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Payment Cloud

PaymentCloud makes things very easy for online merchants who do not want to deal with a cumbersome and frustrating web payment processing platform. PaymentCloud is a turnkey solution that completely integrates your online business with a secure and scalable internet payment solution. With a fully-customized Shopify and PaymentCloud extension, you'll have a dynamic, easy-to-use website shopping cart with a multitude of add-ons and plug-ins. Let credit card merchant service providers like PayPal connect you to their extensive credit card processing capabilities and plug you into their tools. With all these features in place, your website will be accepted and processed quickly by anyone, anywhere.

If you are looking for a way to streamline your business process, consider PaymentCloud. With PaymentCloud, you can integrate PayPal and complete all kinds of online merchant services with PCI compliance in mind. PCI compliance protects your merchant account, your customers, and your financial data from being stolen or fraudulently used. With PaymentCloud, merchants can process credit cards, echecks, and e-checks, and even have the option of accepting e-checks through PayPal, making payment online even more convenient.

With a fully-customized, PCI compliant shopping cart, you'll have complete control over how your site looks and operates. With the ability to process hundreds of different credit cards, you'll be able to give your customers a seamless shopping experience every time they visit your site. With PaymentCloud, you can take your business to the next level by integrating PayPal into your payment processing solutions. With this easy solution, you'll be able to expand your business and reach new heights. Find out more about payment processing with PaymentCloud.


If you are looking to incorporate a merchant account, one of the first questions that come to your mind is Helcim. It is all about the fees, you are not paying. Say goodbye to PCI Compliance fees. Helcim now fully supports PCI Compliant, so it is easy for you to maintain your company's financial security and compliance even if you are processing credit cards.

To top it all off, we also provide additional features for our customers like merchant accounts review and merchant services white label. There are many ways to process credit cards today and most of these methods may not be PCI Compliant. To avoid these errors in the future, you need to be able to have a source that is PCI Compliant. No need to get another merchant account. With Helcim, you can easily go from F PCI to a PCI Compliance Card, so you will never fall short on your marketing efforts again.

Another great feature of helium is that it allows you to use different payment gateways for your different transactions. This is perfect for those that want to be able to process payments from multiple sources. You can easily add an option to your site so that you are processing payments from PayPal, eCheck and others. All you have to do is add an option for your customers, and that will be it, you are done, they will go to a secure, safe and secured website that will process their money in a secure way without any fees.


Payoneer is an American internet-based financial services firm that offers web-based electronic cash transfer, e-commerce shopping cart software, online money transfer and offers consumers with reloadable debit cards. The company has also developed Payoneer Mobile, a service that enables customers to make payments with their mobile phones. The company was founded by Bill Graham, who previously worked as a consultant for Quicken and Kroll Ontrack in the UK. Payoneer started is headquartered in Purchase, New York.

Payoneer offers several different products including Payoneer Instant, which is a secure and efficient service for e-commerce websites, Payoneer Instant Payment for accepting credit and debit card payments, Payoneer MasterCard and Payoneer Prepaid Cash. Other services include Payoneer Instant Mail, Payoneer Prepaid Debit Cards and Payoneer Money Transfer. With Payoneer Money Transfer you can transfer money to any PayPal or Moneygram account at any time.

The Payoneer website allows consumers to get paid through Payoneer using their debit cards, credit cards, Payoneer Instant and Payoneer Prepaid cash or e-checks. It is easy to complete the transactions. You need to register first in order to open a Payoneer account and you will get a unique ID number that you use during the whole process. All transactions are done through a secure gateway, so your transactions are protected from third party misuse. To make sure that your transaction goes smoothly all you have to do is to check on the status of your transactions from within the Payoneer portal by going to your account's page.


With the most seamless integration into the JVZoo platform, it is going to be much easier for e-commerce merchants all around the globe to safely and conveniently process credit cards and thus build stronger, more successful online businesses at a fraction of the cost of their competitors. Merchants no longer need to worry about dealing with difficult payment processing terms, such as EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) that can take days or weeks to complete - because it can be done through Paycafe. As a full partner of PayCafe, today even more merchants can accept credit card payment right through the JVZoo online checkout process. In addition, by fully integrating your business with Paycafe, you are also opening the doors to massive amounts of passive, residual earnings as your JVZoo site starts raking in more profits every single day!

One of the primary goals of Paycafe is to provide its merchants with a completely secure payment gateway to help them make better transactions and reduce the risk of financial loss and fraud. This is achieved through its sophisticated data security technology that includes SSL (Secure Socket Layer), an advanced form of encryption technology that uses a private network to transfer sensitive information securely between a customer's computer and a merchant's computer. SSL guarantees that only the legitimate owner of the website can send the payment transaction data from one party to another. With SSL encryption, merchants can ensure that any information sent is safe from both third parties and hackers, and that no one has access to this information, including the merchants themselves.

