Conversion Strategy

Conversion Strategy

Conversion Strategy

Today, many marketing specialists think it is enough to develop a user-friendly website with commendable interfaces to engage customers. However, this is not the only thing necessary to increase the customer base and make profits.

Lead conversion is more than building a nice website and attract users to visit the site, but rather to convert them into loyal and long-term customers. You can establish warm and long-lasting relations with customers only if you understand their basic needs and preferences.

Five Steps To Build An Effective Lead Conversion Process

1. Create Quality Content

High-quality content will increase your chances to get more leads. Examples of good content would be creating catchy headlines, writing relevant content, offering ebooks, etc. High-quality content will help you gain trust and credibility among your target customers and establish warm relationships with them.

2. Have An SEO Strategy

A good SEO strategy will ensure visibility on Google, more quality leads, as well as a higher Google ranking. You can conduct a small research on Google to understand how quality content can ensure higher ranking.

Here are the top five elements of your SEO strategy:

  • Title of the page.
  • URL of the pag.e
  • Header of the page.
  • Internal links.
  • Page content.

3. Having An Attractive Landing Page Design

The design of a landing page is the first element of your website. A good strategy for creating fancy landing pages may assist you in getting more leads.

Your landing pages should include images, videos and CTA (call-to-action) buttons to make them more attractive and enable conversions

4. Use Social Network Channels

Most people are registered on social networks. The most engaged platforms are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Instagram. A good idea is to promote your offerings on these social media platforms and attract the attention of your potential customers.

5. Use Email Marketing In Your Relevant Niche

Email marketing is not a new strategy to engage customers, but still, it is considered one of the most efficient ways to generate leads. You can create different templates and use them on various occasions (birthdays, holidays, etc.).

It will help you to not only establish warm relations with your targeted customers but also inform them about your products and services.

Best Conversion Strategies

It is proven that your visitors need only 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your company and to decide if they will stay on your site and make a purchase or not. Here are eight great strategies that you should implement to increase your lead conversion rate.

Capture The Right Market

Analyse and understand your market, the behavior of your target customers and implement segmentation. You can do segmentation according to the following features:

  • Demographics of the audience (for example, age, education, gender, employment).
  • Geographic data (such as location, region, country, address).
  • Socio-economic data (for example, personality, lifestyle, attitude, etc.).

Segregate Your Leads

During a certain period, you can collect high numbers of leads. However, the quality of leads will vary because not all of them will be interested in your products and services. Therefore, you should filter out the useful ones and direct your efforts to them.

For example, you can conduct research on quality leads, understand the motives behind their interaction with your website, check their last purchase transactions, and contact them.

Establish Communication With Your Leads As Soon As They Convert

Try to contact your potential customers as soon as possible. If you delay the time of communication, they may lose interest. If you choose to contact them by phone, then try to address all their questions and needs, be sure that your answers address all of them. Offer them regular news and updates on your products and services.

Choose Efficient Channels To Communicate

Analyse all the channels, which your potential clients use. Try such marketing channels as emails, social networks etc.

Regularly Follow-Up With Your Leads

It is necessary to stay connected with your audience and not let them forget your brand. Besides, follow-ups can make them think you care about them and are ready to provide them with all the products and services they need.

Speed Up Your Sales Department Work

We advise you to separate your sales department into two teams.

  • The first will deal with your existing customers.
  • The second will handle the issues related to lead collection.

A good CRM system is a powerful tool to observe the behaviour of your target audience at different sales stages and other relevant activities.

Put The Emphasis On The Testimonials Of Your Happy Clients

This strategy will ensure your trust and credibility with your potential customers.

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Overview of Conversion Strategy

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