Cart Abandonment

Cart Abandonment

Cart Abandonment

Ways To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

Online shopping is fun and entertaining, it's just you and your device walking around the shopping, hence, you can make your final shopping decisions easily. But a little distraction can lead to shopping cart abandonment.

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the major problems e-commerce owners are facing and can't be removed completely but there are ways to combat it.

Shopping cart abandonment is when a potential customer adds a product to a site's shopping cart and leaves the site before completing the transaction.

So, in this post, we'll be discussing 13 unique ways of avoiding shopping cart abandonment. Enjoy it!

Shopping Cart Abandonment Statistics

According to data by Statista, the rate of shopping cart abandonment in 2023 is 80.6% by mobile phones and 66.1% by desktop devices.

The automobile sector has the highest rate at 96.88% while the insurance industry has the least with 67.92%.

Now we have the statistics let's see how we can reduce this problem.

Listed below are some unique ways of reducing shopping cart abandonment

Build Your Business Credibility and Trust in Your Transaction Form

To assure your customers that they're getting an item from a trusted brand, use the transaction forms to build your business credibility and trust. Have your logos around some important places close to your transaction form. This way, your customers will know they're getting their products from a trusted brand. Data from Shopify shows that about 61% of shoppers abandoned the item because there is no logo and about 72% had refused to make a purchase because they didn't trust the logo on the site they want to buy from.

Include a Progress Indicator on Checkout Pages

Progress indicator helps to make shopping easy for buyers. Including a progress indicator on your checkout will help give the customers a feeling that they are getting closer to the final point of a transaction. Also, clearly define the number of steps for finalizing the transaction as this helps to make things easier for buyers.

Include Thumbnail Images of Products Throughout the Purchasing Phase

Thumbnail images are short images of the main product image used. Including a thumbnail image of an item throughout the buying journey helps to remind buyers of what they want to get. By doing this, you're removing distractions from your customers as they won't go back to check if they actually clicked the right product. This approach helps to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Make Navigation Between Cart and Store Effortless

Buyers like an easy-to-navigate site, they want to get what they want without much stress. You have to make their buying journey easy for them. The easier you make it for them to navigate your site, the more likely they'll stay on your site and purchase an item.

Offer Multiple Payment Options

Multiple payment options minimize shopping cart abandonment. Different payment options help to serve diverse customers irrespective of their location. When you have multiple payment options, your customers will have various options for payment when they're not comfortable with one they'll choose another one they're more comfortable with.

Include a Strong Call to Action on Checkout Pages

A strong call to action is best placed at checkout pages. Most marketers think that since customers have gotten to this stage there is no reason for including a call to action. If you don't include a strong call to action in your checkout pages you're missing out a lot, as the call to action helps to convince potential customers to take action immediately and also gives them the reason to take the action.

Make Saving Carts Effortless

This is very important. In order to improve your conversion rate and reduce cart abandonment rate, make it easy for buyers to save a product so they can continue with the saved product each time they want to purchase the product.

Offer Guest Checkout Options

Online shoppers want an easy shopping process, so provide a checkout process for your customer so they can easily purchase an item without logging in or creating an account. Research shows that failing to offer guest checkout results in cart abandonment. And 14% of online buyers said that forcing them to log in or create an account is enough reason for them to discontinue the shopping process.

Offer a Bulletproof Money-Back Guarantee (or Other Assurances)

Offering a money-back guarantee makes your customers feel better about buying from you, this way, they have little or nothing to lose if they don't like the product they purchased.

Be Crystal-Clear About All Costs Upfront – Including Shipping

Shipping cost is one of the major reasons why online shoppers abandon their carts. It's irritating for customers to realize that the shipping fee is higher than the actual cost of the product. So, right from the get-go, make it clear the cost of shipping and also how long it will take for the purchased items to get to them.

Identify conversion problems in your e-commerce shop

Make a research and find out the reason why your e-commerce shop is not converting and devise a means of solving the problem.

Optimize Your Page Load Time

Online shoppers hate it when they spend much time navigating a site or going through the checkout process to make a purchase. So, always make it simple to buy from you by optimizing your load time.

Use Remarketing to Target Abandoners

Remarketing is one of the best methods of reducing shopping cart abandonment. Remarketing helps to reach out to customers who have and abandoned their cart and it also helps to remind of the product as well.

Ways To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment Verdict

Cart abandonment is one of the major problems e-commerce shoppers have; however, shop owners should use these methods to reduce the problem. They should also be taking proactive measures by making some research to find out their cart abandonment problem and devise means of solving it.

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Overview of Cart Abandonment

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