Retargeting Problems

Retargeting Problems

Retargeting Problems

Description Of Retargeting

Retargeting is one of the accepted ways to find new customers and bring back the old ones. An example of retargeting is when you search for a certain product on Amazon, and after that, it seems that every website you visit knows that you were looking for that product.

Retargeting is possible through ad networks such as Google Display Network. Many companies are signed up on those networks, and as it is all connected, many websites have ads from the same networks.

Companies retarget with the help of browser cookies. It is done in the following way. When you look for something on Amazon, a cookie is logged in your browser with the product data needed. Then you visit other news, sports, blog, etc. and see ads of the product you were searching for. The reason is that all those websites you visited are part of the Google network.

Why Use Retargeting?

Here is a small statistic that proves that retargeting works:

  • Website percentage of visitors, who come back after the first visit is just 2%
  • There is 70% probability that people will convert after viewing retargeting ads.

Retargeting is a good opportunity for businesses because you know they have shown interest in your brand, products and services.

Problems Of Retargeting

In fact, companies gain many benefits from the process of retargeting. However, they also face problems and are encouraged to avoid or solve them. Let's discuss some of those problems.

Unlimited Frequency On Ads

According to many types of research, high-frequency ads harm the perception of a brand by customers. In this case, the ads become more and more annoying, and the customers think that your company isn't all that great to deal with.

To avoid this problem, you should put a limit on the ad frequency then your customers will not get bothered.

Continuous Use Of The Same Ads

Example of this problem is when a company makes a post on a social network and includes the same images and content in its e-mail newsletter, banner ads, etc. One of the reasons can be that digital assets require a lot of resources (time, money, etc.), and companies think they can use the same ad everywhere. However, this way of thinking can create problems.

To understand the problem of repetitive ads, it is advised that marketing specialists think from a customer's point of view who sees the same ad every day. The result is that customers block such ads or ignore them.

There is a 30 days default length of the cookie window. However, before using cookies, think if the time is convenient for your business type or not. You might review the statistics of your business and assess the optimal cookie window for you.

For example, in industries like travel or plastic surgery, maybe the window might be longer as the customers of such services are more likely to buy them after 30 days. In other cases, perhaps the 30-day window is too long.

Absence Of Using Segmentation

Segmentation is the procedure of retargeting based on customers' preferences or groups of customers. A good example of segmentation is in e-mail marketing when you send targeted e-mails to the selected customers.

As usual, most companies send their retargeting campaigns to all of your website visitors. However, it would be better to analyse your consumer base and categorise them based on their preferences and needs.

Search For The Golden Ticket

There are a lot of courses, blogs and publications on retargeting issues. Of course, it is beneficial to read, research, and learn the right ways of doing retargeting and avoid possible mistakes. You should know that there is no single formula to do good retargeting and not make mistakes.

Everything is relative and individual because each business is unique, and so is every customer. Just test, fail and try again. Every time you will improve if you analyse and understand your mistakes and correct them.

Interesting Facts On Retargeting

Instead of a conclusion for this article, read exciting statistics on retargeting. Ascend2 and SharpSpring Ads fielded The Outlook on Retargeting Survey, in which 176 marketing specialists were surveyed. The report discovered that:

  1. For the 77% of marketers ad fraud is a big challenge.
  2. Executives pay lots of attention to customer service. (54%)
  3. 83% of marketers regularly assess their retargeting technology.
  4. Only 27% of marketers are absolutely satisfied with their ability to determine the ROI of their retargeting program.
  5. 88% of marketers plan to or use AI to optimise their retargeting programs.
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      Overview of Retargeting Problems

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