Easy Online Payments

Easy Online Payments

Easy Online Payments

Way To make The Payment Process Easy For Online Customers

The need to make the payment process easy for online customers has grown in importance with the growth of e-commerce. It is a well known fact that customer service plays a major role in pushing up the sale figures of the business, and this is even truer when it comes to e-commerce. When a client buys from an online store, he wants to be sure of the safe and timely manner in which the order is placed, and this can only be guaranteed by ensuring smooth and error-free process for placing an order with the online store. All details regarding the payment and delivery of the goods are clearly displayed on the website and the customer can have confidence in the information that is displayed. If the process is not very simple and easy, chances are high that the prospective customers may give up the online shopping experience in favour of some other store which offers better customer services.

One of the best ways to make the payment process easy for online customers is to use a secure server for transactions. There are many websites that offer secure payment process for e-commerce. The most commonly used payment process is Click2Pay, which is a secured process. This is followed by PayPal, Xoom and WorldPay which are secure systems based on the PayPal system. Another way to make the payment process easy for online customers is to give them an option for payment which is encrypted so as to ensure complete safety and privacy.

You should also look into the online merchant accounts that are available in the market. This will allow you to make faster transactions, and it will also provide you with the security and the privacy which are necessary when conducting online business. There are many ways to make the payment process easy for online customers. One just needs to make sure that the process he is going to follow is secure and fool proof.


PayPal is a popular e-commerce tool that enables users to transact business on the internet. A PayPal virtual terminal connects a user's personal computer to a worldwide web connection, facilitating instant online payments. PayPal Holding provides online merchants with a PayPal debit card that enables users to make purchases without having to access or manage a credit card or merchant account. PayPal holds the cards or accounts and acts as a third party that verifies the cardholder's identity and authorizes the payment when the user swipes the virtual card through the virtual terminal. PayPal Holding processes all major credit cards and holds the cards' balances until they are transferred to the buyer's card.

PayPal is considered as one of the most secure forms of online payment. With PayPal, online buyers have many options available to them to purchase items or make online payments. PayPal also offers a variety of tools to help recipients organize their transactions. These include a 'My Account' page, which allows the recipient to view their online bank account or other PayPal information. A 'Send Money' page allows the buyer to send funds from their bank account to the seller's PayPal account, or from the PayPal account to their card.

Google Pay

Google Pay is an electronic cash wallet system and online pay system developed by Google to power not only in-app purchases on Android devices, iPhones, or smart phones, but also for in-house payments on the Android browser and other Android applications. The system allows for in-app purchases as well as external website purchases and e-commerce purchases from Chrome, Google's proprietary browser, and apps like Google Checkout and Google Wallet. Google Pay works in conjunction with existing merchant processing capabilities in browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Google's approach with its online payment system is not unlike other systems that offer online merchants tools for accepting various forms of payment including checks, credit cards, and debit cards. The system works very much like Apple Pay, which allows in-app purchases as well as purchases from third party websites through the use of a debit/credit card.


Dwolla is a leading U.S.-based e-commerce business that offers its prepaid and postpaid debit card and mobile payment platform to consumers. The company believes that making purchases with prepaid and postpaid debit cards can offer people the 'commerce on the move' experience, where they no longer need to leave their desks to buy products and services. Today, more than 50 million Americans use prepaid and postpaid debit cards to pay for their everyday essentials. In addition, the company offers free credits to new users to get them started. By combining these free credits with secure wireless shopping, consumers can create hassle-free shopping experiences.

Dwolla is designed for easy transactions between consumers, merchants and banks. Merchants can accept payment via credit or debit cards while Dwolla works as a secure gateway to convert these payments into the corresponding currency and funds transfers to and from a bank account. Consumers can also make purchases via mobile phones by linking their bank account to their Dwolla account. When a consumer loads money onto their debit or credit card and wants to pay for their purchase online, all they have to do is choose the 'pay with Dwolla' option on their web browser and pay with their chosen card.


Stripe accepts various forms of payments including credit card payments, direct debits and sales tax payments. With Stripe payments you can process payments in various currencies and have your data translated into any of these currencies. You can also use Stripe to process invoices and sales reports in different currencies and with the help of the invoice translator feature you can translate data from one currency to another. Stripe supports most of the popular languages and programs such as German, Italian, Chinese, French, Russian, and Spanish. Its other products include a generic tool called Stripe Exchange which helps in accepting credit cards over the internet and its secure socket layer known as Stripe Secure Socket Layer (SSL) that ensures security on the websites that you host with Stripe.


Braintree is an online business which specializes in web and mobile payment systems for online businesses. Braintree's business model is based on offering customers access to their own personal account that can be used to make purchases on the internet or in a brick and mortar store. Its web-based services allow customers to make payments securely and conveniently from any location where they have internet access. Services offered through Braintree include secure credit card transactions, instant online confirmations, paperless billing, merchant services and other unique features.

While many e-businesses have chosen to utilize the services of merchant accounts because these allow them to accept payments from multiple merchants, including online and brick and mortar stores, without having to establish and maintain separate bank accounts. Although this may seem like a good idea, merchants often encounter problems such as too much fraud originating from or going to their credit card processing terminals. This can be problematic because fraudulent transactions frequently involve stolen credit cards and bank account information. In order to reduce the risk of these types of transactions, most e-businesses choose to hire a reputable and trusted payment processor such as Braintree. Merchant accounts can be monitored to ensure that payments are not being made in a way that is suspicious or in violation of any laws or regulations.

When customers choose to make purchases using a Braintree website, they typically enter their credit card information via a secured connection to a secure website. Once the customer confirms their identity and agrees to purchase goods or services, the appropriate payment method will be provided. If the customer chooses to make payments using another form of payment, such as cash or check, the process will use the payment system set up by the merchant and will not involve a secure connection to the merchant's site. The goal of this type of shopping is to give customers the ease and convenience of making purchases from the comfort of their own home, while still allowing merchants to provide the best customer service and best rates available.

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