Ecommerce For Car Dealers

Ecommerce For Car Dealers

Ecommerce For Car Dealers

E-commerce can fundamentally alter the way automotive distributors sell their vehicles when they try to meet increasing online consumer demand. While online retailers like Amazon are a leader in this digital revolution, because of the complexity of the car purchase process, the automotive sector has responded to these quickly changing consumer behaviors and attitudes.

For several years consumers were able to purchase and fund thousands of pounds of vacation and home improvement. Yet customers had to go to a retail company until recently to sign a number of forms in order to complete the transaction or to have a guaranteed part of the exchange rate for their offered vehicle.

And while financial aggregators such as Codeweavers and iVendi digitally implement their automotive financing applications, no fully-connected solution has yet existed to enable the entire automobile purchase process to be completed online.

The consumer still has to file a finance application form manually even in the case of cutting-edge retailers such as Rockar.

Major car dealers have developed their own in house systems.

Integrating Compliant Online Auto Sales Systems

Thanks to new, fully integrated, and compliant end-to-end systems, however, smaller dealers can, at last, tempt online buyers offering multiple channels every step of the journey online, rationalizing everything, and eliminating the need for face-to-face, phone, or email contact.

New technology helps dealers to do everything electronically, from being able to apply for finances to immediately take a loan, and receiving a safe part-exchange appraisal to full-scale financial payment for a car and digital signature of paperwork.

Ecommerce has streamlined the digital procurement experience through an app with specialist suppliers Codeweavers, Cap HPI, and Aston Barclay. On the website everything is there in one place. If the customer has finished its application for financing, all this material is submitted to the lender, whose decision is then forwarded to the consumer via the website of the dealer.

Exchange Evaluation A Core Aspect in Online Retail

The systems allow the customer to pay or deposit in the vehicle via the payment mechanism called Stripe.

Another functionality is a segment called 'My Account' which holds all customer details, which allows them to enter or exit the shopping process. There is a guest check-out that also helps anyone who doesn't want to build their own account to complete every move in the buying journey.

Historically car dealers have led the customer down a path leading to filling in inquiry forms, and then arranging face to face appointments in order to sell him the car.

All this has now, though, changed with an increased market appetite for online sales, Stokes said. He added that, according to research carried out between January and March, 52 percent of consumer purchases are performed outside office hours, and that the transfer rate is also slightly higher than for typical lead demands.

Ecommerce Approach Increased Purchases of Used Cars By 5%

A research study showed that using online car sales portals increased the sale of both used and brand new cars. It said that within the first full month, the new approach increased car sales by 5 percent, while 70 percent of its 60 orders have to date turned into revenues.

Sales staff at these dealerships originally closed these sales, but the bulk of traffic in the showroom were customers there only to pick up their new cars.

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Overview of Ecommerce For Car Dealers

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