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Digitalization has revolutionized many scopes of technology, business, and entertainment. The world has been experiencing the growing need to incorporate more information and technology into our daily activities. And why wouldn’t we? After all, the convenience and other benefits it brings have been of great use to us.

E-commerce is a very popular example of an area that has grown into a huge digital goldmine. The pandemic has helped e-commerce skyrocket to the level it is now. Of course, e-commerce was already doing so well before the pandemic but COVID-19 brought in a lot of reasons why e-commerce would have been a better option than traditional commerce.

There is no doubt that the pandemic affected the sales in e-commerce tremendously. Comparing the e-commerce sales for the first and second quarters of 2020, the sales for the second quarter grew by over 30% from the first quarter. However, circumstances made many customers opt for e-commerce, a lot of businesses also stepped up their user interface and overall functionality of their sites. There are many online stores that have impressive features and updated their sites to the satisfaction of customers.

Digital Games Or Physical Games?

Revolution is not just seen in business but also gaming. A decision that a lot of gamers contemplate is whether to buy digital or physical games. Digital games differ from physical games in the sense that digital games come in form of software while physical games come in form of discs. Due to the burning questions, we will be stating their differences and the advantages one has over the other.


Physical games are not as accessible as digital games. You might have to search a lot of stores to find your desired one. Also, not all physical games are always in stock. Because it is more archaic, its demand has gotten a lot lower compared to the times digital games were non-existent. Buying digital games, on the other hand, involves downloading them from a digital store. It is a lot more accessible and is always in stock.


Digital and physical games are around the same price when they are first released. Physical games, however, reduce in price over time. So if you are looking to purchase a game months after it is released, you will likely find a cheaper deal for physical games. Regardless, digital games offer discounts and you could possibly get a new digital game for a cheaper price because of the discounts it offers.

Ease Of Use

Digital games are a lot easier to use compared to physical games. The process of downloading, setting up, and playing is so much better. Digital games are aimed at convenience whereas physical games might be a bit of a drag. Not only do you have to check around for a physical game in stores, but you also have to install it. Then, constantly having to change the disc in consoles is another topic of inconvenience.


Physical games can be shared with friends by simply giving them the cartridge or disc. They can put it in their console and begin playing. Digital games are harder to share in this record since it has been previously downloaded on the device. But you can share the details of your account with someone and then they can log in and play any of your games that have been purchased.


When it comes to durability, physical games might have a better advantage. Once you buy a physical game, you own it till you choose otherwise, or till it gets damaged or lost. Digital games, however, can be taken off digital stores. Access to these games won’t be possible unless you have had them previously downloaded.

After weighing the pros and cons of both forms of games, it is obvious that digital games are better. Digital games offer a lot more convenience and value. Plus, amazing deals and discounts come with digital games. From business to gaming, digital has proven to be more efficient, hence, why you should buy digital.

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