Is Online Shopping Safe

Is Online Shopping Safe

Is Online Shopping Safe

Online shopping over the past years has become very popular and powerful leading to an increase in market share. In an era of globalization, e-commerce has improved the standard of living drastically. Not only is it convenient, and quick, it is also very cost-efficient. This faceless form of the transaction allows people to sit in the comfort of their homes and shop for the product and services they desire.

Several stories are told every day of online fraudsters and hackers popularly known as cybercriminals. Research has shown that over 50% of online crime complaints are related to online shopping. Do not panic. Even though this is somewhat alarming, it should not change your perspective or view on online shopping. There are a couple of ways in which these dangers could be prevented. Here are a few tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable online shopping experience.

Shop on known/popular websites

To avoid any encounters with online fraudsters, it is important to shop on websites known by the general public. In other words, shop on websites with credible reviews. Even with that, some cybercriminals are cunny enough to create websites with similar features to top brands to entice people. So, you have to pay extra attention to the websites you click on when searching.

Search for the SSL

When shopping online using a credit/debit card, do not buy anything from websites that do not have SSL (secure socket layer). An SSL is a safety protocol that forms an encrypted link between the web server and the web browser. Well-known brands and businesses often include SSL certificates to their websites to ensure safe online transactions. To know whether a website has this certificate, check the URL for the site. The URL for the site instead of just HTTP will start with HTTPS. Depending on the browser used, an icon of a lock will appear on the left-hand side of the address bar or the left side of the status bar.

Stay away from public Wi-Fi hotspots

When shopping, avoid using public Wi-Fi hotspots. This is a major way in which scammers can gain access to your personal information without you even suspecting it. When you are connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi, hackers who have joined that same Wi-Fi will find it very easy to extract your bank details and other private information. It is highly recommended to shop at home with secure Wi-Fi. Even if you feel the need to shop outside, it is important to use your mobile data plan or purchase a virtual private network (VPN) and avoid using any unsecured Wi-Fi altogether.

Give out as little as possible

Apart from monetary theft, another major thing common amongst cybercriminals is identity theft. Avoid giving excess information or any information that is not related to the transaction at hand. Some personal details such as your date of birth, social security number, workplace address are not needed by online shopping sites. If you ever encounter a website asking for such details, note that as a major red flag and exit such a site as soon as possible. Online fraudsters find it easier to steal your identity when such personal details are given away.

Online shopping is one of the greatest inventions of all time, but safety comes first. Even with how convenient and easy it seems it could lead to risky encounters with online fraudsters. Try as much as possible to be assertive and careful when visiting e-commerce sites. The above steps are safety guides to ensure you have a pleasant and safe online shopping experience. This article is aimed at contributing to a greater understanding of the dynamics of online shopping safety. The safety of a customer solely depends on the precautions taken to attain safe online shopping transactions.

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