How Do I Get Marketplace On Facebook

How Do I Get Marketplace On Facebook

How Do I Get Marketplace On Facebook

Facebook marketplace is one of the biggest digital channels e-commerce owners can use to expand sales and reach out to a wider audience that is interested in the products they offer at a specific price. It was created to help sellers across the globe connect with the right customers that need their products within a local area. The Facebook marketplace has different categories of products that you can sell ranging from household items, clothing accessories, electronics, bags & luggage, and mobile phones to even real estate. It is now used by 800 million users in different countries.

What’s amazing about the Facebook marketplace is that it is free to use for Facebook users that have been using their accounts for a while and it can be accessed from both android and IOS devices. You can do a lot of things on the marketplace like, sending a message directly to buyers/sellers, create a product listing, search for products by location or category and create a public listing group that will be shown to the news feed of interested people. It also gives you the option to ship items to buyers. The feature of the marketplace can be found on the menu, it has a shop icon. However, the Facebook marketplace cannot be accessed by some Facebook users due to some reasons.

Reasons Why Facebook Marketplace Cannot Be Accessed

The Facebook user is underage

The marketplace cannot be accessed by users that are under age (lesser than 18), only users that are of 18 years and above can use the marketplace to buy and sell items.

New Facebook Account

You will not be able to access the marketplace on a Facebook account that has recently been created; this is to protect buyers from being scammed by fake sellers. Facebook is doing so to cut down the activities of scammers that recreate accounts after been banned.

You are not located in a region where the marketplace is available

The marketplace isn’t available to all the countries in the world. It is only available in more than 70 countries currently including the U.K and the US.

You have gone against the policies

Once you violate any of the marketplace community standards set by Facebook, access to the marketplace will be revoked and won’t be available till a set date. Check the Facebook policies to know more and adhere to them.

How To Get Marketplace On Facebook

Regularly use a new Facebook account

To access the Facebook marketplace on a new account, you have to be fully active on the platform. Post daily on the app, add new friends, engage in people’s posts, and join groups.

Make Use Of The Website

If you meet up with the requirements and you can't see the Facebook marketplace icon on the app, use the website's link to access it. Make use of it often so that the icon can appear on your Facebook app.

Reinstall The App Or Log Out

Another option is to reinstall the app if you still can't have access to the marketplace feature. Log out and log in again to see if the marketplace icon will show.

Request Facebook Marketplace Review

Go to the menu on the app and click on request review, fill out the form and lay your complaint on not being able to use the marketplace. Do it appropriately for it to be worked on by the Facebook team, the response is usually within a week. Regularly check your email attached to your Facebook account for updates.

Make Sure You're Using The Most Recent Version Of The Facebook App

Older versions of the Facebook app, as well as iPhone models older than the iPhone 5, don't have Marketplace. Go to the play store or iOS store to install the latest version to access the marketplace place.

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