How To Speed Up A Squarespace Site

How To Speed Up A Squarespace Site

How To Speed Up A Squarespace Site

You've already heard that quick-loading websites are favored over slower pages and are given priority in search results if you were reading about SEO lately. And if you are a Squarespace user, you may think your choices in this area are minimal, since it is a host solution for Squarespace (where you get limited control over code and templates and none regarding hosting).

However, there's still a lot you can do to speed up Squarespace, below is a checklist of crucial steps that you can take to ensure that your website is the best in Squarespace. You should take a quick look at your site's current success as far as the site pace is concerned before you get stuck with these tips. Let's look at how this can be done.

You would need to run it through a speed monitoring tool to test how easily your Squarespace website loads at present. There are two reasons that this should be done.

First of all, the speed monitoring software has an exact timing for the website to be loaded up to the millisecond and show those places on which you can change. For example, you can find that a certain script that you use takes ages to load or that your pictures are too huge so that your page can be updated accordingly.

The second thing is that you get a comparison number to link to at the end of the process with the use of a performance monitoring tool before speed changes to your site. This helps you to measure the effectiveness of your efforts and see if there is potential for more progress.

Switch on SSL

Do you want to win a high speed? Make sure you use the SSL alternative of Squarespace it ensures you deliver your site through the faster HTTP/2 protocol. Switch on the accompanying HSTS option too, since the site speed and SEO can also be increased. Config > Advanced > SSL allows you to activate SSL and HSTS in squares space very quickly.

Reduce your image sizes

Another simple way to reduce your Squarespace web loading time is by keeping your image file sizes as minimal as possible. You'll be forced to match file size with image quality (i.e. try keeping the file small without having pixels or rough) but you'll experience substantially faster loading times if you can reach this right balance!

Maintain Scripts At Least

It can be hard to discourage the use of Squarespace third party files. Tracking code for online ads or advanced plugins for Squarespace will add a helpful tool to your websites, such as Addthis and Sumo.

But it's also difficult to dramatically slow down the Squarespace site. It's also worth testing the scripts you actually use and deleting a script that does not have added value.

Be Intelligent of Online Fonts

Web fonts might really look slick to the website, but it can take some time to load. Using stable typefaces to speed things up (Arial, Times, Georgia, and so on), But if you have to use online fonts (here is it):

Try using a Google font rather than a Typekit font, as case studies show the former loading is quicker (both Google and Typekit fonts are available in the Squarespace online fonts library).

Where appropriate, just use a web font - the more sluggish your site loads the more you are using it.

For All Video Embeds, Use the Custom Thumbnail Option

You can still pick the 'use custom thumbnails' option when embedding any videos on your Squarespace pages. Squarespace would otherwise search and load video sites such as Youtube or Vimeo even though a web user does not play video. This will render very big files excessively downloadable and slow down things.

Consider Using AMP on Your Squarespace Blog Posts

(Accelerated Mobile Web Pages) 'AMP' Switching will allow a major difference in your Squarespace blog. This shows extremely quick versions of your posts on mobile devices When allowed. Basically, it operates by deleting a non-essential Web page code, and by loading pages very easily using intelligent caching.

Consider Using AJAX Loading

Perhaps you should use the Ajax load to speed up a bit when you are a Squarespace 7.0. Loading Ajax ensures only the visible content will be loaded on your web (rather than ALL the content on the page). For example, only visible pictures load when a user visits the gallery tab.

Reduce the DNS Search time With a Quicker Provider

NOTE: This move requires more technical work than the recommendations above which can trigger issues to your website if poorly applied. Care must be taken or anyone with the appropriate professional expertise must be involved to assist you.

You should take the last step to speed up the Squarespace site by reducing the DNS search time. Before something can be loaded from your website, you need to do a DNS scan, so it takes as little time as possible.

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Overview of How To Speed Up A Squarespace Site

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