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Email Automation Tools

Marketing Automation Tools

Email marketing automation is a great way for businesses to generate leads efficiently. In fact, recent data has shown that that organisations with automation tools produce twice as many leads as those with broadcast e-mails. This goes to show just how effective email marketing automation tools can be when applied in the right way. In this article, we will discuss some of the best tools available in the market and some factors to help you decide which is the most suitable for your business.

What Makes the Right Automation Tool for Email Marketing?

Let us first delve into the differences between email marketing automation systems and email marketing services. We will also discuss some of the benefits of email marketing automation systems.

Critical Factors to Be Considered

It is important to ensure that the platform you are using will allow various emails to be exchanged. It should allow different contact paths to be performed concurrently, and for the same user to engage in all of such paths at a time.

The display of Aadvanced figures are also a very useful feature. This involves not only clicks/conversions on individual emails but also in identifying the productivity of a whole collection. In doing so, showing contact bottlenecks where people normally drop off and more would be extremely beneficial to improving your marketing strategies.

Finally, e-commerce convergence is critical. Especially with the booming of the e-commerce industry, it would be great to use email marketing tools to further support the growth of the e-commerce industry.

The Six Best Automatic Email Marketing Tools:

Sendinblue Marketing Automation

Sendinblue is an amazing platform that allows you to create several workflows that can run at the same time. You can also link email lists across several workflows which will help streamline all your processes.

Mailchimp Marketing Automation

Mailchimp is great for building customer rapport due to the following aspects:

  • It welcomes new subscribers.
  • It supports birthday emails.
  • It provides series onboarding or training.
  • You can customize the shop order notes.
  • It supports initial client contact.
  • It also helps in re-engaging inactive clients.

Drip Marketing Automation

Drip marketing automation is great for both beginner and advanced users. Some of teh best features of Drop are that you can set various actions to occur based on how your client interacts with the email. For example, you can link several online platforms such as Twitter and PayPal to your email.

In addition, you can use filters to ensure that certain clients follows certain requirements. This will help your marketing strategy become a lot more efficient and personalised.

ConvertKit Marketing Automation

ConvertKit has mainly been developed as a blogger email marketing tool, but it can also be found in e-commerce shops and other business websites. While the automation module in the interface is simple, it delivers amazing results. Based on a handful of stimuli, you can build automation and then set separate rules to activate simplified automation (very similar to Drip).

You also have access to four key triggers: subscriber entering a method, obtaining an inserted tag, adjusting the custom field rating, purchasing. ConvertKit provides a variety of integrations, including e-commerce, for other networks. For example, you can use it to manage interactions through WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. Therefore, ConvertKit provides a wide variety of actions that you can incorporate into your email.

Infusionsoft Marketing Automation

While Infusionsoft is more expensive as compared to the other options, it also offers a larger variety of features. Apart from being an email marketing platform, it is a full sales and marketing automation tool. Therefore, if you are looking for more robust features, investing in Infusionsoft is a great option.

Email Automation Verdict

Overall, every platform introduced in this article is excellent in their own ways. The suitability of each platform to your business needs are highly dependent on your personal preferences and which tools will serve your needs the best.

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Overview of Email Automation Tools

Sendinblue Premium is a software company that specialises in marketing-automation software for small to enterprise level businesses.

Sendinblue Premium is listed as the best marketing-automation software related to Marketing Automation Platforms. Sendinblue Premium was founded in 2012 in Paris, France and currently has over 248 employees registered on Linkedin.


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