Japan Payment Gateway

Japan Payment Gateway

Japan Payment Gateway

Japan offers international merchants the chance to attract a wealthy customer base with a taste for consumer gadgets and fashion. Those joining the Japanese e-commerce sector, however, must overcome the hurdles of a single-language culture and the continued usage of currency. The Japanese online shopping market is said to worth over $150 billion USD. In Japan card payments still account for 65% of payments.



Stripe is an Irish-founded financial technology company with operations in San Francisco, United States and Dublin, Ireland, primarily as a web service business. The company mainly provides application programming interfaces and payment processing software for online e-commerce sites. Stripe does not deal with any hardware or software. Instead, it provides its clients with a platform that allows the business to create, expand, and manage its website through a series of web programming interfaces.

Stripe was initially developed to help business owners accept credit card payments over the internet with little or no technological experience. The Stripe platform allows its clients to customise its payment gateways according to the business owner's requirements. Stripe believes that its customers will be willing to pay more if they feel secure about the online transaction process and that they won't mind waiting for their transactions to be completed. Stripe's goal is to become the leader in web commerce, which means that the company will continue developing and providing new software features at regular intervals.

Stripe works just like an online PayPal account and accepts credit cards as payment in a very similar way to PayPal. However, unlike PayPal, the customer does not need to provide any financial signup information, download any software, or open files before beginning the transaction. Once the transaction starts, Stripe sends an authorisation code to the merchant's website. The code gives the authorised party permission to process the transaction by sending a series of 'stripe' messages that indicate when the payment should be made. Once the customer approves the sale, the merchant's website will redirect them to the Stripe payment gateway, where the merchant will enter the final transaction amount into their bank account.



If you are looking for a credit card processing company in Japan, then you should look at Ingenico. Many top Japanese companies use the Ingenico payment gateway, including Vodafone, British Gas, First Direct, T&Q, Tesco, Orange, etc. Ingenico payment gateway is a safe, secure and fast way to pay for your purchases online. With a simple and easy to use interface, Ingenico takes the stress of accepting payment for your customers away. Ingenico offers many options and features for card processing, such as billing cycle, recurring orders, discounts, gift cards, gift wrap and more. Currently, only cash payments processed through Ingenico supported by Chargemonk are supported by them.

Ingenico works by taking an API or application programming interface (APIs). These are given to developers so that they can create interactive web pages and apps for websites. Once the developer creates the Ingenico payment gateway, they will submit their API's to the Ingenico provider so that Ingenico can support it. The Ingenico application uses its web server, API interface, hash algorithm, and payment gateway.

With the Ingenico payment gateway, you can process all major credit and debit cards. With their twenty-four-hour customer support team, you can also process PayPal, WorldPay, Moneybookers, ATMs, etc. They also have a merchant account option complete with Ingenico's merchant account software, an internet bank, and an SSL certificate. It brings you one step closer to processing all types of card payments from anywhere in the world. The Ingenico payment gateway is something every e-Commerce merchant needs.



Bitpay is a leading payment service provider based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It was launched in May of 2011 by Tony Gallippi and Stephen Pair. BitPay offers high-quality, secure, and instant online processing of various payment transactions. It includes but is not limited to the processing of credit card payments. The company offers multiple payment options, including merchant account payments, electronic cheques, electronic gift cards, and PayPal. They also provide an integrated credit card inventory tracking system.

A major advantage that people can get from using the Bitpay prepaid debit card is that you have privacy and security assurance. In this situation, all your account information, such as balance, transactions, and purchases, will remain confidential. Besides, users can transact securely and conveniently as no third-party forms are involved in any transaction. You do not need to divulge any secret information to third parties as the company ensures your security 100%.

In a nutshell, we can say that the Bitpay prepaid debit card is the safest form of payment that one can ever use. It gives you added security and is easy to use as well. The company offers two options for its members, including the zero-gravity prepaid card and the universal service. In the end, you can make use of both of these options and enjoy the best form of digital currency exchange that you can ever find.



