Internet Payment Gateway

Internet Payment Gateway

Internet Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is basically a merchant service offered by an online-software service provider which authorizes direct or credit card payments processing for online merchants, online stores, e-businesses, internet marketers, or physical storefronts. The payment gateway is responsible to transfer the customer's credit card information to the processing company. Once the information is validated, the information reaches the customer's authorized website, where the transaction is completed. Payment gateways can be either electronic or manual, which depends on the mode of operation of the specific e-business or web site. Electronic payment gateways are more secure as they ensure that the customer's personal and financial data is protected.

Before accepting credit card payments from customers, most merchants have to go through a series of authentication process. During this process, the merchant's website is accessed through an encrypted connection from a customer's personal computer through the payment gateway. By doing this, the customer's transaction is protected from unauthorized access. After authenticating the customer's personal data, the transaction is converted into the merchant's account and is processed accordingly.

Payment Gateway Solutions

Payment Gateway solutions also provide merchants with PCI/PABP Compliant payment gateway transactions, which guarantees that the transaction is safe and secure. This is done by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology that encrypts all data transmitted during the transaction. This provides added protection against hackers as well as fraudsters. Using an authentic PCI/PABP compliant payment gateway offers merchants added security, which is usually lacking from web hosting services.

How Payment Gateway Work

A payment gateway is an electronic technology that an online merchant uses to take credit or debit card payments from its visitors. Payment gateways consist of the actual payment processing terminals and card-reading equipment found inside of many retail stores as well as the online payment processing hubs used for internet transactions. The processing fees that these systems pay to online merchants are usually part of the way that they make their money. Therefore, any online merchant that is interested in developing and expanding its business should be sure that it can make these payments.

Process Of Payment Gateway

The way that payment gateways to process these transactions is actually quite simple. When someone makes a purchase at one of these retailers' websites, the individual's name and address are stored within the transaction information database, along with a reference number that uniquely identifies the customer. The information provided during the transaction contains all of the specifics regarding the customer such as his name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card or debit card number. Once the transaction is complete, the information must be transmitted via secure connections to the specified payment processor.

The information sent by the merchant through the payment gateway and the payment processor must be securely encrypted so that both sides can process the transactions without risk of unauthorized accessing, disclosure, or misuse of information. Once the transaction is completed, both parties must sign the transaction documents in order for it to be considered complete and binding. Then, it is returned to the merchant's website where it will be recorded for future reference.

Example Of Payment Gateway

An example of a payment gateway is an electronic system used by online merchants to process credit or debit card purchases made by customers on the Internet. The word comes from the term used by computer engineers for a device, usually a computer network, that acts as an intermediary between a customer's computer and a merchant's computer. The customer's computer acts as a sort of clearinghouse to collect information about shopping items and prices from various vendors, and the merchant's computer processes this information into a final payment for the products being purchased. A payment gateway takes care of all details of the transaction between the customer's computer and the merchant's computer. In short, it acts as a link between the customer's credit card and the bank's credit card, and the payment gateway lets the computer transactions go through.

Best Payment Gateway

If you want to open up an Internet store, getting the best payment gateway for your business is essential for a smooth business start. There are many payment gateways available these days, and finding the one suitable to your needs and budget is definitely possible. There are several factors that you should consider in choosing the right payment gateway for your store. The most important consideration is that it should be compatible with the kind of site you have constructed - whether online or offline. In addition, you should check whether the company providing the gateway service provides hosting, since this will make the process of accepting credit cards easier for you.

Example of a Payment Gateway: Some of the most popular ecommerce businesses use examples of payment gateways to ensure smooth and trouble-free transactions between their buyers and sellers. Some of the most popular ecommerce companies include Amazon, Overstock, Redbox, Netshops, and JVZoo. These companies make use of a payment processing system that is called PCI-compliant, which means it's secure, safe and easy to use. To learn more about using payment gateways to accept payments online, visit the Web by following the links below.

Scroll down to read our indepth Payment Gateways guide. What you should know, Payment Gateways features, price plans and support. Pros and Cons of Payment Gateways as a payment gateway, everything is explained below.

Overview of Internet Payment Gateway

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