How To Start A Business Indonesia

How To Start A Business Indonesia

How To Start A Business Indonesia

How To Start A Business Indonesia: Everything You Need To Know

Starting a business in Indonesia or anywhere else in the world can be a difficult task, sometimes it involves some rigorous processes, and other times you might get hooked due to the cultural differences in a new place where you'll be setting up your business

So, knowing how difficult it is for some business owners to set up their business in Indonesia, we decided to create a post to help them with this process.

However, let's get to know more about the country before we continue.

The country’s population makes it one of the best places for entrepreneurs to set up their businesses. But before setting up your business in Indonesia, you have to understand the business culture in the country in order to make the startup process easy for you. So, let’s see the business culture in the country.

How To Start A Business Indonesia: Business Culture In Indonesia

As a foreigner in Indonesia, you are expected to dress in a smart way for any business appointment. You can put on a suit or their traditional wear, but you should dress in a nice way and be well-groomed when meeting your Indonesia business partner.

Their business atmosphere is hierarchical in nature as it is based on position and age.

A business relationship is built based on trust and familiarity. So it is important to get a third party to introduce you to your business partner in the country. Note that they respect their elderly ones, so maintain that structure when you are in the country. This is the business culture you need to know when looking for how to start a business Indonesia.

Since a business relationship is built on trust, you have to exercise patience when doing business with your Indonesia business partner.

Note their body language; folded arms or a hand on hips means anger. So, you have to take note of this when doing business in the country

Handshake is the best form of greeting in Indonesia, when you are invited for a business meeting, you can present your business card to your business partner. You can have your business card in the English language but to make things much easier for them you can have one side of the card written in Indonesian the official language in the country.

Business cards are usually exchanged after greetings, you can present and receive business cards with your two hands or right hand, don’t ever use your left hand for this.

If your business partner presents tea or coffee to you, wait for your business partner to drink first.

Address your business counterpart with their title and first name, and most importantly make sure your message is clear to them.

Now, let's see the step-by-step guide on how to start a business Indonesia.

How To Start A Business Indonesia: Step By Step Guide

Do Your Research

Most entrepreneurs skip this part when starting a business. This part is more important than any other part when starting a business anywhere. The purpose of the research is to know more about the product/service you want to offer to the people. It is important to study the market to know where your competitors are not getting things right. Once you discover those areas, you can improve your product/service to meet the right standard, this method alone will give you an edge over your competitors when doing business in the country.

So, if you are looking for how to start a business Indonesia, start with product research.

Study Your Potential Customer

This is also an important part most entrepreneurs and business owners should pay attention to. It is very easy to study your customers and their behavior with online tools. So, go ahead and use the right tools to do that. When you study your customers, you'll be able to know how they relate to a similar product, the improvement they need, the best social media platform they engage with, and other important things that will help you to channel your marketing resources to the right place.


To start running your business in Indonesia, you must register your business in the country.

Create A Site

It is pertinent to have a website for your business, a website will help people to reach out to you with just a click. People can buy your product from your website from any part of the world. So, creating a website for your business is extremely important.

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Overview of How To Start A Business Indonesia

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