Print On Demand China

Print On Demand China

You can put your own original spin on daily products and sell them online from T-Shirts to posters and backpacks to books. However, you will remain with a pile of items that are not sold if you choose the traditional path of purchasing and keeping your own inventory

Print-on-demand services provide an alternative way to circumvent inventory management, expenditure, and expense, from the creation of custom goods to the sale of customized products at a fraction of the cost.

What Is Print On Demand

Print on demand is a method where you collaborate with a white-label retailer to customize white-label items (like baseball caps or tote bag) That means that you don't have to pay for the goods before you finally sell them, so you don't need to stock them or buy it in bulk.

Moreover, the retailer manages all after sales of print-on-demand systems, from printing to packaging. It takes just a few clicks to fulfill an order after you made a sale when finishing setting everything up.

You Can Use Print-On-Demand Services To:

Test the market plan or the latest product line for an existing firm without the costs associated with the purchase of inventories.

Print on demand is a nice choice either you are a YouTuber, cartoonist, or social media influence, only if you prefer to spend some of your time-making content, instead of fulfilling orders.

T-shirts, magazines, hats, shoes, wall art, telephone case, clocks, laptop skin, cups, and more are easily printed. You can give someone as presents, or you and your staff can hold them.

Put your images online to sell on your company's website by putting your photograph on various items.

Some certain print-on-demand providers will look familiar at first sight, you need to look at the items that you choose, the delivery location, and the retail rates that you choose to deliver.

Here is a shortlist of some of the most common providers addressing a broad spectrum of scenarios. All these services are available free of charge and work with Shopify (you pay only for a product when you order).



Printful has a wide range of products and brands (Gilden, American Apparel, etc.), easily-to-use mockup generators, and ways to apply your own branding by stickers, packaging inserts, and personalized notes to the unboxing processes.

Lulu Xpress

Lulu Xpress

Lulu is an independent publisher in printing and distributing your own books. Lulu Xpress) is its print-on-demand product and offers you the option to create your own book product with a large range of book sizes, binding kinds, and quality pages/prints.

Lulu Xpress offers free models for you to get started while there is no integrated editor to build your book. There is a transparent price calculator, with different delivery choices, which will help you cost your project.



Gooten provides a wide variety of items that you can modify to a number of products, such as calendars and dog beds, which are exclusive to its catalog.

Since Gooten, uses an international network of sellers to print its goods, their consistency and shipping variation is considerably greater. However, this means that you probably will have cheaper premiums for products and shipments.



Another print-on-demand service that has the normal t-shirts and hoodies range is Printify. Printify is noteworthy because its global seller network makes a range of exclusive items, such as watches, clocks, sneakers, and water bottles, that you are unable to be found anywhere. In reality, over 200 items are available for printing in the portal.

China Best Printing LTD

China Best Printing LTD specializes in printing & packaging manufacture and export. For the best prices in China, they print novels, kid's books, notebooks, calendar books, stamps, catalogs, frames, book labels, and much more.

Shanghai Qinqin Printing Company Ltd

is a customized printing company, that provides paper prints, such as books, catalogs, booklets, calendars, magazines, paper boxes, etc,

Shangyuan Paper Products Co., Ltd

With excellent printing efficiency and fair costs, we offer professional printing for books, magazines, catalogs, paper bags, and paper boxes.

Paperline Seagull Ltd

They are a certified Chinese book printer. they have a commitment to offering their consumer the best printing service in boards, puzzles, newsletters, photo books, etc.

Insta Digital Printing Technology Co. Ltd

Insta specializes in print-on-demand, order catering, and elimination of apparent over-printing at all locations. Insta has innovated the market by printing a single professional bound book, even in maintaining competitive pricing.

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Overview of Print On Demand China

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