Import Export Guide Indonesia

Import Export Guide Indonesia

Import Export Guide Indonesia

Things You Need To Know About Import Export Guide Indonesia

If you have been looking for the best import export guide Indonesia that will help you to start your import or export business in Indonesia, you are in the right place. In this post, we will be sharing the basic things you need to know before starting your import or export business in the country.

So let’s get to find out more about import export guide Indonesia and how to start your import or export business and scale up the business.

Check The Business Environment In Indonesia

Before starting your import or export business in Indonesia, you need to understand the business environment in the country. Now, here is a tip to help you succeed in this business. Look for a product in Indonesia that people need the most or an alternative product that will likely replace a particular product that most people are using in the country.

For exporters, check out those products or goods that you can export at a cheap rate outside the country, here your aim is to make a profit for your business, so when exporting you can choose a developed country so as to make more profit from your business. By choosing a developed country, you'll be able to make a ton of money due to the exchange rate. For example, you can decide to start exporting raw material or agricultural products to the US instead of a third-world country. This is import export guide Indonesia growth hack you have to know when you think of starting an exportation business in the country.

Manufacturer Or Supplier

The next stage is to look for a manufacturer or a supplier for the product you want to start exporting. At this stage, you have to compare the price option and value of the product to see if the chosen product is worth the price. Apart from price check if your product has more outstanding features than the ones people are using in Indonesia or your export host community. The exceptional feature(s) your product has will set you apart from other similar products in the market.

Rules And Regulation

For those that import goods into the county, this import export guide for Indonesia is an important part you must pay attention to. Take out time to study their rules and regulation, by doing that you'll know if you can import the product into the country or not.

Exporters should take note of the rules and regulations that is guiding both countries that are involved in their trade.

Custom Duties

The Import export guide for Indonesia won't be complete without the customs duties. This is a part that you can’t skip when importing or exporting a product from a country. So, you need to know the requirement for each country you are working with. Obey their rules and regulations by getting the appropriate documents needed for either importing or exporting goods, this part is not just in Indonesia alone but also in other countries.

After this stage; it is now the right time to showcase your product to the world and here, you need to use numerous marketing methods to reach out to your customers.

Business Plan

Writing a business plan is crucial for your import or export business. If you use this import export guide Indonesia, you will grow your business very fast. You must not have a writing skill for you to do that, just outsource the work to a freelance business writer with a positive review on his site to do the work for you.


It makes sense to have a website for your business these days. Don’t skip this important import export guide for Indonesia when you are planning your business. A website serves as your online address where people can find you. Always be strategic when designing a website for your business, make it an end-user site. Create content regularly on your site so as to attract more customers organically.

Make sure you complete all pages of your website, this includes the about us page, contact details, etc.

Don’t just give customers a reason to buy a product from you with content, also make that known to them with testimonials or reviews from your previous customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an exceptional marketing strategy that helps you to make sales. Email marketing generates a high return on investment and you should consider using this method for growing your business from the get-go.

Social Media

Social media platform is another great place for reaching out to your customers. So, once you set up your website, be sure to create a social media profile for your business as well.

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Overview of Import Export Guide Indonesia

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