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E Buying

E Buying

Information and technology have revolutionized the everyday buying and selling of products. Buying has long evolved from the tiring process of waiting in line for long periods to getting your product with just a tap on your device. This great convenience has been made possible as a result of e-buying. This article digs into e-buying and the different factors affecting it.

What Is E-buying?

E-buying is a shortened form of electronic buying. E-buying can be described as the purchasing and selling of goods or services with its processes being in electronic methods. The internet has changed a wide range of activities in our lives. From the way things like communication, school, and work are being handled, we can see that it has touched these fields to evolve the way they have. These changes have been witnessed across the world from developed to developing countries. It is no surprise seeing the internet transform transactions and buying of goods. It has made transactions far easier and more efficient. E-buying follows the easy steps of browsing for your desired product on an e-commerce store; ordering, paying for the product through the required payment option, and waiting for delivery. A downside of e-buying is that the customer might have to wait a while before the product is delivered to their place of residence. Although, the convenience makes up for its slower delivery time.

Factors Affecting E-buying

E-buying is highly influenced by some key elements. Here are factors that affect influence e-buying:


The digitalization of commerce has made buyers more attracted to e-buying. Because buying has become digital, this has made the process a lot easier. With a phone, a PC, and some other devices, you can purchase items anywhere and anytime with just the tap of an icon. Mobility is also an amazing advantage of e-buying. You can purchase goods without physically going to a store. Even better, you can do so at home, work, or in school.

No Middle-men

E-buying allows a direct relationship between a business and a consumer. This type of business model is called Business-to-Consumer (B2C). It shortens the time and the chain of distribution. This factor saves cost because of the absence of intermediaries that would have been paid for distribution. E-buying has also fostered a relationship between companies and customers.

The Younger Generation

It is no news that the younger generation is more digitally inclined. The millennials and Gen Z were born into a digital age and grew up in the presence of technology and innovation. The younger generation is a major contributor to the prosperity of e-buying. Because the younger generation is used to the convenience that technology has provided, they will be major supporters of electronic buying.

Easy Store Of Records

E-buying makes storing records, and bills a lot easier as opposed to traditional commerce. The proof of purchase and bill is stored electronically making it harder to lose or manipulate. It also provides for easy storage where you can easily keep track of your purchases. This factor has impressed lots of people due to the clumsy nature of some.

Saves Money

Consumers are on the notion that technology has saved money with recent products. Since the chain of distribution is shorter, people argue that the cost of products in e-commerce stores is more reasonable than in traditional stores. This claim could also be backed up by the fact that the price of products in traditional stores is influenced by some factors like location, and standard of living in the area. Comparison of a product in different sites can also be done easily in e-buying.

The advent of commerce through digital means has made the overall shopping experience better and more convenient. As we see the rise in e-buying, there is no doubt that electronic commerce is the future. Hence, it is important to encourage consumers to take necessary steps in e-buying.

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Overview of E Buying

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