Etsy Cons

Etsy Cons

Etsy Cons

Etsy is an online marketplace for selling handmade and vintage products. It is similar to Amazon, eBay, but you can only buy or sell a handcrafted and vintage product on the platform.

Although it’s easy to set up an account and start selling on Etsy, there are numerous downsides to the platform which limit your business growth.

This post is all about Etsy cons; we will be discussing the disadvantages the platform has for sellers.

The Platform Is Saturated With Handmade And Vintage Products

Etsy is saturated and it is will be very difficult to establish a new store on the platform. Over 4 million sellers sold their products on Etsy in 2020 and that number is projected to keep increasing. And people can easily get what they want from the established shops. So, it will be very hard for newcomers to grow on this platform.

Duplicate Issues

A lot of sellers will always duplicate your product image and content so as to attract customers to their shop. Some sellers on the platform will copy your format once they notice that your business is growing with the format. This act makes it hard for the original content owner to make money from his work.

Numerous Fee For Sellers

Lots of fees for sellers: The amount of fees that are being paid on this platform is too much; sometimes the sellers have to increase the price of their products to cover the fees.

It Is Almost A Generic Platform

Etsy allows businesses to have only a banner and listing images. This makes your store to have the same look like others. A business approach that is not good for growing your business.

You Don’t Have Control Over Your Store

This is one of the major Etsy cons for sellers; Esty controls all the shops on the platform and can shut down your shop anytime. Also, in a situation where Esty decides to shut down, you will lose your customers and business as a seller on the platform and you'll have to start building your business from the scratch.

You Are Limited To Etsy Clients

Etsy controls a tiny part of the internet and the Etsy store allows sellers to display their products to these customers. So, with Etsy, you are reaching out to few customers compared to when you have your site.

You Can Not Retarget Your Customers

Repeat purchase is the major part of growth with e-commerce shops. You can collect buyers’ personal information in order to retarget them which makes them to buy again from your shop, but with Etsy, you can’t collect your customers’ details as the platform does not allow sellers to add buyers to an email list. This way you can’t reach out to customers after buying from you and you can’t retarget them again.

Etsy Shops Are Less Credible

Some people like to buy their products from a well-designed website that has its domain name with the company's logo and brand name and not from a generic store like Etsy.

Those who avoid using the platform sees it as an unprofessional site with shop owners who are not serious with their business, rather they want to make extra incomes.

It Is Almost Impossible To Get Press With Etsy Store

Being mentioned by the press helps to get your business in front of your potential customers, but with Etsy shop, you can’t do that.

The reason is that Editors can easily refer to a site with a domain name than an Esty store with long Esty Url that takes them to your store.

Rented E-Commerce Space

With Etsy, you just rented the e-commerce space for selling your homemade and vintage products. You have to obey their rules.

To take your business to the next level, you have to accept all the rules on the platform, but this is not the case when you have your website.

Instead of your controlling your business, Etsy does that for you, so if you are serious about your business, Etsy is not the right platform for you to use as it will limit your business growth since you don’t have full control over it.

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Overview of Etsy Cons

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