PayPal is a company that has been around for quite a while. PayPal Holdings, Incorporated is an American business operating an internet payments system in most countries that services internet money transfers. It acts as an internet alternative to conventional paper methods like cash orders and cheques. Its services include online shopping, accepting debit and credit card payments, allowing individuals to transfer money to and from their bank accounts, and will enable users to create and manage their own Paypal account. In essence, this will allow people to complete transactions with others across the internet. PayPal acts as the intermediary that saves money by clearing the payment instead of holding the funds until the recipient says they want it transferred.

With this system, people can complete their transactions quickly and conveniently, and with minimal costs involved. PayPal takes a small percentage of each debit card transaction it processes and then pays the respective banks' appropriate fees. In addition to these fees, there is a monthly processing fee, which generally isn't a lot but pays for the time it takes PayPal to process the transaction. These fees are extremely affordable compared to what it would cost businesses or individuals to maintain their bank accounts and pay their banking fees.

PayPal offers two options for digital payment services. A person can use their bank account to process all of their transactions and cash purchases or set up a PayPal account that offers the best functionality. A Paypal account can easily view their financial information, transfer money, and even pay bills right from their computer. PayPal works especially well for people who want to give their friends and family members detailed information about their financial activities. Using this feature, anyone can view their bank account information, view their Paypal transactions, and make changes to their financial information whenever they please, all from the comfort of their own home.



Gocoin is an innovative new payment processor that offers merchants the ability to accept currency payment through their e-Commerce website. They have a long history of processing hundreds of thousands of card payments every month. Geocoin works with many different currency pairs, including EUR/USD, USD/JPY, CAD (can also be switched to GBP) and CHF (both EUR and GBP). Established in 2013, Geocoin continues to grow by leaps and bounds as one of the fastest-growing industry leaders in the prepaid card industry. Geocoin provides many features that allow merchants to process their cards quickly and securely.

Gocoin has taken great strides in recent months to expand beyond its initial focus of being a successful online client business to include mobile and internet payments processing as well. Now you can pay your international customers just about anywhere with their mobile app or the Go-language application. This application is available for all major mobile carriers and can be downloaded free from the official site. You can set up an account and use your Geocoin account's mobile payment processing capabilities virtually anywhere in the world that Google Play is accepted. All transactions are secure and are done with real people, so everyone is protected from charge-backs and hacker attacks.

If you're looking for a fast and secure way to process credit and debit card transactions, then take a look at what Geocoin can offer you. They have a strong background in secure online transactions and have been processing thousands of card payments each month. Their focus on security has been further instilled into their product through the Go-language application and mobile website. You don't have to worry about a merchant account because they don't need one, and you don't need to worry about a back-end server in Europe because their back-end is based in the USA. They provide all the tools you would need to manage and track your transactions in an easy to use interface and are backed by the most vital security measures available on the internet today.



Cardstream is a revolutionary internet payment solution that provides merchants with a complete internet application framework for accepting credit and debit card payments. Cardstream was designed by executives from two of the world's most prestigious companies, Visa and MasterCard, backed by venture capitalists. Cardstream provides merchants with a scalable and highly secure internet application platform that can integrate with various back-end systems, including merchant accounts and internet gateways. In addition to offering merchant account services, Cardstream also offers online payment processing software and advanced merchant management tools.

Cardstream operates with several independent agents, resellers, and brokers as a payment platform. Each agent or broker has a different program set up to process credit and debit card transactions, and all are provided at no extra charge. The entire card processing system is managed from a single point of contact - the merchant account provider. The merchant account provider sets up all back-end processes and controls the Cardstream software and each card processing transaction.

Merchant customers will receive card processing tools, including detailed card flowcharts, point of sale rates, and customer service representatives. Most merchants have an easy to use website interface that will display all of the pertinent merchant information, including total monthly transactions, current balance, and average cardholder payback ratio. Several customer service options include online support, toll-free numbers, email support, and phone options. In addition to providing merchants with a full-featured internet application package, Cardstream allows them to take advantage of features such as credit card management systems, merchant account processing solutions, and other tools that can greatly increase profitability.

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