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Sell Online Japan

Sell Online Japan

Sell Online Japan: Things You Need To Know

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner who is looking for how to sell online Japan, this post explains everything to you.

In this post, we will know the eCommerce business nature in Japan and how you can start your own eCommerce business in the country.

Sell Online Japan: Things You Need To Know Before Setting Up Your Business In The Country

Mobile Device Usage

The mobile device is mostly used for shopping in Japan; hence, once you've decided to sell online Japan, make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Excellent Customer Service

Great customer service is vital when selling your product in Japan, so make sure you provide excellent customer service. This includes delivery; make sure you provide same-day delivery to your customers, use the most popular payment gateway in the country for receiving payment on your website.

Build Trust

It is important to build trust with your Japanese audience and the best way to do this is to have a review on your site.

Top-Selling Product You Can Choose To Start Selling In The Country

Top-selling products in the country’s eCommerce space include books, clothes, shoes, food and beverages, and cosmetics. These are the top selling products you can choose from when you want to sell online Japan.

Payment Gateway

Before designing your website you have to know if your website designer can integrate your preferred payment method. If you are using a website builder find out if you can integrate the chosen payment methods into your website with the website builder.

However, here are the lists of popular payment methods you can use for your business in Japan; PayPal, 2Checkout, Stripe, etc. So, you have to

To avoid abandoned carts, use popular payment methods in Japan for your online business in the country.

Product Listing

The Japanese prefer a product that is made in their country to other products. So, you have to be aware of this when starting your online business in the country and use a marketing method that works for these people.

Import Tax

If you are a foreigner who wants to sell online Japan, and you’ll be importing your goods into the country, there is an import tax you'll need to pay depending on the product you are importing.

Now let’s see how you can set up your online business in the country

Here are the two easiest methods you can use to sell your product online in Japan:

Through Your Site

If you already have a website for your business, you can create a Japanese version of your site in order to reach out to your prospective customers in the country. You must use the Japanese language on your site so as to make things easier for your audience.

In addition, you need to create awareness about your product and also use paid advert to promote your business in the country.

Ecommerce Marketplace

You can also use some popular eCommerce marketplace in the country to promote your business as these platforms have the potential to grow your business. Some of these eCommerce platforms are Rakuten, Amazon Japan, etc.

Sell Online Japan: How To Set Up Your Online Business In The Country

Get The Right Visa

As a foreigner in Japan, the first thing you need to do before starting your online business is to get a visa that allows you to start a business in the country.

Choose The Right Business Model

Obviously, you have chosen a product you want to sell online in Japan; the next step will be to pick the right business model in the country. Study the business models in the country and choose the one that most suits your business.

Business Registration

Register your business at the appropriate authority in Japan.

Business Plan

A business plan is important for your online business, it will help you to take the right step in growing your business online. So, don’t skip this part when you want to sell online Japan.

Create A Website

This is the most important part when you want to sell online Japan. You need a website to take your business to the world.

To sell online Japan, your website should speak to the people directly, meaning that you should localize your website by using their official language, currency, and other marketing methods that resonate with them. Outsource this part to a freelancer in the country to help you out.


To get your products out there you need promotion, so you need to market your products to your target audience.

Scroll down to read our indepth Ecommerce Platforms Japan guide. What you should know, Ecommerce Platforms Japan features, price plans and support. Pros and Cons of Ecommerce Platforms Japan as a ecommerce, everything is explained below.

Overview of Sell Online Japan

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