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Sell Online Germany

Sell Online Germany

Sell Online Germany: Everything You Need To Know Before Starting Your Business In The Country

The ecommerce industry in Germany is among the best in the world and the opportunity for business owners in the country is huge.

If you are planning to sell online Germany, you are welcome to the right resource that will help you to get started on the right path. Here we covered everything you need to know before starting your online business in the country. Enjoy it!

Nature Of Ecommerce In Germany

Germany is among the top players in the eCommerce space with and the country takes the fifth position in the world when it comes to eCommerce. So, merchants who want to sell online Germany will achieve their goals when they take the right step.

B2B And B2C Position In The Country

The eCommerce space in Germany is mostly driven by business-to-business firms and this includes mostly consumer goods and services. The B2B firms also play an important role in the country's eCommerce space.

Subscription In The Ecommerce Space In Germany

This sell online Germany part is important for subscription-based businesses or services in the country. Note that 13% of Germans prefers monthly subscription plan, 50% prefers yearly plan.

Sell Online Germany: Things You Need To Know Before Starting Your Ecommerce Business In Germany

Let’s get to know some of the important factors you have to consider before selling your products online in Germany:

The Preferred Payment Gateway In The Country

To scale up your online business in Germany, you have to use the preferred payment method in the country. And also have at least six payment methods on your ecommerce website in the country. This will allow your customers to choose the one that suits them the most.

Here are some of the preferred payment gateways in the country; PayPal, Girocard, Paydirckt, RatePAY, SEPA, ELV


Security is one of the major factors to consider when selling your products online. So, you have to make sure your site is well secured when selling your products online in Germany and other parts of the world.

The best way to do this is to make sure your site is secured, find out from your website builder to know the right subscription that will secure your eCommerce shop the most, and also use a payment method that is secured for receiving payment in the country.

Shopping Experience Is Important

German online shoppers are unique and they want a great online shopping experience, as a merchant you have to make sure your online shop speaks your buyers’ language in German. For example, you have to use their local language which is German on your site, their local currency, and their most popular payment gateways in the country.

Follow The Country’s Regulation

The country’s law requires a seller to provide the list of goods and/or services purchased, the total price plus the tax and delivery rate, the terms and conditions where applicable.

German online shoppers are unique and would want you to be clear with your business in the country. So make sure you have the shipping price and tax in the total cost of a product.

Online buyers in the country like accurate delivery time and no approximation.

If you want to sell online Germany, note that the VAT tax rate in the country is 19% for all goods and services. However, some goods and services like food, short-term lodging, book, medical suppliers, etc. have a reduced tax rate of 7%.

To sell online Germany, You must have your legal document which includes your company details and must be displayed to the buyers. The legal document depends on your industry and the business structure, however, here are the things you need to have in the document:

  • Information about the legal owner of the business
  • The contact information (email and phone number)
  • The country’s trades register number or its local equivalent
  • Titles or professional association

Your business can be subject to a heavy fine and other penalties if you don't abide by the law or display the legal/needed document on your site.

Sell Online Germany Verdict

To stay on the right track in the country when selling your product online, you have to follow these rules and make sure you deliver exceptional products to your customers. This way, the people will trust you and be ready to do business with you in the future.

Also, make sure you have the required document before starting your online business in Germany as this will help you to scale up easily without any legal problem in the country.

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Overview of Sell Online Germany

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