While SSL encryption is one of the most important features of Paycafe, it is not the only thing that the company is known for. It is also very important that their merchants have a high-quality merchant account. Paycafe works with several processors to guarantee that each company has the same level of professionalism and security, providing their clients with a choice of many different processing processors and payment gateways. Through using their payment processors, businesses owners are able to increase the number of transactions processed and receive the best possible rates on every single transaction - which makes paycafe one of the most successful and trustworthy merchant accounts available on the Internet today.


If you are searching for a WordPress theme that will allow you to run a successful online store, you should consider the use of 2Checkout theme. This theme has all the features you need to start and run an online store. One of the best things about this theme is that it can help you increase your store's conversion rate. If you want to learn more about this theme, read on and I will tell you more about this theme.

With the use of 2Checkout, you can build an online store with multiple payment processing methods and themes. This theme comes with PayPal as a plug-in which allows you to accept credit cards, e-checks, and two-checkout payments. You can also set up a flat-rate pricing for your products. For instance, if you have a product that usually costs $10, you can set up a flat-rate pricing for that product and have your buyers pay only $10 for each item. This is a great way to start an online store with a low start-up cost.

Second, you can also install the 2Checkout plugin so that whenever someone makes a purchase on your site, you can automatically charge the person's credit card using PayPal. Plus, this plug-in also works best with a store that has a flat-rate pricing plan. In this case, you will be able to receive commissions on all the sales that your customers make using the PayPal payment processor from your e-commerce site. With this easy monetization platform, you will be able to make easy money through online marketing.

Payment Depot

Many companies today have switched over to using Payment Depot as one of their payment processors. One of the major reasons for this is that they have managed to keep their prices very competitive, even during times in which the credit card processing market has become extremely competitive. Payment Depot is the largest and oldest U.S. based payment processor. As such they are well versed in dealing with all forms of businesses and helping them establish online businesses. They also offer various tools, software and resources that help entrepreneurs and companies set up their businesses.

Payment Depot allows you to manage your customers and track all of their transactions per month. They provide you access to wholesale pricing without the markups that other payment processors take. You also get direct access to negotiated interchange rates so that you don t incur any extra fee on your purchases and don't profit from overcharging. You also get direct access to negotiated prices without any added markups that would offset these savings.

If you use a processing credit card transactions processor that does not charge you wholesale rates, you will be losing out on potential revenues. Businesses that do charge wholesale prices are able to pass on those costs to their customers, so you as the customer is paying less for your purchases. This helps to level the playing field between small businesses and the larger corporations that may be charging much higher fees.


Stripe is and Irish - American online payments processing company as a gateway company, currently dual-headed based in Dublin, Ireland and San Francisco, California. The company mainly provides payment gateway software and app programming interfaces to various e-commerce sites and mobile internet applications. Stripe states that it has raised over $70 million from investors since its inception. The main aim of Stripe is to help individuals and companies who want to accept Credit Card payments online by providing an end-to-end payment gateway to do so. It offers its customers the benefits of a global payment processing network, with the most popular features include:

Stripe is not only useful for small businesses but is also meant for medium and large businesses. Its real strength is its bundled ability to work with any number of credit cards and accounts. Hence, merchants and service providers are able to adopt Stripe seamlessly to process payments for their respective clients. Stripe works well with Stripe Commerce, a secure and advanced online payment platform. Merchants can integrate Stripe Connect or ClickBank to process credit cards and debit cards as well as through the Web Commerce extension that support multiple types of payments.

Stripe has been designed for fast and simple cashless transactions for both merchant and consumer. To make it even more simple for both parties, Stripe has developed an intuitive interface, with the same level of functionality as other platforms. Stripe accepts all major currencies, with several countries including: Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Swiss, Spain, Sweden and the UK. To provide a safe and efficient online payment processing, Stripe uses HASH technology to provide security and authentication. As a result of these security features, Stripe is suitable for e-businesses wishing to accept credit cards, while others that are mainly meant for online payments processing with Stripe Connect.


PayPal, a secure online payment platform, has had more than one occasion where it has been used to facilitate cash transfers to people in other countries. PayPal, a service operated by PayPal Holding, Inc., is an American business operating an internet-based payments system in most countries that service online cash transfers and acts as an independent electronic alternative to traditional paper approaches such as checks and cash orders. The system enables users to transact directly with one another via a computer terminal, a mobile phone, or a company's website, using a virtual currency. PayPal is comparable to international money transfer systems like the ones used by institutions like banks, and international money transfer systems like Payoneer, Xoom, Moneybookers, and WorldPay, with the added ability to allow the transfer of money to PayPal users from their accounts at any of these institutions.

