How To Start A Business France

How To Start A Business France

How To Start A Business France

How To Start A Business France: Things You Need To Know

Finally, you have decided to start your business in France and you are now looking for how to start a business France, this guide will help you as it covers everything you need to know when starting a business in France.

How To Start A Business France: Business Culture In The Country

Business structure in France follows hierarchical form, authority, and positions are clearly defined in the country.

Due to the hierarchical forms in a firm, after any business meeting, your French business partner will go back to their superiors for another meeting. The decision-making process is slow; hence you have to exercise some patience when doing business with them. Due to the hierarchical structure, it takes time before they get to the final decision. so, you have to note this when you are looking for how to start a business France as this will help you to scale through without any problem when doing business with the French.

There is a clear difference between business relationships and friendship in France. They always focus on long-term relationships and it is important to have a personal connection to your business partner. Trust and respect are very important for this business relationship and you can earn that with your behavior.

You can reach out to them via email or phone, and it is advisable to reach out to them a few weeks before the meeting. Also, note that July and August are mainly their vacation month, so you might want to avoid those periods. The company’s office is the best place for any meeting; however, you can hold a meeting with them in a restaurant during lunch, this form of meeting gives room for informal discussion and that’s why some business people like it in the country.

Time Management

Time management is important and if in any case you can’t meet up with the time, you have to inform them on time. Their business meeting is always planned in advance, so you have to inform them at least two weeks before the meeting, so they can plan the meeting very well.


Appearance matters a lot to the French, so you have to look good when meeting your French business partner for the first time. You also have to be well-groomed when meeting your business partner for the first time. This is one of the things to know when you are looking for how to start a business France, it will open doors for you as the people pay attention to this very well.

The first minute of the business meeting involves going through the pre-agenda. The French pay attention to details a lot so you have to be extremely careful, before presenting your proposal to them; make sure you study the proposal very well and also expect some questions from them

Generally, meetings are conducted in French but in case you don't understand the language you can make an arrangement with your French business partner for the meeting to be conducted in the English language. And during the meeting, make sure you speak in a low voice and behave in a professional manner

How To Start A Business France: Setting Up Your Business

Product And Service

First, you have to choose a product or service you can offer to the people. Naturally, you have to choose a product or service around your passion, for instance, if you like entertainment, your service should be around entertainment, and the reason for choosing your passion is to make thongs easy for you since that’s the industry you understand very well. Would-be entrepreneurs who have been looking for how to start a business France, this part controls others so make sure you choose the right product and/or service for your business.

Write A Business Plan

It is important to have a business plan when you want to run your business in France. A business plan will not only guide you on what to do and how to do it in order to achieve your goals but it will also help you to attract investors and also use it to open French business bank account.

Open Your Business Account

The next step will be to open a business account, be prepared to answer questions about your business when opening a business bank account in the country.

Register Your Business In The County

You must register your company in France and the process can be complicated. Take note of this when looking for how to start a business France.

Get An Accountant In France

The tax law and accountancy in the country can be confusing, so you should get an accountant in the country instead of going through the rigorous process.

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Overview of How To Start A Business France

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