How To Start A Business Switzerland

How To Start A Business Switzerland

How To Start A Business Switzerland

A Complete Guide On How To Start A Business Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the best places for starting a business in the world. There are numerous business opportunities in the country for business owners to tap into.

However, before entrepreneurs who want to start a business in Switzerland have to understand the business culture in Switzerland and guides on how to start a business in the country and that’s what this post is all about, so let’s get to it

Business Culture In Switzerland

Let's start with time management; you have to be punctual while doing business with the Swiss. In the Swiss business atmosphere, punctuality is key and you are not expected to keep your Swiss business partners waiting when you have booked an appointment with them. If you are looking for how to start a business Switzerland, don’t ever miss this as this will likely help you to scale up your business in the country.

If you want to greet your Swiss business partner, a firm handshake is a right form of doing that and you should maintain eye contact while doing that as well. Greeting is very important for those who are looking forward to doing business with the Swiss. Most importantly address your business counterpart by their surname instead of their first name.

Professionalism is invaluable in their society; they place so much value on professionalism. So, it makes sense to act in a professional manner when you are doing business with the Swiss. If you have been looking for how to start a business Switzerland, you need to act professionally when doing business with them.

There might be a small talk before a business meeting and during this small talk you can talk about virtually anything but personal life should be kept private. As one of the business rules in the country keep to this how to start a business Switzerland rule because it will help you to get ahead with your business in the country.

The best dressing format here is suit for both men and women, plus you have to be as natural as possible when doing business with your Swiss business counterpart.

It is acceptable to offer a gift to your Swiss business partners and the best time for that is after a business meeting. So, make sure you have a gift for your business partner so you can reciprocate when they offer their own gift to you at the end of a business meeting.

The country has about four different languages and this has a great impact on business, so when doing business with the people, make sure you make inquiries to know the preferred language for your business meeting and ensure you’ll have an interpreter the need be.

Being well-versed with Switzerland's business culture will help you to establish a strong business relationship with the people and also help you to increase your chances of closing deals in the country.

Now let’s step by step guide on how you can set up your business in the country.

Step By Step Guide On How To Start A Business Switzerland


Research is the first step to take when starting a business in Switzerland and other parts of the world. Before starting your business first you have to do comprehensive research about the product and/or service you want to offer to the people. If you carry out your research properly, you’ll be able to know if your business idea will be profitable in the country. It will also help you to know your competitors, what they are doing and the area they are not good at. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to know where and how to improve on your product/service to meet their demands. This is important how to start a business Switzerland guide that will help you to scale up your business in Switzerland.

Choose The Right Business Model

Before you choose any business structure for your business, you need to study the six business structures in the country, this way, you'll be able to know the right one for your business.

Choose And Register Your Business Name

After thorough research, the next thing will be to choose and register a business name. Your business name should be the same as your domain name. So, when you choose a business name, make sure it is simple and also make sure that the name relates to your industry or niche. Once you choose the name for your business you can submit the name to the Switzerland Company Registry for approval.

Tax Registration

This part depends on your business model; however if your business type requires tax you have to do that at the appropriate body before starting your business in the country.

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Overview of How To Start A Business Switzerland

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