The idea behind PayPal and similar systems, like those for instance Quicken, is to create a more convenient way for online purchases and financial information transfers to take place between people. These online purchases and financial information transfers occur through a PayPal account which is linked directly to a bank account. This allows the consumer to complete a transaction, be it a purchase of goods or services or a payment for financial information, from anywhere around the globe, without having to carry around a check or cash. PayPal's popularity has grown tremendously over the past five years, and the company now processes more than thirteen billion transactions every month.

One aspect of PayPal that is drawing a lot of controversy is the use of a magnetic debit card for its online purchases. With this type of payment, a person must insert their PayPal account information into their bank or credit card machine, before they can begin making payments. Critics argue that this compromises the security of the payments, as if hackers who are able to intercept a transaction could gain access to this information. PayPal does use a variety of security measures to protect customer information and to prevent fraudulent transactions, including using two-factor authentication, which requires at least one user to be logged in to a PayPal account in order to authorize a payment, and using what is called a delayed deposit feature which delays any transfers until the specified bank account has been verified.

Google Pay

Google Pay is an electronic wallet system and online payment platform developed by Google specifically to power in-store, online, and at-home touches purchases on smart phones, tablet computers, and compatible watches. It enables users to effortlessly complete all of their shopping tasks, from browsing the web to purchasing items, with just a touch of a button. The system is designed to integrate with various merchant services including Google Checkout, Google Store, and Android Pay, which provides merchants with a single integrated solution for multiple payment transactions. Google Pay supports many different payment methods including: credit and debit cards, PayPal, e-checks, Google Checkout, Amazon Payflow, Google Authenticator, and other merchant services. Merchants can also set up their own application for Google Pay that will allow customers to pay with their Google account.

Merchants who choose to use pay per click (PPC) advertising are able to take advantage of a variety of advertising formats, which include text and image ads, banners, and buttons. Google also offers a variety of third party advertising formats, including Cost Per Action (CPA), cost per mile, and cost per lead. Google Pay enables merchants to enhance their Google advertisements by customizing colors and visual elements to best represent their products and services. Merchants can also choose between a list of pre-qualified merchants or customize the list to focus on a specific type of merchant. Google Pay enables merchants to track their website's performance in real time, allowing them to make any necessary adjustments. Google Pay also allows merchants to enhance their online store through the addition of a variety of merchant tools, such as shopping cart software and Google Checkout.

As part of the integration process, the shopping cart software provided by Google includes a JavaScript engine to handle all types of digital wallets and purchases. Users may use their credit card or debit card to complete items purchased from the Google Pay app. The JavaScript code includes additional functionality such as displaying different forms of payment and creating custom signup pages. Merchants may integrate the Google Pay application with their existing bank account to process payments, which could benefit both the merchant and the buyer. Google Pay's ability to work with a wide variety of online merchants allows merchants to accept payments from buyers across the world and provides them with a convenient way to accept electronic checks as well.

Online Payment Methods

If you have been using credit cards for making your purchases, then you should definitely know about Payment Methods. It is very important to secure this factor as a weak or non-secured payment method can cause a lot of trouble for your business. A payment gateway is a system that helps the buyers and sellers to exchange information in a safer and secured manner. Payment gateways are used by ecommerce websites, online stores, auction sites, online bill payment service provider sites and many more. To make sure that you get maximum benefits from this system, it is very important that you choose the right payment gateway for your business.

Payment gateway systems have security and encryption features to keep your clients information safe and secure. If your company accepts credit cards, you should be able to process credit cards through American Express, MasterCard and Visa online payment methods. For a long time, American Express, Visa and MasterCard have been the most preferred credit cards in the whole world. Why Proposing Various Payment Methods?

To enhance the shopping experience and to enable the users to buy the products at the best price online, you should offer different kinds of online payment methods. For instance, if you offer credit card payment for some of your product categories, the users will have a better experience while making their online purchases. Similarly, if you offer online bank transfers and debit card payments for some of your product categories, then the customers can enjoy a hassle free way of making their bank transfers and online debit card payments. For instance, if you offer debit card payments and online bank transfers, then the customers will feel hassle free while making their transactions. You should offer different kinds of payment options to gain maximum benefits and enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

Elements Of Ecommerce Payment Processing

Elements of Ecommerce Payment Processing is an Ecommerce solution which offers various features to businesses seeking assistance with online payment processing. It is designed for easy management of online sales transactions and enables businesses to process payments quickly and inexpensively via credit cards, paychecks, electronic money transfer and other payment methods. Elements of Ecommerce processing are an add-on service that allows you to expand into other ecommerce market places such as the internet. It also integrates merchant accounts for online transactions and offers integrated SEO (search engine optimization) for better exposure on the World Wide Web. The primary selling point of Elements of Ecommerce Processing is that you do not need to deal with difficult and time consuming aspects of managing a merchant account, maintaining monthly deposits or dealing with other details of a cash flow business.

