How To Start A Business Spain

How To Start A Business Spain

How To Start A Business Spain

A Complete Guide On How To Start A Business Spain

Starting your business can be a daunting task as you need to go through some rigorous processes before getting your business established in the country.

Well, this post will guide you every step of the way as it answers your question, how to start a business Spain. The first part is all about the business culture in Spain, the knowledge of business culture will help you to know how to relate with your Spanish business counterpart, so let’s get to it.

Business Culture In Spain

In Spain, the preferred method of conversation is face-to-face instead of a phone call or email. However, you can book an appointment via email or phone calls. But you have to confirm the appointment by the same method a day before the meeting. If you don't understand the Spanish language it is important to attend your meeting with an interpreter as some of their high-ranking managers rarely speak the English language. If you are planning of starting a business in Spain make sure you make plans for this before your business trip.

It is pertinent to keep to the stated time when doing business with the Spanish. Greet your business partner with a handshake and if you want to address someone, address the person with Senor or Senora with either their first or last name. How to start a business Spain guide won't be complete without this part.

When it comes to gifts, do not present a gift to your Spanish business associate at the first meeting. During the festive period, you can send gifts to your partner.

If you want to present yourself as a professional, use a business card. Make sure one side of your business card is written in the Spanish language. However, a business card should be presented to your business associate at the beginning of a business meeting. Pay attention to this part each time you think of how to start a business Spain.

It is pertinent to create a personal relationship with your business partner, so a brief talk will go a long way before starting a meeting. You can talk about Football, your background, family life, etc. if your Spanish counterpart brings up the topic. However, avoid talking about politics with the people.

During a presentation, it is normal to be interrupted so, don't be annoyed when that happens, so have this at the back of your mind when you think of how to start a business Spain.

Step By Step Guide On How To Start A Business Spain

Get Your NIE Number

If you are a foreigner in Spain the first thing to do before opening a business in the country is to get your NIE number. You’ll use this NIE number to open a bank account and do other important things in the country. So, as a foreigner, if you are thinking of how to start a business Spain, you have to first get your NIE number in the country before any other thing.

The process is very simple and the best part about it is that you can do it in your country, just look for the Spanish consulate in your country and process your there or you can do it while in Spain.

Market Research

Before setting up your business you probably already know the type of business you want to do, but then, you have to research and make sure that there is a demand for your business in Spain. There are lots of useful online resources you can use for that.

Choose A Business Name

We can be discussing how to start a business Spain without this section. Your business name has to be unique, simple, and related to your business. It is advisable to use your business name as your domain name. Hence, when you choose a business name make sure that it does not contain numerals and some special character keys.

Choose The Right Business Structure

The next step will be to choose a business structure for your business. It is advisable to study the different business models in the country before choosing the right on =e for your business.

Register Your Business Name In Spain

With your NIE number, you can register your business in Spain and get a certificate of uniqueness, This certificate shows that you own the business name.

Business Bank Account

NIE is also useful at this stage, opening a business bank account is very simple and all you need for that is your NIE.

Start Running Your Business In The Country

The next thing will be to start running your business in Spain. You can use all marketing methods to make sure your product gets to your potential customers.

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Overview of How To Start A Business Spain

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