Ecommerce Payment Stats

Ecommerce Payment Stats

Ecommerce Payment Stats

As eCommerce keeps changing, so has the choice and selection of payment options available to sellers and consumers. There are many digital wallet solutions, smartphone-friendly payments like Apple Pay, and many variations across various markets, based on the more regular debit and card payment options.

We will summarize in this post some of the new eCommerce figures on the developments in online payment, to see which choices are common and which take hold.

The Worldwide Share Of Online Payment Methods

Statistics indicate that different types of payment worldwide are common, based on the proportion of transaction volumes. The data shows that digital wallet solutions (Apple Pay, PayPal, etc) are becoming increasingly popular, which can be especially useful for speeding mobile transactions. A lot of this development comes from the area of APAC, where mobile phones are also the most common online shopping.

Payment Options Accepted By Major Ecommerce Sites

Internet Retailer statistics show that the use of digital wallet methods is not yet widely available, with the exception of PayPal.

Payment Methods By Country: Europe

In Europe, sellers are exposed to a wide variety of payment preferences when sold on multiple markets. Although payments via debit and credit cards in many countries are common, German online shopping providers choose an ELV system, while many Russian shopping providers use a QIWI digital wallet.

Worlds Largest Mobile Payment Platforms

High use of the mobile payment industry in Asia dominates the market with Chinese Tech types Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Mobile Payment Adoption By Country

The Chinese adopt mobile payments, according to eMarketer statistics, outside the world. 81.1% of Chinese smartphone users are using mobile payment options, up from 29% in the US and 19.1% in the United Kingdom.

Security Concerns About Mobile Payment Options

Consumers are also concerned with mobile payments, which have to a certain extent delayed acceptance. A survey from Pew shows that respondents are more likely to conclude that mobile payments are badly secured (38 percent) than debit (22 percent) and credit cards (9 percent ).

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Overview of Ecommerce Payment Stats

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