Import Export Guide Europe

Import Export Guide Europe

Import Export Guide Europe

Import export guide Europe: things you need to know and how to get ready for your business

So, a lot of people are looking for the right resource that will guide them on their import and export journey in Europe. Well, you are welcome here as we'll be giving you the right information you need when starting your import and export business in Europe.

This import export guide Europe has two phases, the first phase is about things you need to know; the regulation, policies, and things to note while importing or exporting in Europe.

The First Phase

Registration And Identification Of Economic Operator

Registration and identification of economic operators is an important import export guide Europe. This has been in place since 2009. It is required for companies that are registered in other places apart from Europe to have an economic identification number and economic registration number if the company wants to lodge a summary declaration. As an essential import export guide Europe, all U.S firms are to use their economic identification and registration numbers for custom clearance. With economic operator identification and registration number, a company can request for Authorized Economic Operator which will help them to make other customs process an easy one.

EU Custom Code

This code has been in place since 1968 and it is the main part of the EU's single market. It is extremely important for the movement of goods and services in European Union countries. It was adopted in 2013 so as to redefine the European Union custom. The objectives of this EU custom code are to build a paperless and completely automated custom structure and to provide a thorough structure for custom processes and rules in the European Union customs region.

A thorough structure for custom processes and rules is vital due to the way it is being regarded in the entire EU zone. Although these rules are the same in all EU States, custom authorizes in different zones have not always been applied correctly which creates extra administrative work. However, the EU customs code is vital for administrative and structural changes to customs rules, processes, and implementation.

EU Custom Code

For the right import export guide Europe you have to take note of EU custom code and follow the right guide while importing or exporting from the region.

Take Note Of The Environment

Human health and the environment are priorities in the EU zone, so it is an important import export guide Europe you have to pay attention to when you want to either import or export goods from the country. You have to ensure your product meets the standard before exporting to any country in the zone. This includes all types of products including construction, agriculture, manufacturing, etc.


There is a strict rule in Europe that prohibits the importation of batteries and related products that contains cadmium and mercury except for medical equipment, alarm system, and cordless power tool.

The Second Phase

With the above rules, you probably already know import export guide Europe dos and don'ts. So, it is time to take the right step to set up your business.

Choose A Product

The first thing to do at this stage is to choose a product you can get from within your locality.

Discuss Business With The Manufacturer Or Supplier

After choosing the product you want to sell, look for a supplier or a manufacturer and discuss business with him. This includes price, packaging, shipping, etc. At this stage, you have to discuss the business model you'll be using for the business with the supplier or manufacturer.

For example, if you want them to manufacture a product and use your brand name or you just want them to handle the packaging and shipping when a customer orders from you, etc. you have to be clear about your business model with the manufacturer.

Create Your Website

Create a website for your business, it is very important to have a website for your business these days. Your website is where people will get to know more about your business and the type of products you sell. You can employ the service of a freelance web designer for this task.


The marketing stage involves creating content for your site, social media page, and content for your business, using other online and offline marketing methods to reach out to potential customers.

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Overview of Import Export Guide Europe

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