Ecommerce Platforms Norway

Ecommerce Platforms Norway

Ecommerce Platforms Norway

Ecommerce in Norway is one of the fastest growing industries there. With a total population of only 5.3 millions, Norway is not exactly a big market to compete with but with a little marketing and creative thinking it is possible. Population: Norway is a country in northern Europe, situated on the ocean's west coast between the Norwegian Sea and Skagerrak. This land is bestowed with a variety of natural wonders, including snow-capped peaks, breathtaking beaches, breathtaking mountain scenery and many rich offshore oil deposits. Geographically, it has vast unspoiled wilderness, beautiful rolling hills and steep coastal areas perfect for farming and fishing.

There are many opportunities for Norwegian companies to benefit from the ecommerce trend. Online shopping has become popular in many countries around the world and this has helped to transform the way many businesses sell products or services. Norway has a booming online shopping market. Although the figures aren't official, it is believed that Norwegian online shops outnumber those in the other Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland and Iceland combined. So, if you want to open an online store in Norway then you're in luck, as the country has the necessary resources to be an excellent online shopping destination for people from across Europe and beyond.

With such a high online population, there are now numerous sites that allow shoppers to compare prices online before making any purchases. Another popular payment method that is used by shoppers in Norway is cash. Norway's banks have taken advantage of this by offering the possibility to withdraw cash from their branches online. A further incentive for shoppers is the possibility to make secure payments through debit cards, e-checks and e-coupons.

Consumer Behaviour In Norway

Norway has the highest number of internet users in the world, with whooping 98% smartphone users. 59% of the country’s population has their devices close to them for an average of 20 hours every day; this is according to a survey by e-marketer.

Below is the number of people who use the internet in Norway and their rate in accordance to their age: for 16-24-year-olds, 100% of this population has smartphones, 25-30-year-olds, 99% of this population has smartphones, 35-44-year-olds, 100% of this population have access to the internet and connect online daily. People within the range of 45-54 access the internet at 90% rate whiles those from 50 and above has a daily penetration rate of 82%.

Consumer Behaviour in Norway has been examined by researchers who concluded that there was a negative view of ecommerce in Norway; however, it found that this was changing as consumers started to be used more positively in the retail sector. This is primarily due to the fact that the growth of the retail industry in Norway has created work opportunities for many people across the country.

Consumer Behaviour in Norway was published. The research involved the use of questionnaires to obtain responses from a sample of over 5000 Norwegians. The participants were asked a series of questions regarding their experiences shopping and using ecommerce in Norway. The main outcome was that whilst most consumers viewed ecommerce with negative attributes such as being too costly, lacking customer service or having poor quality of the majority of consumers saw it positively including being convenient, easy and an ideal way to shop. The main focus of the report was on brand emotions relating to ecommerce.

One of the main reasons that consumer behaviour is so closely linked to brand emotion is that most businesses have a logo. Branding is so important to consumers because it provides them with an identity and therefore a reason to buy a product. As consumers associate with a brand they start to have a sense of what that brand is like and what it's like to work for that brand. So if a business has a brand which portrays harsh and aggressive, then that business is likely to have a negative image. Conversely, if a business has a positive and uplifting brand, then that business is likely to be perceived as being a business that is socially responsible and has a social agenda which promotes consumer welfare.

If you are looking forward to establish a presence for your online business in Norway, it is advisable to follow eCommerce trends Norway. The best part about these trends is that one need not spend a huge amount to begin and grow a successful website. One just needs to have a proper website designing done from a reputed web design company of Norway. These companies not only provide you with an attractive website design but also make available all the tools required to run your website smoothly. It is needless to say that this would result in increased traffic on your website. This means more profit for you!

The other important ecommerce trend in Norway is the online shopping. Since Norway is a country with a well developed economy, more people are turning towards buying things from other countries. And one such thing that they can buy from other countries is the merchandise online. So, Norway is not far behind the game when it comes to online shopping. And if you have something to sell online, then consider starting an ecommerce store in Norway.

For any business it is always advisable to get a good domain name and hosting service. You can check out the reviews at any website hosting site and you will be flooded with offers of free hosting as well. After hosting your website, it is vital to promote your business online. The best way to do that is through social networking and blogs as these are the easiest platforms for promoting your business.

Google Biggest Search Engine In Norway

However, Google is the most used search engine in the country as it accounts for 93.2% followed by Bing which is 5%, and Yahoo with 1%. E-commerce market A research by PostNord shows that the e-commerce market in Norway as at 2017 was worth €4.9 billion, with 16% cross-border transaction. E-commerce has attained a greater height in the country and is now at an advanced level. About 80% of top merchants in Norway have an app for their online shop with mobile-friendly sites.

Biggest Ecommerce Sites In Norway

While takes the lead as an e-commerce merchant in the country with over $425 million in sales, eBay takes the lead as the top viewed e-commerce platform in the country. High level of infrastructure and IT are the major reasons for the advancement of e-commerce in the country and this makes the delivery of goods fast and effortless.

E-commerce sales and customers Data by Statista shows that out of five million people in the country, about 3.17 million people use online shops. Also, from the data, men buy things online more than women, and this trend is not slowing down soon. In hierarchical form fashion, media, home gadgets, and beauty & health care are among the top tier categories. On average, a Norwegian spends about €220 every month shopping online and buys stuff at least 4 times a month.

Norway Ecommerce Demographics<3>

However, Norwegians between the ages of 15-24 years make their purchase through smartphones. A greater percentage of Norwegians did some transactions online in 2016 and about 40% of those transactions are from other countries. One-fifth of Norwegians prefer e-commerce shops because it is relatively cheaper to buy things this way than to buy from the traditional shop. To succeed in this business, display your product’s information in a clear and easy form. Some people in Norway prefer PayPal as their payment gateway other uses their credit card.

Norway Ecommerce And Social Media

Social media About 83% of her population uses social media. With the top being Facebook, however, there are some variations in the use of social media in line with the age in the country. But PostNord survey shows that 96% of people within the age of 16-24 use social media. This value decreases drastically as the age increases. Here are the top social media platform in Norway and their usage: Facebook; 3.7 million people, Instagram; 1.9 million people, more than half of Norwegian mobile device users are on Snapchat.

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Overview of Ecommerce Platforms Norway

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