E-commerce Branding

E-commerce Branding

E-commerce Branding

Building an e-commerce brand, which will be recognised amongst people, is crucial in every business.

What is an e-commerce brand?

It is not just your brand name and visual logo, but it's the voice of your business, its personality. It is the way people perceive your brand and talk about it. In brief, it is the first thing that people think of when they read or hear the name of your brand.

Importance Of E-commerce Brand

An e-commerce brand is crucial to survive in tough competition and grow your business. When customers know and like your brand, they will often prefer buying from you and become loyal customers. That means longer relationships with your customers, which will ensure sustainable growth for your company.

E-commerce Brand Essentials


Your company must have a clear vision. Your company's vision is the goal it has to achieve. It is not a monetary goal but an impactful one.

To be able to define your vision, you may think about the origins of your company, remember the history of its foundation, the inspiring idea behind the business. Also, think about your customers and what they will feel after using your product or service.

All these ideas are the foundation of your company and its brand.


Values are things, which are important to you and your potential customers. Your whole activity must be guided by your values; it has to be reflected in all the departments of your company.

You can define your values giving answers to the following questions:

  • What do your clients tell other people about your business?
  • What are the three major strengths and priorities of your company?
  • What are the main activities of your preferred brands?


The voice of your company is its personality, its uniqueness, and how your company is presented to people when you speak to your potential customers. For example, your company may be authoritative, funny, helpful, supportive etc.

Regardless of what type of voice you choose, make it memorable and consistent as it makes you famous.


Visuals of your brand include logo, typography and colour. These are the visible issues, which people associate with your company.

It is often said that the logo is the face of your company and its brand. It is a unique mark or a picture that belongs to your company.

Logos have seven types, the most common of which are wordmark and lettermark, which feature the company's name.


Typography is the appearance and the writing style of the text in your logo. The following five font types are the most common:

  • Serif Fonts - traditional font type, often considered as conservative.
  • Sans Serif Fonts - these font types are associated with simplicity and trustworthiness. They are neutral and may be used in many industries.
  • Script Fonts - creative types of fonts, they are also eye-catching, that's why you should avoid overwriting with them.
  • Display Fonts - are created for larger scales, include personality and originality. Display fonts are often used in the fashion and entertainment industries.
  • Handwritten Fonts - these fonts have gained popularity during the last decade. You can use these fonts in combination with other fonts to increase the personality of your brand.


According to researches, effective use of colours can increase the brand recognition by up to 80%. Presented below are the main branding colours and their explanations:

  • Red is used to express energy, passion and love.
  • Black is associated with modernity, strength and glamour.
  • Blue may be used to describe security, loyalty and dependability.
  • Green expresses nature, health and fertility.
  • Pink can be used to arise such feelings as warmth, romance and femininity.

Ways To Create A Great Brand

You can create a memorable and strong E-commerce brand in the following ways:

  • Know and outline the main benefits of your business.
  • Try to be loyal and consistent.
  • Define the target group of customer for your brand.
  • Always serve your consumers better.
  • Have your unique style.
  • Concentrate on the quality of your products and services.
  • Deliver different content types (use images, podcasts, infographics etc.).
  • Speak the language of your customers.
  • Share your story with the people.
  • Do not ignore advice of others.
  • Use social networks and advertising.
    • The following is some advice from market leaders of popular E-commerce companies.

      • Follow the trends, in the digital era they change very often.
      • Always provide the best customer service if your want to boost your sales and make more money.
      • Do not underestimate the importance of Social proof.

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      Overview of E-commerce Branding

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