When it comes to shopping on the internet, consumers expect to pay with a credit card and be able to conduct their entire transaction without a hassle. Merchants must be able to accept all major credit cards at reputable business web sites, in order to be considered part of Elements of Ecommerce Payment Processing. Paying with a debit card is one way merchants can provide payment acceptance to online buyers. Merchants should also be able to process payments from their websites to consumers' credit card accounts. It is also useful when payments are made by consumers using online banking services, such as PayPal.

If you are selling products on the internet, then Elements of Ecommerce Payment Processing can help you increase sales by allowing customers to purchase goods by using any major credit card. Merchants can use Elements of Ecommerce Payment Processing to sell their items online. Online sales have increased exponentially over the past ten years, and this increase shows no signs of slowing down. It can be overwhelming for a business owner who needs to manage a variety of accounts and transactions. By using Elements of Ecommerce Payment Processing, business owners can focus their time and attention on running their business instead of the administration required to maintain various accounts. This service provides businesses with an easy solution for accepting payments online.

Collecting Information With Ecommerce Payment Gateway

Ecommerce merchants should make the decision to implement an ecommerce payment gateway as soon as possible. In order to understand the reasons for this, it is important to comprehend the basic nature of the payment processors in the internet. Payment gateways are the service providers that take a specific amount of information (usually a URL), from a merchant via the internet, and then pass this information on to the buyer who will then insert this into their virtual sales application.

There are many different payment methods that can be used on the internet. The reason for this is because the various types of payment methods that are available on the web vary greatly in both reliability and ease of use. The best way to ensure that your ecommerce merchant account is accepted by all of the major merchant account providers is to ensure that you do not carry outdated information about your business. Your ecommerce gateway should always have the latest information regarding the acceptance status of the merchant account. This is so you can instantly update any changes that you feel are necessary in order to ensure that all buyers are able to purchase products on your website.

The main reason why ecommerce gateways are becoming increasingly popular in the world of ecommerce is because they provide extremely effective solutions. They are very reliable and secure, as well as being capable of processing millions of credit cards at the same time. The security precautions that these payment processors have in place mean that hackers are unable to gain access to customer details through the use of these gateways. If you want to ensure that your business is one of the most successful businesses online, then you need to implement ecommerce payment processing solutions.

Do You Need An Ecommerce Merchant Account

If you are looking to start your business on the internet then you need to think about getting merchant services or ecommerce merchant accounts. There are a few things that you need to consider when it comes to doing this and you should always shop around before you make any decisions. The first thing to consider is your target market and how much money you are willing to spend. You also need to check out the different merchant accounts that are available because they have different ways of processing credit cards and you may find one that suits your needs better. There are many different types of credit card machines and payment service providers, but they all do the same thing so don't worry about compatibility.

Ecommerce merchant services can be used for online sales and for auctions. There are different types of ecommerce payment processors and they work differently. You can get things such as PayPal and other companies that will work with you online. There are also payment processors such as Google checkout, Neteller and WorldPay. They work by having you place the order on their site and they then charge you for your transaction and deposit the money into your account. This is the easiest way to process credit cards on the internet but you do have to have a merchant account and some of the sites you use will accept all forms of payment, which includes things like PayPal.

There are also payment gateways that can be used instead of a merchant account. You will find that they will offer you a more flexible payment processor and they work just as well as a merchant account. Some of these payment gateways will even let you set up an online shopping cart to provide you with an easier online shopping experience. Many of these companies can even provide you with a credit card terminal to handle all of your online purchases.

Considerations For Ecommerce Payment Processors

With thousands of ecommerce merchants using the internet to promote their business every day, choosing a payment processor or gateway can be a daunting task. A potential merchant needs to consider all aspects of the transaction, such as chargeback issues and fraudulent transactions, as well as the ability to process payments worldwide. This is a very important decision because a payment gateway can be responsible for accepting all major credit cards, while also acting as a back office to process other payments.

There are several payment processors and gateway vendors available on the market today. While selecting a provider, the merchant account holder must look at several factors. The most important factor is that the service provider is not a fraud deterrent. It is therefore important for the merchant account holder to research thoroughly before selecting a payment processor or gateway. Some of the key factors that a merchant account holder should investigate before selecting a particular vendor include the following:

Most payment gateways and processors will offer merchant accounts with varying levels of service. This means that some merchants may require specialized services whereas others may not. A good example of this is the fact that PayPal requires a huge level of processing power in order to process credit card payments worldwide. Another example of a service provider that may not be required to process high volumes of transactions would be the Xoom payment gateway.

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Shopify is listed as the best ecommerce software related to Ecommerce Platforms. Shopify was founded in 2006 in Ottawa, Canada and currently has over 6,124 employees registered on Linkedin.

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