Ecommerce Store Checklist

Ecommerce Store Checklist

Ecommerce Store Checklist

Three forms of payment systems are used in the universe of payments B2B: those replacing the banks' or funding businesses' conventional position, those working with banks and financial enterprises to provide their own customers with a service, and those operating the ACH mechanism (but not generally by providing EBPP) to process payments. Companies such as Actrade and TradeCard are included in the first category. solutions such as Orbian, iPin, and Interactive Purchase Card in the second category and E-Check 2000 and others are in the third category.

What Are the Things to Look Out for in B2B Payment System?

Both transactions conducted and exchange transfers between existing trading partners can be expedited by B2B payment systems. Whatever the model of the payment system, in a B2B payment system you can hope to see some of the following qualities:

Assesses the buyer's creditworthiness to the seller (or guarantees the payment by the buyer to the seller)

It offers the buyer some assurance that the goods will be delivered and are of the specified quality

Allows sellers to trade without concerns of repudiation or fraud with unknown parties

Provides the seller with easier receipt of funds at a discount rate, and the buyer's payment window may also be expanded at any extra expense.

Removes the costs, difficulties, and security risks of changing hands after initial accounts have been established

Reporting goods distribution, authorization, invoicing, billing, collection, and others

Models of B2B Payments


TradeCard: provides a system that deals with the procurement of transactions, delivery, risk management, payment, and settlement procedures both in finance and logistics. Virtually any sort of transaction can be launched, monitored, and concluded using the TradeCard platform.


eRevenue: includes an interchange payment mechanism. The software helps exchange services, including debts, collection, and loan insurance as well as work-flow schemes, to provide their own customers a variety of payment and collection services. Both three parties have access to interfaces like exchanges, purchasers, and sellers.


eFinance: is a supplement to B2B payment systems for the determination of creditworthiness. It helps organizations to develop credit scorecards and then score future buyers to determine the right credit. Their approach is also based on a fraud screening component so that organizations can set rules to automatically approve any or no transactions.


eCheck2000: proposes a payment system for small and medium-sized businesses participating in B2B e-commerce to suit the bill. eCheck2000 allows organizations to accept the funds directly from the banking account of a customer using ACH.

eCheck2000 has a direct partnership with the Board of the Federal Reserve, but ACH deposits don't have a member bank to move through. This keeps corporations' costs down. It is easy for organizations to receive a bill and much easier to make payments.

Leaving the Banks in the Middle

its problem in B2B payment systems is how can banks sustain their prominence in business transactions? The payment systems mentioned to date have attempted to remove the position of the bank and thereby to minimize costs for businesses and profits for payment systems companies. Some company, play games that banks and other financial institutions will not give up the chance to trade money without challenge. Like PayPal, C2C and B2C transfers hit a critical mass without the help of an offline bank.

Virtual Purchase Card Virtual Transaction Card

Provides Virtual Purchase Link, a tool for banks and other financial institutions. It offers banks and finance business the right to guarantee that their own customers and the ability to pay before any decision have been made. Companies are used to charge, but billing includes a certain level of confidence. As if both the buyer and the seller were using the same bank. This lowers the seller's risk and the cost to process a buyer's invoice.


Where Citigroup and SAP intersect and you can't clear any business enterprise produce either by Citigroup and SAP. Orbian gives the equivalent of Actrade, but is only in beta (with implementation slated for late 2001). Their product is so far protected by news reports of their product. Since their commodity involves banks and will presumably work with SAP directly, expect it to be important from the start.


provides banks with its solution and allows them to stay in touch with company customers, and quickly settle global transactions.

When Trust Is Not Enough

Escrow services have a role in B2B trade especially since markets also allow trading between partners that don't have established relationships. In the following two systems, businesses, marketplaces, and auction sites are offered in online escrow services.

PitneyEscrow and PitneyPay Pitney Bowes

allow a hybrid eBilling system as well as an escrow service. PitneyPay is recent and is currently not in service. For a bit, PitneyEscrow was there. They would allow companies together, by creating an escrow account, to guarantee the quality of transactions from new trading partners. Buyers will then accept the goods purchased before the money is made available, pay the debit through ACH, and pay several parties in a single transaction. It is obviously more the buyer than the seller that his suite of Pitney services is based on.

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