Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Tools

Trends and platforms in marketing are evolving over time. Although some patterns emerge and go rapidly, emails have always remained relevant. Today, e-mail can be considered to be the leading content marketing channel for both business to business and business to consumer marketers.

However, advertisers continue to face a lot of obstacles in their e-mail marketing campaigns. One of these main problems is how long it takes to produce an email that looks good. Fortunately, email marketing tools are not pricey. There are a number of free email marketing resources that can save you money and time.

Best Email Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies businesses use to generate sales. And there are lots of email marketing tools to help you with email marketing. However, it can be very difficult to choose the best platform for your business.

Sometimes, business owners find it difficult to choose the right email campaign tools for their business. Probably, they don’t know much about email marketing tools but they want to start using the method to grow their business. So, in this post, we will be helping them to make the right decision when it comes to choosing the right email campaign tool for their business.

However, in this post, we will be showing you the 7 best email campaign tools that will help you to grow your business with email marketing.

So, this post is designed to make it easy for you as we have a list of best email marketing tools you can choose from.


Best known for its marketing automation program, HubSpot has recently released a free email marketing service that will serve a variety of small business transactional email needs. With just a free version of HubSpot, you will be able to submit kickback emails from lead bids, send emails after purchasing, or even support up-to-date promotions.

HubSpot is an incredible and one of the best email marketing tools in the world. You can use their email marketing tool to grow your email list with ease.

You can easily create your email template with their easy drag and drop features without any design skills. It is very easy to customize your email with the HubSpot email marketing tool which is a plus for the company.

The platform also has a CRM service that is free to use. This is one of the best email marketing tools for your business. HubSpot also has a template that will help to make things easy for you.

One of HubSpot's greatest elements is its accessibility. The tool features a handy graphic editor for drag and drops and also comes with ready-made models for instance. Naturally, it is its native integration with other HubSpot resources including Free Forward CRM that makes the HubSpot email marketing so unique. Once an account is started, all tools are available to build, arrange in lists, and oversee and manage email output for a consolidated contacts database.


Sender is one of the best industry free email marketing platforms with distribution features. Without HTML awareness, it helps you to create awesome newsletters. You can pick and configure a prototype using elements such as images, video, and text.

Sendinblue is a marketing tool that helps you with email marketing and some other marketing strategy for your business. It has over 70 templates to help you with creating an email. This email marketing tool helps you to create a landing page for your website and also helps you with customer relationship management.

The list of best email marketing tools won’t be complete without Sender. It has some features that let you create newsletters without having HTML knowledge; all you have to do here is to choose a template and then personalize it.

Sender is among the top email campaign tools in the market with numerous features for running your business with email marketing. This email campaign tool allows you to create an engaging email newsletter without any coding skills. His platform comes with lots of templates you can customize to suit your brand's style. Also, you can personalize your email with this platform to speak to your subscribers on what seems like communication on a personal level.

As one of the best email campaign tools in the market, SendinBlue has an analytics feature that allows you to your those that opened your emails, those that read and clicked on a link in t=your email, when those emails were opened and other important information that will help you to improve your email marketing effort.

It has an analytics tool that gives you information about people that open your email and click on a link in the email, when they opened your email, and more.

This platform has an exceptional feature that helps you to create emails that get results. It also has a drag and drop tool that helps you to customize your email.

The comprehensive review mechanism of the sender also allows you to identify who opened the emails and when they were opened. It also allows you to create precise customer profiles based on your subscriber behavior, so that your current email plan and persuasive business deals can be streamlined.


Sendinblue is a contact marketing application that provides both email marketing resources and other features such as customer relations and the development of landing pages. The email design functions of Sendinblue allow you to quickly create a look-alike email with more than 70 design templates. In addition, you can respond with any of these models and view the results so that your concept appears as you want in every display format.

Just like any other top email campaign tool in the market, SendinBlue is an amazing resource for handling your email marketing. Apart from email marketing, SendinBlue has tools that will help you to create a landing page. It has more than 70 templates, so you can easily choose a template and customize it to suit your brand’s style, you have an option to preview your design to make sure it looks the way you want it. Also, their service comes with an A/B testing tool to make things easier for you.

Upon designing your e-mail, you can manually refine your campaigns and target the perfect audience with features such as A/B checking and segmented recipient lists.


Omnisend is an innovative marketing tool for eCommerce that incorporates all the contact channels in one location. Although your complimentary package involves just email, it is more than adequate to benefit small to medium-sized enterprise email marketing activities. It also enables your email distribution to be automated with behavioral prompts.

You will also have access to their vast insights to craft relevant email marketing messages. Develop enticing newsletters that use time-saving features such as the Product Picker, so that you can choose all the items you want to include in the email. In order to maximize your email efficiency, you can even include scratch cards, discount vouchers, and gift boxes.


Just like its name, MailGenius helps you to track your email and it makes sure your email does not get into a spam folder. You can also run a test to make sure your emails get to the recipient's inbox.

