Must Have Tools For Online Store Owners

Must Have Tools For Online Store Owners

Must Have Tools For Online Store Owners

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics service provided by Google, which monitors and reports on web site visitor activity, presently as a free platform within the Google Marketing Platform. Google launched the service after acquiring Urchin, a direct marketing software solution provider. The company's first product was the Search Marketing Program (SMP), an integrated platform for tracking, managing, and segmenting search results. Since then, Google has gone on to provide various tools and services for managing, monitoring, and measuring all aspects of online marketing.

Google Analytics offers the ability to view and measure user behavior across all devices, which includes mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets. This multi-platform capability allows for the tracking of user behavior for all types of products from eCommerce to Travel to Digital Products. Among the different reports provided by Google Analytics, the most popular are the Google Analytics Content Trust Indicator Report, Google Analytics Keyword Effect Report, Google Analytics JavaScript Link Popularity Report, and the Google Analytics Global Positioning System. The Global Positioning System tool displays the location of where a visitor originated from and displays the same information for the past seven days as well as the last two months.

Google Analytics also offers an option to view Google Analytics Metrics. This displays basic data about how many unique visitors a website has had over a specific period of time, as well as which of these visitors made sales. The Google Analytics Content Trust Indicator Report highlights that websites have a high percentage of link-tracing or anchor text-tracing links from trusted sites. Google Analytics also provides a metric report that lists the number of unique ads for each visitor has seen, the number of downloads each visitor has purchased from a site, the number of pages each visitor has visited, and the average time on the website they stayed on. Google Analytics has a customizable user interface that enables site administrators to determine how to best use this web analytics service.


Canva is a very popular free graphic design software that allows you to make stunning graphics and images. It is ideal for creating professional-quality graphics and images that can be used on websites, logos, brochures and other printed media. The Canva software has a huge amount of templates available for use by users. The software has numerous advanced features and tools that allow you to quickly create stunning graphics.

The Canva software allows you to upload, modify and delete photos, files, and graphics in real time. You can preview the changes instantly using the Canva Effects Gallery which makes changes and modifications easy to make. You can apply graphics and images to your Canva board in different sizes and shapes using the Shape Drawing tool, or you can choose to upload a picture from your computer and adjust its size using the Upload Shape tool. You can then choose to modify the dimensions of the image using the Adjust Canvas Size feature to fit in with your current page layout.

One of the best things about Canva is that it is very user-friendly, which means that even beginners to website designers will find the software very easy to navigate and understand. Even the more experienced web designers will find the Canva tools easy to use, as it has a number of different styles and layouts that allow the user to suit it to their needs. One of the downsides of using Canva though, is that there are no drag and drop functionality when uploading and editing graphics, which means that the entire editing process can be very time consuming and tedious. For this reason, many beginners prefer to use photo editing and graphics software like Adobe Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro for much faster and easier editing capabilities.

Wave Accounting

Wave Accounting Systems is an integrated business solutions provider which offers financial software and accounting services for small to mid-size businesses across Canada and the United States. Wave is based in the Leslieville neighbourhood in Toronto, Canada. They are led by Managing Partner Bruce Jackson and have offices in Kitchener, Ontario, Ottawa, Canada and Kitchener, UK.

The main goal of this accounting system is to make bank accounts more accessible for freelancers, home-based entrepreneurs and other independent professionals. By providing easy-to-use financial tools, they hope to encourage these people to start their own businesses. By making bank accounts available to freelancers, home-based entrepreneurs will be encouraged to generate an additional income by working from home. By allowing individuals to open multiple bank accounts with only one login and PIN number, wave accounting is also able to provide its users greater control and security. This is particularly beneficial for those who use multiple social networking sites and multiple credit cards. By providing easier access and greater security, the system allows for a more secure network for its users.

The company's other product is the Payroll Software Solutions, or PSS. The program works hand-in-hand with its Wave Accounting client to allow accounting professionals to export and import payroll data from their client's database to the payroll program on the server. The software can export all data, including deductions and total payables, to Excel spreadsheets, and can export the payroll to the web. The system also allows for automatic integration with online tax systems and other third-party applications. Users can manage their finances using the secure Wave Accounts password server, and they can view their financial statements from anywhere with internet access. The accounting program also includes a feature that allows for real-time financial statements.


MailChimp is an email marketing software program and e-commerce website hosting service developed by Mailchimp Inc. It is currently the trading name of its developer, Rocket Science Ltd, an American online business founded in 2001 by Mark Armstrong and Ben Chestnut. MailChimp is well known as a powerful advertising tool that allows webmasters to manage all aspects of their e-commerce site from design to online advertisement management. This means that instead of spending weeks creating a great new website, focusing on creating a marketing campaign and getting it up the search engines, you can focus on marketing instead. With a carefully planned marketing campaign MailChimp can help your webstore gain significant traction, increase your sales and ultimately achieve success.

