How To Start A Business Taiwan

How To Start A Business Taiwan

How To Start A Business Taiwan

A Complete Guide On How To Start A Business Taiwan

If you’ve been looking for how to start a business Taiwan, you are in the right place. Our guide on how to start a business in the country will help you to set up your company. We explain everything you need to know when starting a business in the country.

Starting a business in Taiwan is made easier with this simple guide, so let’s get to it.

Business Culture In Taiwan

The business language in Taiwan is Mandarin and Taiwanese, so you might need a third party to help you with that part during your business meeting in Taiwan.

The dress code for business in Taiwan is formal; the men are expected to wear a dark suit and tie, while the women are expected to dress modestly during a business meeting in the country. The working hour in Taiwan is from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

There is a kind of gender quality in the country; women are treated almost the same way as men, so you have to respect that culture when you are in the country. This is an important aspect of their life you have to know when you want to do business in the country. Probably, how to start a business Taiwan piece won't be complete without this.

It is important to present a gift to your business partner in Taiwan. This will help to strengthen your business relationship in the country. During any business meeting, make sure you have a gift for all members at the meeting and also present a special gift for the top-ranking officer in the meeting. How to start a business Taiwan guide won't be complete without this section. However, when you are planning of starting your business in the country arrange for this.

The hierarchical structure is followed and respected in the country, so you have to maintain the same structure when doing business in the country.

Satisfaction at the end of a business meeting matters to them the most than the time spent.

How To Start A Business Taiwan: Step By Step Guide

Here are simple steps you need to take when starting your business in Taiwan.

Research And Choose A Product/Service

First, you have to research to find a product and/or service that is in high demand in the country. This part is the most important and first thing a business owner has to do when looking for how to start a business Taiwan.

Apply For Work Visa In The Country

The second thing to do is to apply for a Visa that will allow you to start a business in Taiwan

Business Entity

There are about five business entities in the country, just choose the one that is suitable for your business. This includes free trade zone, Limited Liability Company, Representative offices, branch offices, and Limited Partnership.

However, you have to study these business structures very well before choosing any structure for your business.

Write A Business Plan

It is very important to have a business plan for your business irrespective of the location. A business plan will help you to structure your business and by following the plan you’ll scale up your business in no time.

Company Name

The next stage is to choose a company name for your business. You have to choose a unique name, and a great rule of thumb is to keep it simple. It is advisable to use the name as your domain name, so when you choose a business name, make sure that the name is available for your business in Taiwan and also make sure it is available online.

Corporate Bank Account

The next step is to open a corporate bank account in Taiwan. Generally, there is no specific amount for opening a bank account in the country but it is advisable to set aside $10K for this part.

Create A Website

It is important to create a website for your business, and the process is super easy with the help of Webhosting platforms like Bluehost, Hostinger, GoDaddy, etc. Your website is where you’ll list your product and services. With a website, you can take your business to the international level. So, don’t neglect this part when you think of how to start a business Taiwan.

Make sure you optimize your site in order to attract customers from all parts of the world. the process includes creating content regularly, sharing your content on social media, building your email list, etc.

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Overview of How To Start A Business Taiwan

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