How To Start A Business Belgium

How To Start A Business Belgium

How To Start A Business Belgium

How To Start A Business Belgium: Everything You Need To Know

If you have been looking for a guide on how to start a business Belgium, just relax and keep reading this post as we have covered everything you need to know when it comes to starting your new business in the country. This post includes the business culture in the country, how to set up your business in Belgium, and things you need to know before setting up your business in the country.

How To Start A Business Belgium: Business Culture In Belgium

Belgium is an egalitarian country, everyone is treated equally and this is also reflected in their organizational system. Everyone in an organization is allowed to express their view but the superiors are the final decision-makers. As their culture, business owners who are looking for how to start a business Belgium should try to blend in during their stay in the country. Not only will this help them to get ahead with their business in the country, but it will also help to interact with the citizens properly.

They like a well-structured and well-designed meeting, so for any meeting organize yourself and be calculative. However, during a business meeting, you can notice about 15 minutes of brief talk, this is to enable them to establish a relationship and make personal contact.

Punctuality is very important when you are doing business with the Belgians. You must be punctual when doing business with them if not, they'll see you as an unreliable business partner and wouldn't want to do business with you. If for any reason you can't keep to the agreed time, let your business counterpart know earlier beforehand. So, if you have been looking for how to start a business Belgium, have this at the back of your mind to avoid any loopholes when doing business in the country.

Belgians prefer face-to-face meetings instead of phone or email. The best time for a meeting is morning or afternoon. Also, cancel July and August as this is the vacation period for most people in the country. Also, avoid scheduling business appointments during any Christian festive period.

Their dress code for business is formal, for the men a dark suit and tie is the preferred style, and for women, a business suit or skirt and blouse is the preferred style. But, if you are invited to your business partner's house, then you don't need to dress the formal way.

There is no general rule for presenting a business card in the country. However, your business card should have your name, academic title, and your job title. It will be better to translate your business card into French or Dutch language.

Choose The Right Business Type

Probably, before thinking of how to start a business Belgium, you must have chosen a product for your business. the process of choosing a product is by researching to find out a product and/or service you can offer to the people, this product/service has to be the one that is in demand in the country.

After that, choose the business type you want to go into in Belgium.

Current Account

Steps on how to start a business Belgium won't be complete without opening a current account in the country. As a business owner in the country, you must have a current account and the current account must be opened with your business name.

Get A Unique Business Number For Your Business In The Country

Before running any business in Belgium you must have a unique business code and to get it, you have to reach out to any enterprise counter you like in the country to check if your business meets the requirement. And if your business meets the requirement, it will be registered at Crossroad Bank of Enterprise.

When the registration is complete you’ll have your 10 digit business number and that will also be your VAT number.

Activate The VAT Number

With your unique ten-digit number, you can proceed with the registration of your VAT at any administration office close to you in Belgium.

That is the simple guide on how to start a business Belgium. Just follow these steps and set up your business in the country without stress.

Things You Need To Know When Running A Business In Belgium

  • All your documents should be in Dutch
  • Your business name must be unique
  • All businesses in the country must comply with the country’s accountancy law
  • Business owners can buy, lease or build their business premises
  • All businesses in the country must adhere to the EU data protection and privacy requirement

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Overview of How To Start A Business Belgium

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