Ecommerce Payment Gateways

Ecommerce Payment Gateways

Ecommerce Payment Gateways

Payment gateways simplify and make it easy to process online payments. It allows you to take online or in-store payments, therefore allowing you to offer online and offline processing of your credit card, and to process in-store card processing at Point of sale (POS).

Some payment gateways are simply a way of charging cards, and usually, fees are charged to the dealer range from 1.4% to 3.5%. Only if you have a business account, you will be reducing in processing fees to approximately 0.10% to 20% per transaction. In the short term, the most effective option in low volume sales will be a simple payment gateway, as monthly fees can consume more than processing fees.

There are some of the best payment gateways that provide both alternatives and certain other benefits in the market. This could range from reduced processing fees to direct integration into accounting software for certain cards. It depends on your needs to know which provider to choose.

Here Are the Best Payment Fateways and Their Service



A Trustworthy Payments Solution

PayPal is undoubtedly the most popular payment network with over 220 million active accounts around the world. Established as Cofinity in 1998, it helps you to make purchases worldwide and to receive them.

PayPal offers e-commerce sellers, auctions, and other trading agencies worldwide with payment processing facilities and helps you to accept credit cards, including Amex and Visa. It also includes simple cart integration, comprehensive customization options, online payment, and enables phone payment by credit card.



A developer-first Payments Technology Platform

Stripe is another important payment platform built for Internet corporations with annual purchases worth billions of dollars. The biggest distinction is that this service is not an out-of-the-box option; it provides a number of versatile tools that are available for your own payment systems.

Built for bigger businesses, it provides a host of APIs to build your own subscription, on-demand markets, or crowdfunding sites. It supports many developing languages including Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, etc.



A Highly Efficient Payment Service

Payline is a Chicago-based, Illinois-based Pineapple Payments company. It delivers products to businesses from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, focused on payment experience.

With over 175 online shopping carts, Payline provides the collection of payment by means of a gateway. The organization also provides mobile apps for payment via mobile applications. The payline payment gateways service also incorporates QuickBooks for simple payroll accounting and general business financing.



An Out-of-the-box Solution for Payments

Adyen is used for enterprise and customer transactions and also use by companies like Uber, Spotify, Microsoft, and eBay. This software helps you to receive all payments from a single site to your business, as well as tools for managing risk and monitoring performance.

Adyen not only embraces over 250 types of payment and 150 currencies worldwide, but it also allows you to evaluate transaction data and take advantage of 'data-rich insights into customer's actions.'


A Flexible Payments Solution

The key goal of these solutions is to simplify the payment method and this is precisely what (Visa) does. The app provides you with tools for the selling and making of payment in an online store or in person.

The solution allows you to easily accept deposits from websites and move funds to a commercial bank account. All big credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club, and JCB are also supported. Facilities such as Apple Pay, PayPal, and Visa Checkout compatibility is also present on the website.

Other Payment Gateways to Think About

While we have listed some of the better payment gateways, several others are worth considering. This is especially so that many systems with easy-to-install plugins can be combined with existing eCommerce platforms. Therefore, we list here some additional payment gateways that should be taken into consideration.

FIS Global is another common payment gateway popular eCommerce site, with a variety of integrations available. You can establish yourself as a monthly paid service or use a merchant account for all exchange fees. In recent years it has experienced drastic changes, following the ownership of at least two independent businesses.

Opayo does not only have a payment gateway, but also the ability to log all purchases and revenues directly through the Sage software. This makes it extremely invaluable in terms of productivity, not least because it ensures that you can see the expenses and profits in real-time. Although different plans are available for Opayo, the easiest way to get the most out of the app is to get a merchant's account, to reduce the processing costs.

2Check-out is another payment provider widely used by online traders, not because it is easy to set up subscriptions as well as one-off payments but is particularly useful for digital platforms such as web design companies or web hosting. This extends to online companies. It is often regularly available as an eCommerce plugin and can handle a variety of global currencies.

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Overview of Ecommerce Payment Gateways

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