Unlike other marketing automation programs, such as Aweber or Getresponse, MailChimp allows you to easily create and send newsletters. You are able to add an unlimited number of newsletter topics and you will be able to generate custom newsletter templates to fit your particular needs and preferences. In addition to building your own newsletter, MailChimp offers several different templates that are used for newsletter broadcasts, such as broadcast addresses, email lists, auto responders and follow up messages.

By allowing you to create and send newsletters, your audience will be able to regularly receive fresh content that they can use to retain an interest in your products and services. By regularly sending out informative newsletters with a wide variety of interesting topics, you will establish a rapport with your audience and they will begin to trust you and your brand. Furthermore, by using mailchimp, your audience will be able to subscribe to any of the many different products and services available through your webstore. When your audience purchases something from your webstore using mailchimp you will be automatically charged for the item and will not receive a refund.

Flickr Creatives Common

When I was looking around for a great way to create my own web log, I found that Flickr had some great photo sharing applications, and one of them was the Flickr Creative Commons project. It allows you to upload your photos to be hosted on Flickr, and once uploaded, you can create a photostream. Photostreams are similar to video blogs, but with an extra level of interactivity. Basically, when someone visits your blog, you can tell them in the text, or through a thumbnail picture, that they can 'watch' your web log in the Flickr photo gallery, which is a feature that most browsers have already installed. The photo gallery allows visitors to 'watch' your entire photostream within seconds from when they initially arrive.

My favorite part of the Flickr Creative Commons is the licensing terms. While there are no license types listed in the program code itself, you can be pretty certain that there are a number of common license types in the Flickr code. These license types range from free for noncommercial uses, to some free for commercial uses, and finally, there are also non-free licenses that allow commercial uses, but with some limitations. Some of the limitations are rather interesting. For example, one non-free license allows you to sell printed copies of your photos and create affiliate links in those books pointing to your Flickr page, but you cannot publish the pages themselves on Flickr.

Another feature of the Flickr Creative Commons that I find really useful is the way that you can search for images. You can search through all the different Flickr pages for images that you want, and can even search for keywords so that you can automatically pull up a list of Flickr photostreams that contain those keywords. In addition, you can also go to any specific photo or photostream page, click on a thumbnail, and see a small description of the image. That allows me to be much more specific in my search for something that I am interested in, rather than searching for every obscure picture that I happen to come across. Really, the ability to search through all the different Flickr photostreams that I can find helps me organize my photography activities on Flickr. And this leads me to my last, and really important point about Flickr photostreams: if you ever get lost while looking through your Flickr images, just click on one of the search boxes and it will lead you to an alphabetical listing of all of the latest Flickr photostreams that were added recently.


GraphicRiver is much more than just a place to get great graphic design, it is also a forum! You can always find authors in discussion forums, answer questions in the forum, and even comment on other things. Envato Market is an invaluable source for industry related news, tips and tricks, plus website updates. The website even offers a free daily newsletter that is sent out to all registered users.

GraphicRiver is extremely user friendly. You are never required to download any software before you can use the service, there is no membership fee, there are no complicated terms of service to understand, you don t even have to install any plug-ins or add-ons. I really liked that there was absolutely no requirement to download additional plug-ins or downloads to use the site. I also appreciated that all my requests were handled professionally and quickly.

The two-year limited warranty that GraphicRiver provided me with is exactly what I was looking for. I have found that most graphic design templates and services online only offer one or two year warranties which is very bad because graphic designers depend on their work to remain functional. I found that the one year guarantee that GraphicRiver offered me covered a very broad array of damages. I was able to get financial reimbursement for expenses such as software upgrades and design revisions. Since then I have been very satisfied with their customer support and their ability to provide a wide variety of graphic designs.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a paid Surveymonkey program where you can find and request surveys online. The first version of this program was launched about a year ago and went very well since then. The program gives all users a free email account to communicate with other users. In other words, you can check your emails for offers that are relevant to you, check your profile, and even make notes about interesting websites and products. You just need to sign up for a free trial account and agree to the terms and conditions.

After you have done that, you start by sending surveys to people who have chosen to participate. Surveymonkey will send your research surveys to all the eligible respondents who have provided all their correct answers. Surveymonkey works by sending reminders to your respondents by email, SMS, or by calling them on the phone. Surveymonkey has sophisticated technology to track the performance of all your surveys so you will know what is happening. The system will also log all the website traffic that comes in and out of your website, allowing you to see which website visitors prefer to go through.

