Funnel Strategy

Funnel Strategy

Funnel Strategy

Funnel Strategy: How To Create An Engaging Funnel Marketing Strategy For Your Brand

In today’s competitive online market, it is very hard to convert web visitors to buyers. Most website visitors that have the intention of making a purchase end up not without buying anything. The major reason for this is that most businesses focus on the sales part of their business without adding value to their customers.

With a funnel strategy, this problem can be reduced. So, let’s find out what this funnel strategy is all about.

Meaning Of Sales Funnel Strategy

Funnel strategy is a laid down process prepared by a company to guide their potential customers every step of the way throughout their buying journey from the first point of getting to know the brand to the point where they are turned to paying customers.

Funnel Strategy: How It Works

Funnel marketing strategy is a process and the first stage is getting a lot of people to your site, the second stage involves giving them exceptional content which tells them that your premium content is superb. The third phase is when you actually convert these web visitors to buyers.

However, when creating a marketing funnel, always look at it from your customers’ angle. With this format, you'll be able to build a sales funnel that converts readers/web visitors to buyers.

So, when creating a sales funnel the following steps should be followed.

First Step: Recognize the problem from your customer's perspective

this is the best way to start. Once you understand their problem, figure out how your product can help to solve their problem.


Here you will do your research to find the most pressing needs of your potential customers and how your product can help solve those needs. This is where you come up with the content ideas and your content can be in form of a blog post, e-book, videos, etc.

Answer The Customers Question

At this stage, you compel them to take action by providing content that answers their question. This strategy will help them to make the right decision when making a purchase. Create multiple articles that answer their questions. If you are using a blog post, link to other blog posts that talk about a topic that relates to the one they are reading.

The rule is to give them enough content that will convince them to take action.

Take Action

This is the point where your potential customers finalize their decision and decide to purchase from your site.

To compel them to take that action, you can offer them a risk-free trial without providing their credit card details for the first 30 days. This will help them to find out more about your product, this Funnel strategy not only helps to make sales but also helps to increase sales.


The Last Stage: The buyer’s journey isn’t over at the fourth stage, to ensure your customers are satisfied, provide content that guides them while using your products. This way, they’ll easily recommend your products to others and also write a positive review about your site.

To perfect this act, have a FAQ section, where they can get all their questions answered. Also, integrate a Chabot so they can chat with customer care personnel the need be.

Step By Step Guide On How To Build The Right Sales Funnel

Awareness Stage

Customers at this stage have problems, but they are not aware of your product and how it can solve their problems. So, capitalize on that, create a blog post that addresses their pain point, this content has to be clear, easy to read, and search engine optimized as well so it can be discoverable on Google and other search engines.

Consideration Stage

When they get to this stage, you have captured their attention and now they’ll like to know more about your products and how they can solve their problem. You have to focus on creating exceptional content, just give them a reason to consider your brand over your competitors.

Conversion Stage

This is the last stage of the funnel and at this stage; you have to make it easy for your prospective customers to say yes to your product.

Now you have to be wary of the information you give out. Provide information that addresses their needs and how your brand stands out from others and other additional benefits from using your product.

Loyalty Stage

Here customers find it difficult to use other products order than yours.

Advocacy Stage

At this stage, if your customers are satisfied, they'll easily refer your brand to their friends, families, and others in their circle that needs your product or service.

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Overview of Funnel Strategy

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