How To Write A Value Proposition

How To Write A Value Proposition

How To Write A Value Proposition

Definition Of A Value Proposition

A value proposition is a short statement that explains why a customer should buy your goods or services. A value proposition should refer to the customer's needs and problems and suggest solutions for them. You should emphasise how different you are from your competitors in your value proposition and highlight the values you can create for your customers.

Three Ways Of Writing A Value Proposition

A good value proposition will attract benefits for the whole company. However, that does not mean you have to engage the whole personnel in the process of writing. Instead, you can start with a few people and discuss the available options.

Here are three interesting ways to write a value proposition.

Mapping Of A Value Proposition

A value proposition is an option of writing a value proposition, which suggests analysing seven diverse components of an organisation. Based on the analysis, you will be able to write a strong value proposition. There is an opinion among experts that a value proposition canvas can synchronise the business strategy and the brand strategy of a company.

It is important to know that in this model, you have to think about your customer's preferences when writing the advantages of your product. You should highlight how your product can increase the level of satisfaction of your customers and eliminate their problems. In a few words, show your customers how their life will get better.

Another important point to remember is to understand your customers' emotional drivers (such as desire), rational motivators (these are their needs) and unwanted outcomes (these refer to their fears). Keep in mind that in many cases, people make purchases driven by their emotions.

Asking Essential Questions

If you want to write a great value proposition, you should start brainstorming with the following three questions:

  • What type of consumers do you want to provide products and services to?
  • Which needs do you want to satisfy?
  • What is the optimal price, which will suggest affordable value and provide acceptable profitability?

The answers to these questions will help you create a viable value proposition. You should also think about the fundament of your value proposal, which probably will be one of the answers to the questions mentioned above.

Use The Steve Blank Formula

Companies should highlight not their strengths but rather the benefits for their customers. Steve Blank suggests the following formula when writing an efficient value proposition.

We Help {X} Do {Y} By Doing {Z}.

Despite the option you will choose for your company, always use the language of your customers.

How To Write A Value Proposition Verdict

You can visit the websites of companies mentioned above and examine their products or follow their marketing campaigns to understand the approaches and ideas of marketing strategies. It will be helpful when writing your own value proposition.

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Overview of How To Write A Value Proposition

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