Since this is a Paid Survey Program, you will not earn anything if your respondents do not complete the survey questionnaire. This means that you will not get paid unless the information you require is successfully collected. That is why it is very important that your survey questionnaire is sent only to the most eligible respondents. When you use a reputable and established survey platform such as Survey Monkey, you will be able to ensure that your survey database is accurately full and up-to-date.

High Rise

For those of you who do not know about HighRise Network, it is one of the best-paid plans for a business VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) system. The reason I love it is because they have so many value added services like unlimited calling, texting and even web conferencing. The services are very cheap, the plans go well beyond basic and the hardware is inexpensive. If you are looking for a way to reduce the cost of your business phone bill, look no further than HighRise Network! They offer a service called HighRise bundles which include most of the features that you would get with a basic plan. However, with the bundle comes added value that most basic plans do not offer.

In my personal opinion, the services offered by HighRise really stand out. I have personally been in business for over seven years now and it was not until I started using highrise buildings that I really began to appreciate how much technology has advanced in this industry. Not only do you get most of the services included in the basic plan, but with the addition of some services such as live streaming video, phone conferencing as well as web conferencing you are getting a lot more value out of your business phone bill.

One of the great things about HighRise CRM is that they have integrated it into their existing business systems so that small businesses can take advantage of all the benefits offered to them without having to build their own software. Of course, many companies have tried to offer CRM services in the past, but with the success of the highrise crm software, many companies are scrambling to find ways to get a piece of the pie without competing with them. Of course, if you own a small business, you know how important customer relations are, and how quickly that can be lost if the wrong person is in charge of making those contacts. By using a CRM system you can ensure that you always have a good contact waiting to be made and there are always enough employees on hand to help when a new one needs to be added to the database. These are just a few of the reasons why HighRise CRM is so popular among small businesses all over the world.


ZenDesk, Incorporated is an American computer services company headquartered in San Francisco, California under the name Zendesk. It is registered on the NYSE with the emblem ZEN and is part of the Russell 1000 Index. It was founded by Zennie Schmitz, who received her Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of California at Davis.

There are many good things and many reasons why the Zendesk chat and e-mail support agents make your business grow. First of all it provides a better service than having someone answer your phone when you are away. Having a live person to deal with your customers when they call is the best part because you can actually see and hear them, but having someone else on the other end of the phone talking to you can cause you to miss important calls or to misplace important information that you need for your business.

Second of all, having your own team of professional agents trained specifically to serve as your support agents will help you stay ahead of the competition. Having live chat agents or e-mail support agents will allow you to have real conversations with your customers instead of just hitting the send button on your phone. Having live agents on your team will make customers aware of new products, promotions, and special offers that may be of interest to them. By having an enterprise plan agent on your side you will never be left behind by your competitors, because your agents are always available to help your customers when they need it. ZenDesk agents have special skills set and experience in dealing with different types of customers.


If you are new to the Internet or simply looking for a web analytics tool, then you should take a look at Pingdom. It is an internet monitoring service that will keep track of visited URLs, which helps you in many ways. The site features a free account and there are paid versions available, but the free version works just as well if not better than any other. There is no installation required and you can also use it from your browser if you don't have one installed on your system.

Pingdom AB is a Sweden-based web monitoring tool launched in 2007 by the Austin, Texas based Solar Winds Technologies as a private service business. It has since gone through several improvements, the most important among them being support for more than just one domain name. There is also a free version with limited functionality and no-load monitoring, the 'Pro' version with more detailed information and detailed reporting, and a free version with basic monitoring and real-time load time monitoring. The Pingdom system works with both Caching and load time algorithms.

In addition to tracking your websites' time, Pingdom can also provide you with several advanced features, such as real-time alerts, which allow you to know when your server is experiencing problems. With the alerts, you can be informed via email or text message whenever a particular URL is down, so that you can take measures to make sure that it does not go down during your scheduled maintenance. Real-time alerts can help you respond faster to server problems, as they can tell you about different problems and their sources, which will help you avoid them in the future. Pingdom's real-time notifications can help you resolve issues, such as slow performance and downtime, immediately so that you can address and rectify the problem before it causes you to lose important data and customers. When used properly, Pingdom can be very useful for your business.


Hootsuite is an extremely popular social networking management tool, developed by Ryan Holmes. The system's user-interface is in the form of a mobile dashboard and supports multiple social networking integrations, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. In essence, Hootsuite allows you to manage your social networking accounts from within your website/blog. One of the most striking features of Hootsuite (and really, all social networking management tools) is the ability to manage and synchronize your various social profiles through a web form/service. Once your account is synced, you can update one profile, or numerous profiles at once from a single location - no need to head over to the social sites individually! Hootsuite also has a feature that allows you to sort your friends/followers by popularity, which could potentially make it very easy to find old friends you haven't seen in a while or find new friends to follow.

