Ghana Ecommerce

Ghana Ecommerce

Ghana Ecommerce

Describing how commonly e-commerce is being used by selling through the main e-commerce sectors, and how many products and services are offered in each sector by e-commerce vs brick-and-mortar retail. And also what a company can do to make use of e-commerce in the popular B2B websites and in the local market.

Electronic commerce is still at an early stage of growth in Ghana, while the provision of Internet access has improved significantly in recent years. In the mobile connectivity market, T-Mobil, MTN, TIGO, and Vodaphone are the main players in order to improve their share in the market. These changes can ultimately contribute to increased eCommerce use in Ghana, while fulfillment services will remain a challenge.

Financial services are also improving in Ghana, which is important for viable eCommerce infrastructure. Some local Banks have greatly improved market practice in the country with the launch of special Visa and MasterCard services. For foreign financial transactions, most Ghanaian firms or persons with customized credit limits are able to complete their balance sheets or other considerations. In financial transactions throughout the nation, mobile funds also play a significant, and also ever-increasing role.

At the beginning of 2013 Tonaton, Ghana's largest eCommerce website, was launched. A Swedish venture fund supports the venture, much of which takes place in Europe as a software production company. Tonaton ranks behind other eCommerce alternatives, such as Alibaba and eBay, among Ghana's most popular sites.

Ghana Ecommerce Trust

U.S. companies should be very careful of unsolicited email requests from businesses/individuals in Ghana, or also from public officials/offices. Please consult with the U.S. Commercial Service in Ghana on the bone fides of the prospective business partners concerned before shipping samples, merchandise, signing the documentation, or providing an invitation letter for Ghana's contacts to visit the United States. While the majority of Ghanaian businesses are legal, an internet fraud minority is involved.

Access To The Internet

Over the last few years, Panama has seen steady economic growth, which has had a positive impact on the telecommunications sector in the region, drawing substantial investments from major foreign operators such as Telefonica, America Movil, and Liberty Global. This has led to the rapid growth of mobile and broadband networks in the Region. There were almost 3 million internet users in Panama in 2017, with a rate of penetration of 69.7%.

Internet penetration has been growing in recent years, driven by increased customer service demand and incentives for highly connected Panama by the government. 46.7% of homes were computerized in 2017, with 60.7% having wifi at home. Additionally, there were 7.9 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants for fixed broadband, while there were 60.7 subscriptions per 100 inhabitants for mobile broadband. In recent years the telecom industry has grown considerably and the rate of mobile penetration is over 180%, far higher than the regional average.

Demand In Ecommerce

The Panama retail market is powerful but e-commerce is still early. E-commerce is valued at 700 million dollars in Panama in 2018. A number of Panama companies have websites and an increasing number of companies are working to have their own, in particular supermarkets, fast food products supplies, and consumer electronic shops. In the world, there is a strong use of smartphones and other electronic devices. Now more consumers buy products and services on the Internet, independently of where they operate and which fuels the development of e-commerce.

Foreign investors are gaining interest in Panama, mostly because of its tax benefits and the US dollar-based economy. This combination of factors seems especially promising for companies who intend to invest internationally in the e-commerce field. Some of the country's most popular eCommerce websites are,, and Amazon, eBay, or AliExpress.

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Overview of Ghana Ecommerce

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