This email marketing tool explains everything you have to do so as to avoid your message from getting into a Spam folder. This is absolutely one of the best email marketing tools that offer exceptional service to businesses.

So, if you want to make sure that your email goes into your recipient’s inbox you have to use this email marketing tool to do that.


Drip is an email marketing resource that has a ton of useful features. You can easily integrate this email marketing tool into most website builders.

It allows you to personalize your content and also create a follow-up email for your customers.


This is a great email tool that allows you to automate numerous tasks and be more productive. Moosend has amazing features that make it stand out from other email campaign tools. Its segmentation tool allows you to send emails to each customer based on their buyer’s journey.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is an excellent email marketing tool for your business. It can be used to design an email that looks good on each device you view the email from.

You can as well edit any image you want to add to your email on Benchmark Email.


SendPulse provides a variety of advanced email models, which you can conveniently personalize with a drag-and-drop editor. These personalized emails can then be set up to be delivered automatically, depending on user behavior, event cause, and other factors, at the right time.

This is a multichannel marketing platform that has a great email marketing tool in it. Their email marketing tool has a lot of templates you can personalize by using their simple drag and drop feature.

SendPulse is an advanced email tool for running your business, it is a multi-channel. It comes with lots of templates that you can customize to match your brand with their easy drag-and-drop tool. You can set your email on this platform to send out to your subscribers based on their behavior, event trigger, and other factors.

If you are using the SendinBlue platform for your email marketing, you can check your email open rate, click rate, read, and the unread rate which helps you to improve your email marketing effort. It also allows you to personalize your email campaign with factors like your subscriber’s age, name, gender, etc.

The ranking feature of SendPulse is a good way to remember your most important subscribers. You can evaluate the open speeds and clicks, as well as each subscriber's read and unread pace. You may also select alternate text fields to customize your e-mails by name, nationality, birth date, age, and the position of the work.


Benchmark Email is a perfect way to build reactive emails that look fantastic regardless of the device it will be presented on. You can install effects, stickers, and text to deliver your message easily in the E-Mail Editor.

If you are familiar with HTML, you can also render emails from scratch using the code editor. The dual view mechanism helps you to view your email template while you edit it, which simplifies the whole process of designing your email.


Mailchimp is a popular platform for email marketing. You can get access to simple email marketing functionalities such as email development and scheduling from your free account. It also offers useful audience feedback to help you maximize your marketing activities.

The Content Manager is a simple tool to help you design emails for your website, which helps you to conveniently store your photos and files. Mailchimp also enables you to automate your emails in vital steps of the purchaser's path so that you can quickly send out emails of welcome, approval of purchases, discards, and more.

This is one of the most popular email marketing tools in the world and big brands use this email marketing tool for their business. The best part about this email marketing resource is that it has a free plan.

Top features include a drag and drop email builder tool, a tool for segmenting your contact, an auto-responding tool, you can as well set delivery time to send out your email, and other exceptional features.

It is very easy to connect these email marketing resources to most website builders. You can reach out to their customer care representatives if you have any problem with their service.

The Mailchimp free plan has the basic features needed for email marketing. Hence, if you are looking for email campaign tools for your business, Mailchimp should be on your list. It is also a nice tool for you if you are spending on a budget.

Their smart recommendation tool helps you to get more information about your audience which will help you to improve your email campaign and scale up your business. It is super easy to design your email on this platform and you can use this platform to automate your email list at different stages of each subscriber’s buyer’s journey. By doing this, you can send out relevant emails to each user based on their buyer's journey.

You can start with their free plan and upgrade to the paid plan later once your business starts growing online. However, their paid service starts from $10 per month.


Efficient features like the landing page manufacturer and the pop-up user differentiate MailerLite from the free email resources on the market. The tool comes with a rich text editor, and with an advanced photo editor for creating awesome emails, as well as the basics like drag and drop email creator.

To fit your emails, you can build reactive landing pages that enhance the chances of conversion. You can also conduct split checks on various email combinations to see what's best for clicks and updates. MailerLite also gives you an extensive report containing essential statistics such as click rate, withdrawal rate, open rate, and more.

Its advanced features make it one of the best email marketing tools around. This email marketing tool comes with a drag and drop editor; it can be used to create a landing page, plus a built-in photo editor you can use to create astonishing pictures.

Email Marketing Tools Verdict

Overall, there are a variety of email marketing tools available in the market that can help you improve your email marketing strategy. It is great that many of these amazing tools are also free. Therefore, these tools listed in the article would be a great way to build a deeper connection with your consumers to further your business.

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Overview of Email Marketing Tools

Sendinblue Premium is a software company that specialises in marketing-automation software for small to enterprise level businesses.

Sendinblue Premium is listed as the best marketing-automation software related to Marketing Automation Platforms. Sendinblue Premium was founded in 2012 in Paris, France and currently has over 248 employees registered on Linkedin.


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