Hootsuite was built to allow the use of plugins, allowing the site to take on many different functions other than its original use for streamlining social media monitoring. Some plugins add the ability to track mentions and view the hot trends of different social media networks. Other plugins add more analytical data, such as creating lists of keywords that people are typing into search for products, or entering different search terms to find videos and blogs. Some plugins even allow tracking of clicks on links and displaying a list of links people clicked on across the Internet. There are so many different Hootsuite plugins that it's actually pretty easy to get a handle on everything available and master the software!

While Hootsuite may not be the ideal platform for handling many aspects of social media, it is one place where anyone can get a handle on everything they need to know. From keeping track of streamlines and finding out what's popular with your fans to tracking mentions and finding out how your favorite sites and businesses are faring in the search engines, everything you need to know about Hootsuite can be found in one place and easy to manipulate. With a single dashboard and a few simple clicks, Hootsuite can do everything you need to know to become an expert in social media marketing. With one place to manage everything, one place to keep track of everything, and one great interface to read through for quick hints and tips, Hootsuite may just be one of the best tools out there to help you become the best online marketer.

Google Keyword Planner

For most marketers, the Google Keyword Planner is among the most important tools they use in their campaigns. The reason why is because of how it can really help you save a lot of time when it comes to finding profitable keywords for your SEO or search engine optimization campaigns. The main reason why this tool is so useful for marketers is that it has what we call a keyword research database that is updated daily. The best part about this tool is that aside from looking for high-competition keywords, it can also give you a good idea on the current trends as well.

The other thing about the Google Keyword Planner is that it can also help you in monitoring the progress and performance of your Google AdWords campaigns. If you happen to have a Google AdWords campaign that seems to be doing poorly then the tool can also provide you with an idea of what's causing such a problem. By monitoring the campaigns using this tool you will be able to see what keywords are bringing in the traffic and what keywords are not doing so well. With this information, you will be able to know which keywords you should focus on and which ones you should leave alone since they don't contribute much to your campaigns.

To sum it all up, the Google Keyword Planner can be one of the most important tools you will ever use in your entire marketing career. It can save you tons of time because of how it can give you real-time statistics on the amount of traffic you are getting as well as letting you know of any problems you might be encountering with your AdWords campaigns. All in all, the Google Keyword Planner is one tool you should get if you want to become successful online in no time. You won't be disappointed by what this tool can do for you and your online business.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is an all-in-one internet marketing platform from Google that enables webmasters to monitor search engine rank, crawl status, and manage content via a graphical user interface. The Google Webmaster Tools can be accessed by signing up through a free Google chrome browser or through a free Google webmaster site. Google has made the implementation of the Google Webmaster Tools extremely simple and easy for all webmasters. All you need is an account and you are ready to go!

The Google Webmaster Tools also features a robust tracking capability with the ability to export Google Analytics data into spreadsheets for further analysis. There is also a comprehensive help center for webmasters that is provided by Google where they provide information regarding tools, resources that will help you enhance your Google Analytics tracking abilities. Google Webmaster Tools also has an internal link manager that allows you to manage all your internal links and the Google Page Rank reporting tool which is extremely helpful when monitoring your link popularity on major search engines such as Google. The Google Webmaster Tools also includes a sitemap that contains detailed information regarding the hierarchy of each individual web page within the organization.

Google Webmaster Tools is designed to simplify the process of managing your organization's website. It gives webmasters an effective interface for managing a variety of facets of Google webmaster tools in a simple and intuitive interface. Google has built in functionality that will integrate itself seamlessly with existing Google applications such as the Google Toolbar and the Google Site Map.


Trello is a highly customizable web-based, Kanban -style, project management app and is a spin-out of Fog Creek Software. Originally developed by Fog Creek Software in 2011, it has been spun-out from the company to form a new business in January of this year. The company is currently based in New York City, USA. The project management tool offers a simple yet powerful approach to collaboration and team development, while still maintaining the agile nature of agile development principles.

Trello boasts a set of six (6) board positions: the chairman, the vice-chairman, the secretary, the project manager, the director, and the customer. Each position is occupied by a card. The four main areas of Trello that each individual occupies are: Tags, Boards, Jars, and Tickets. Tags are used to categorize work items; boards allow people to assign, edit, or delete tags; and Jars allow people to organize issues and milestones. Finally, tickets are used to store information about pending requests and tasks, with each ticket being assigned a time limit and importance level.

The main interface of trello consists of a board, which contains a labeled task (such as 'add client'), a progress bar for displaying the current status of the task, and buttons for playing, switching active clients, and editing the task. The board can be rearranged to show a tree or layout of the project. Two of the main features of the zapier task manager are the ability to drag and drop items from one area of the board to another, and the ability to rename tasks. The software also offers an online version of the Trello board, which allows users to get a first-hand experience of how the project management app works.

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