Netherlands Ecommerce

Netherlands Ecommerce

Netherlands Ecommerce

The Netherlands is a small country, but it still tries to have an important commercial, political or sporting role. In the adoption of the euro, the Netherlands is already an establishing member of NATO and what is currently referred to as the European Union. It is also renowned for its very free economy that relies heavily on foreign trade. These are what you need to know about Netherlands eCommerce:

The Ecommerce Market In The Netherlands

Netherlands e-commerce has a revenue of 18 billion dollars and is the 16th biggest industry to be placed ahead of Mexico and behind Italy in 2020.

In 2020, the Dutch eCommerce industry increased by 19 percent to 26 percent global growth average. E-commerce revenues are also increasing. New markets are evolving, with space for further expansion is available in developed markets. For the next few years, global demand will continue. the expanding of the middle class and lagging offline retail networks would push East and Southeast Asia into doing that.

Online sales of physical products to private consumers are included in the eCommerce industry (B2C). Purchases by device and mobile purchases via smartphones and tablets are included in this definition. The following is not specified by e-commerceDB: digitally distributable (i.e. travel tickets), dedicated online stores to digital media download or streams, B2B-based online stores dedicated and ) purchases among private individuals (C2C within the eCommerce industry.

The Scale Of Market And Growth Rate

Netherlands market growth is projected, as the Statista Digital Market Outlook shows, to proceed over the coming years. The average compound rate of growth (CAGR 20-24) is projected to be 6 percent for the next four years. This decline indicates a relatively inundated sector compared to a 19% year-over-year rise. The internet penetration in the Netherlands is another sign of saturation on the market, 73% of the Netherlands' population has purchased at least one product online in 2020.

EcommerceDB takes five categories into account. In the Netherlands, fashion accounts for the highest category with 33% of the Netherlands' e-commerce revenues. This is followed by 22% Electronics & Media, 19% Toys, Hobby & DIY, 15% Furniture& Appliances and 11% Food & Personal Care.

Netherlands E-Commerce Customers

Based on 2019 results, 97% of the people of the Netherlands have Internet access. There are 13.8 million online shoppers in The Netherlands, the data provided by Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor 2020 suggest. The Dutch would like to pay with iDeal, a Dutch banking community-based online payment approach. PayPal, MasterCard, and VISA are among the most common payment methods in the Netherlands. AfterPay, accept giro (giro transfer) and Klarna are common post-payment methods.

Travel & ticketing (38.96%), telecommunications (12.82%), consumer electronica (7.84%), computer hardware and software (7.57%), clothes and shoes (7.48%), media (6.36%) are the most common types of products in Dutch commerce. Roughly 35% of online shoppers in the Netherlands purchased something online in 2018 with the use of their smartphones.

Top Online Stores is the top e-commerce player in the Netherlands. In 2020, the store's sales were $1.5 billion. with revenue of 1.4 billion US dollars follows with with revenue of 1.3 billion US dollars. In all, 25% of online revenues in the Netherlands are from the top three retailers.

Store rankings depend on each store in the Netherlands that produces income. These stores can either be domestic in focus and can only be sold in their main country or run globally. Only income generated in the Netherlands was taken into account for this assessment. is one of the Dutch fast-growing businesses. In 2020, the store produced revenue of approximately $79.2 million. In the past year, its revenue growth stood at 52%.

Top Suppliers For Shipping Services

PostNL is the most popular online shop supplier available in the Netherlands. Of such stores, 70% referred to PostNL as one of their suppliers, stating the services they use to transport goods. At rates of 30percent and 11percent, DHL and UPS are among the top three online shopping companies sold in the Netherlands.

Shipping information is focused on orders from the main country of the store which is the one where most of its online revenues are produced and It's in the Netherlands. The stores to can be considered are the ones that provide details about their suppliers.

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Overview of Netherlands Ecommerce

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