Poland Ecommerce

Poland Ecommerce

Poland Ecommerce

Poland is Europe's ninth-largest country and is the sixth-largest EU country, with more than 38 million population. Poland was divided into Russia, Prussia, and Austria in the 18th century, which at the end of the First World War became independent again. Poland became a Soviet satellite country after the Second World War. In 1989, it restored its autonomy and became a democracy. Today the nation of Central Europe is increasingly moving towards Western Europe.

Poland's E-Commerce Breaks Record

Last year, Poland reported the number of online sales of all times. This is related to the Covid-19 lockdowns. However, Poland was already one of Europe's fastest-rising eCommerce markets. Statista has found that, in the major commodity segments, clothes, consumer electronics, furniture, food, and toys, online expenditure amounted to EUR 10 billion. In 2019, there is an increase of 25% compared to the circumstances of e-commerce in Poland.

The Share Of E-Commerce Has Greatly Increased

Rzeczpospolita, the Polish newspaper recorded a large rise of e-commerce's share in retail sales in Poland. He cites numerous reports which also said that the share of sales online is growing continually, but not as quickly as last year. 'The estimated 8% is still a little less than in Western European eCommerce markets, where the average is about 20%.'

Ecommerce In Poland: About EUR 22 Billion In 2020

almost 11,000 new websites and online stores in Poland were opened last year. Currently, almost 80% of Poland internet users purchases online. Ecommerce in Poland consists primarily of small and medium-sized enterprises. Their revenues have been valued at 100 billion zloty, equivalent to about EUR 22 billion.

Amazon Launches In Poland

The anticipated introduction of Amazon in the Eastern European nation would be interesting to the Poland e-commerce industry. presently, shoppers are buying online via Amazon Germany, which also had a polish language edition, but Amazon works hard to open a dedicated market in Poland according to rumors.

Ecommerce Customers In Poland

Poland is home to over 38 million residents, 77 percent of whom are internet users. And 80% of internet users have been shopping online in 2020. Based on Gemius's study, the clothing and accessories, books, CDs, films and multimedia were the most popular items in the Poland eCommerce industry. home and garden niches followed by recreation and sporting goods then clothing sectors were the most commonly offered products to Polish Ecommerce consumers.

Poland's people prefer to pay online by bank transfers for their products or services ordered. Pay on the invoice is another common way of payment. PayU, which is used in Poland more frequently than PayPal, is the standard Polish online payment form. In 2015, bank transactions made up 88% of payment types based on industry data from PayU. There are debit cards (7%) and credit cards (5%) behind.

Poland's Ecommerce Market

Poland's e-commerce accounted for about 8% of all online revenue in the country. The Ecommerce Foundation data indicates that in 2018 the Polish e-commerce market stood at €9.31billion and was predicted to grow by 25% to €11.64 billion at the end of 2019. Poland's e-commerce was projected to be up to EUR 22 billion a year later.

Big Online Stores In Poland

About 11,000 new Web pages and online stores were opened in Poland in 2020. Mass retailer Allegro.pl is a common shopping site in Poland, also the leading platform in Polish e-commerce in 2011, with a 40million domestic customers and rise in sales of 50% year-on-year, in comparison with the earlier year.Opineo.pl, Empik Digital, Neo24.pl, Komputronik,Merlin.pl & Publishing, Groupon.pland are all popular online stores in Poland.

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Overview of Poland Ecommerce

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