Seniors Online

Seniors Online

Seniors Online

As people get older, their physical health begins to decline thereby reducing their mobility and functionality. This is why keeping the mind healthy and active regardless of the physical state of a person is necessary. The internet has provided several activities to keep the state of mind of the elderly occupied allowing them to absorb new knowledge and maintain a very healthy mental state.

Before diving into the different online activities for seniors, let’s speak on safety first. Since seniors weren’t exposed to the internet during their youth, they find it quite difficult to detect fraudulent websites. This often makes them easy targets for cyber-criminals. So, if you have senior loved ones, make sure to fill them in on the dangers of the internet so that they can avoid them. Here are some tips to ensure safe use of the internet by seniors.

Teach them how to detect the SSL (security socket layer) symbols on websites. This proves that the website is secure.

Ensure that they know not to give out personal information or details that aren’t relevant to what they are on that webpage for.

They should avoid websites that are not recognized or popular. Even if they do visit such sites, adequate research is a must. Also, they would have to check properly for their ratings and reviews.

Ensure they use strong passwords instead of common ones, and not to include their personal details such as name, date of birth, among others.

Online activities for seniors

Online programs/courses

This is for some seniors who feel like their age, and physical state won’t hinder their ability to learn or feel like their leisure time has to involve too much relaxation. Registration for some online courses such as language, botany, psychology, and many other courses for the elderly are free on a website called Coursera. This helps to broaden their intellectual capacity and keeps them engaged.

Netflix / YouTube

YouTube would be of great importance to seniors. They could watch tutorials on things they have an interest in. Seniors could also catch up on entertaining channels. This site is a great way to do engage in things they weren’t able to before the advent of the internet. As for Netflix, during their free time, they could watch comedy shows, documentaries, reality shows, or movies of their liking as a form of leisure.

Social media

The internet allows seniors to come in contact with loved ones all over the world which due to their declined physical state, couldn’t travel to see or visit. Social media gives them a means of communicating with other seniors who are going through the same challenges as them. Therefore, they wouldn’t feel any form of loneliness but instead, feel a sense of companionship.

Senior Friendly Games

Games such as chess, scrabble, sudoku, cards, and crossword puzzles are available online for seniors to engage in. Games are very good stress relievers, and their problem-solving features are incredible. They are a form of physical therapy which could help seniors improve their hand-eye coordination. Studies have shown that playing games help in the increase of grey matter (a major component of the central nervous system) inside the brain.

The internet has proven to be of great help in the aspect of contributing to the lives of seniors. Different platforms have been provided for them to visit, contact their loved ones, learn new things, and reach out to other seniors with the same condition. With some guidance on helping them in learning how to use the internet and avoiding fraudulent sites and cyber-criminals, be sure to make them have a pleasant experience. Make sure you introduce your loved ones to websites and applications you feel would be beneficial to them, whether in terms of education, health-wise, for leisure or even to make money.

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