it doesn't need to be like that. With regards to branding your business, there are three principles for a decent business name.

Firstly, your business name should clearly demonstrate the products you are selling. For example, if you are selling a fashion product, you should think of words relating to coats, menswear, or outerwear in your business name.

The second principle of a decent business name is that the name should incorporate trendy expressions to attract a wider consumer base.

Lastly, your business name should be relatable. Consumers should find it easy to approach your brand to interact with the products you are selling.

A logo is essential in business branding. If you are on a budget, you can simply use Hatchful, which is Shopify's no-cost logo maker tool. The process to using Hatchful is extremely easy as every process is guided. You will be required to identify the visual style of your brand as well as your niche among several other characteristics!

It is important to note that the pictures on your site as well as the text style should fit your brand. This style should also be consistently applied on every aspect of your online presence.

Branded Drop shipping Verdict

It is clear that branding your online business is extremely important. Not only does it serve as the first impression that your consumers have of your business, it also affects how well you can connect with your consumers. Therefore, be sure to follow all the tips we have shared in this article to help you brand your drop shipping business in the best way possible!

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Overview of Branded Dropshipping

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